Chapter 699: The Revitalization Series Officially on Sale (Part Two)

“Although I’m an old man, you’re still a bit too young for business.” Lin Han snorted and looked at his youngest son Lin Dong. “Little Dong, how many limited spots were there in Huaxia?”

Lin Dong: “We signed off some operation rights in developed cities, so about fifteen in total and, it’s 300 million per year for each. However, the fee for online stores is higher; ACat and Dongdong, these two online operators, have to pay 1 billion in the first year. So I could only let Mom and Dad open a store through Taobao. However, since we have the official license notice, you also count as an official store and 500 million is considered way too little. This must be kept as a secret and you and mom must not tell anyone about it.”

Sh*t, they’ve collected 4.5 billion at the very beginning? No, with the online operating fee, it’s 6.5 billion in the first year!

Lin Hu didn’t know whether he was swallowing soup or his saliva, but he was particularly greedy in this opportunity. He had underestimated how Lin Dong’s Mandala Lab’s project turned out to be. He had researched about their products, and they were all too expensive!

It was so expensive that it was hard for consumers to purchase it. With his insight, he was afraid that the Revitalization series by Mandala would fail to make any sales.

“Little Dong, what’s the purchase price you gave Dad?”

“Obviously according to the market, I can’t mess around with that, can I? The purchase price must be the same price for all licensed operators. The gold bottle has a $1,288 market price, so the purchase price was $1,200, with a profit of 88 US dollars; platinum is $29,888 market price, and purchase price is $29,000 with a profit 888 US dollars; while diamond bottles have a profit of $8,888.”

Lin Hu shook his head. “This profit is too little. This principal is there already and if it doesn’t sell well, the profit earned won’t even be enough for keeping it in the inventory. If more than a third of the goods doesn’t sell, then the profit would simply be not enough to add up to the operation fee.”

Lin Dong laughed and didn’t take Lin Hu’s advice seriously as he continued to eat his dinner.

Father Lin glared at his eldest son. “So according to you, those who would rather spend 10 billion on the licensing operating fee are fools? You’re missing the most important point about this product, and that’s efficacy! The Revitalization series can be said that they have a leading technology around the globe in dermatology. It’s hack-level technology and if you’re unsatisfied with the price right now, you should do some research on how much rich women spend in the beauty salon per year for their face and body. And those are all lies, just ask your mother.”

Mother Lin turned her head at this time and said, “Those annual membership fees alone cost $10K! And that’s not including the facial or oil massages, those cost tens of thousands of dollars per month, which would be hundreds of thousands per year. However, those are all temporary and not effective in the long term; all it does is to make us look more spirited. If we do it for a long time, then even the pores become enlarged and the face starts to look stiff with an unnatural smile like a zombie face. I’ve asked my friends in the beauty salon, this Revitalization series is a must-have product in all the beauty salons. Think about that, a high-end club would not be considered as ‘high-end’ if it doesn’t have the Revitalization series in stock. How many beauty salons are there in Huaxia? Just by supplying these stores, the amount of supply Mandala has really wouldn’t be enough for the market demand.”

Lin Hu couldn’t defend his point, but he stayed in his position. “You’ll see. The price is there, I don’t think that all women are crazy are they?”

Mother Lin laughed. “That’s why you are not a woman, and you don’t understand the needs of women. International luxury brands like Chanel and Hermes, which one of their products don’t cost more than the Revitalization series? Yet, they can still sell them. Anyways, I won’t convince you, the sale time is almost here and I need to connect with the store to see what’s going on.”

Mother Lin ran over to the computer and put on headphones as she called her shop assistant to ask about the situation.

At 10 O’clock on the dot, all the online stores opened for sales at the same time, and there were only a total of three websites where the products could be purchased; two major domestic retailers and a privately owned store in Taobao.

As soon as ten o’clock hit, Mother Lin refreshed the number of a hundred thousand bottles stocks of the gold bottle on the website. A minute later, the data became: 84,591 bottles remaining in stock.

After two more minutes had passed, the number jumped to 71,188 bottles.

Mother Lin’s body shook out of excitement.

“Old Lin, come here quickly.”

Lin Han held his bowl and chopsticks as he couldn’t care less about his image and left the table to look at the sales amount after just 7 minutes: 53,338 bottles remaining.

Lin Han’s body shook.

This was even more exciting and thrilling than when he had opened his factory and got his first bucket of gold in his life from his first order. He felt that this project could give him a second chance.

“We’re earning! We could easily make up the 300 million for this year.” Lin Han grinned.

Mother Lin nodded.

Lin Hu saw how excited his parents were and he couldn’t eat at his own pace anymore as he held his bowl and walked over as well. “Mom, how’s the sales going?”

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