Chapter 698: I’m afraid my deceased father will come back alive from his coffin (Part Two)

The 3 of Diamonds: “So where is he?”

The Jack of Diamonds’s eyes drifted a bit, and he looked towards the courtyard outside the corridor with his gaze somewhat far away as he said, “He violated the protocol. The vision of the Dragon Division is to put the interests of the country above all else, but he chose the latter between the Dragon Division and a woman. He didn’t have enough awareness, so he was fired.”

– The distant Land of Mercenaries –

Xu Cheng was watching the sunset from the balcony of the temporary government building built by the Continental Mercenary Corps. Li Wei who was behind him, came over and handed him a cigarette.

Xu Cheng took it and lit it up; after taking two puffs, he said, “Among the things I’ve been planning, there is one thing I can’t get a grasp of.”

Li Wei: “What?”

Xu Cheng: “I can understand why Grandpa Ye treats me well, but the five other elderly who are working their lives for me, including their family members who were all willing to accept me. Isn’t this a little bit too much? I admit that I’m outstanding, but they didn’t know how outstanding I was back then. They are the five most powerful families, and they were pulling strings for me, who had no status, no background, and no money. Grandpa Ye even directly recognized Aunt Lan as his goddaughter, thus taking care of my feelings, and the other four families were all competing to marry Auntie Lan. I can’t think of why.”

Li Wei: “Then don’t think about it, you have a lot of things to think about now.”

Xu Cheng shook his head: “No, I feel like it’s another trap if I don’t think it through.”

Li Wei smiled bitterly. “Right now, you are not any different from risking your life away, what other traps would you be scared of?”

“True.” Xu Cheng nodded.” What do you think about this matter with Mr. R today?”

Li Wei: “I feel that these capitalists aren’t as simple as we thought. It seems like we’ve touched something we shouldn’t have this time by entering into the Land of Mercenaries.”

Xu Cheng smiled bitterly. “But we’ve already made our move. Now we can be certain that the experts in this world are far from being limited to just the SSS rank. I was wondering why legendary experts weren’t being recruited by others, it turns out those guarding the capitalist empires are even stronger than legendary!”

Having said that, Xu Cheng inhaled a puff of smoke and said, “You probably won’t believe that Mr. R, an authentic Westerner, was using Eastern internal martial arts. This worries me because I’ve heard that the members of the Capital Society were from all over the world, and they were all elites from all fields. Now that we’ve met one of the Mr. Rs, I think the rumors are true that they are all master-level players, and if we Deviants want to be the game masters, we can’t go around them.”

Li Wei: “Are you afraid, Big Brother Cheng?”

Xu Cheng nodded. “You know what I’m afraid of.”

“I know.” Li Wei said calmly, “You are afraid that the Capital Society already branched into Huaxia, and you are afraid that one day you will be on the opposite side of your home country.”

Xu Cheng nodded. “I hope that day never comes.”

Li Wei stared at him. “Then what will you do if that day does come?”

Xu Cheng took a big puff of smoke and sighed. “What else can I do? No more games! We’ll divide the assets and I’ll go live the rest of my life with my girl!”

Li Wei laughed a bit. “I have faith that there won’t be that day. Speaking of capitalism, the Four Clans should have been the most influential candidates to join the Capital Society back then, but their downfall didn’t cause much of a ripple. If there were members of the Capital Society, then I’m afraid that we wouldn’t have been able to exterminate them in the first place! So, I don’t think our country has any players from the Capital Society.”

“That’s the only reason I can use to comfort myself, but nothing is certain. However, I still won’t betray my country, that’s something I know I won’t be able to do. I have already given up once for the sake of my woman, and I am afraid that my deceased father will come back alive from his coffin if I choose to be on the opposing side one more time.”

In the end, Xu Cheng took another puff of smoke and sighed again. “How do you think I should explain that I’m a monster to my girl? Do you know what actually scares me the most?”

Li Wei shook his head.

Xu Cheng said, “I’m not afraid if everyone in the world turned their back on me, but I’m certain that I can’t stand her turning her back on me. It would be devastating.”

Li Wei understood what Xu Cheng was thinking and lamented. “It is indeed difficult for the public to accept people with abilities like us. For example, Diesel and Vala, it would scare them if they saw strange things growing out of their hands suddenly. “

Xu Cheng nodded his head. “I’m afraid that once I become such a monster, Chuxue would be the one who’s most disappointed and frightened by me.”

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