Chapter 702: Group of Old Immortals (Part Two)

Although 5 billion was a lot, it was to be deducted from the money they were stealing from the one who started all of this, so everyone easily accepted this amount.

“Fine, 5 billion to the Knight.” The members decided.

Okami went straight to Switzerland to find the elderly Huaxia gentlemen after leaving the meeting.

It was rare for the elderly Huaxia gentleman to agree seeing him, but after reading his request, he said impatiently, “My mind is only on that mysterious power in the Land of Mercenaries, I don’t have the time to help you with other things, not even with $50 billion.”

Okami exhaled deeply and said, “Senior, I have heard that Stenson is Xu Cheng’s loyal financial advisor, but did you know that Stenson is also an advisor of the Mandala Lab?”

The old man’s eyes narrowed.

“You’re saying that Xu Cheng actually owns the Mandala Lab?” The old gentleman was sharp on the point.

“There’s this possibility, or else with so many financial advisers on Wall Street, why was Stenson the one who became Mandala’s financial adviser?” Okami said, “He’s working just for Xu Cheng.”

The old man pondered for a while and became interested.

“Where is this Xu Cheng now?” the old man asked.

Okami smiled, “Mr. Rothschild gave me this information when he went to the Mexican Black market a week ago. Our men have gone over at the same time to investigate his whereabouts.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Okami’s assistant outside received a phone call and quickly entered, whispering to Okami, “Your Honor, the target has entered the Land of Mercenaries from the black market.”

“You sure?” Okami was surprised.

The assistant nodded.

That was when the old man said with a hopeful face, “Looks like what we wanted to find just came right to us.”

Okami: “How so?”

The elderly Huaxia man: “Maybe this person has something to do with the Deviant Corp that is hindering the M Nation political action this time.”

Okami: “Why?”

The old man: “The mysterious deaths of the Shanling Group, along with the mystery of the Deviant Mercenary Corp manipulating the war in the Land of Mercenaries, I think the styles are very similar. It’s actually a good chance to test it out.”

Okami: “How should we go about it?”

The old man: “To test whether there is a relationship between the Deviant Corp, Xu Cheng, and Mandala, just find someone to assassinate Mandala’s current CEO. If the other party is a powerful person, then it’s easy to conclude that they might all be from the Deviant Corp.”

Having said that, the old man took out a photo of someone from Xu Cheng’s network with a smile on his face. It was a woman in the photo: Lin Chuxue!

He looked at the photo of Lin Chuxue and smiled slightly.”This is his weakness.”

Okami: “But, I’m afraid …”

The old man: “You’re afraid that you’ll follow the footsteps of Shanling if you try to kill his woman and fail again?”

Okami nodded cautiously. “I didn’t know if it was him before, but now that I know it was, I’m afraid everything about him is real. When the Shanling Group’s Shanling Jiubao kept everything in secret so well, and this man still found the culprit and led to even more closer members of the Sanko Group as well as the entire Shanling family, it was enough to show that this woman is his backbone. If we’re not confident that we can kill him, then if we touch his woman or even if we were to kill her, we won’t have a good ending because he’ll hunt us down and kill us! “

The old man took a sip of tea slowly. “So… let me handle it. Go tell those in the Capital Society that if Xu Cheng is the one behind the Deviant Corp, I will get rid of them from the roots. That way it would both solve the M Nation’s problem and help you keep your seat as the Lord of Asia. But I only want one thing, and that is the Mandala Lab’s technology in Xu Cheng’s hands!”

No one knew that he was 110 years old this year, and ever since the introduction of the Mandala Lab’s technology, he felt as if his life could be extended again.

He didn’t want to die, but there was no immortality drug in the world, nor any medical technology that could prolong life; however, the Mandala Lab seemed to have a solution!

As long as there was the slightest bit of hope, he would not give up.

As soon as the Lord of Asia left, the old man headed to the backyard where there were two other elderly gentlemen who were as old as he was. They seemed to be freezing themselves in the snow, as if it was a way that they could freeze their aging years.

“Gentlemen, the Mandala Lab I told you about earlier, I think we’ve found the person behind this biotechnology.”

The two old men gradually opened their eyes, emitting a sharp gaze.

“All these years, we’ve drunk human blood, did all kinds of experiments, and even looked for the legendary mysteries of immortality. If this Mandala Lab’s technology doesn’t work, then we can’t live this life any longer!”

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