Chapter 703: Kidnapping Lin Chuxue as a Bait (Part Two)

However, many people on Wall Street were willing to finance Mandala’s IPO, except that they were all rejected since the Mandala Lab didn’t care.

Lin Dong looked at the economic magazine and smiled as he put it back. Since he came to the M Nation, he was going to visit and pay respect to the seniors first on behalf of his master, and then he transferred to Cambridge to find Lin Chuxue.

Lin Chuxue didn’t think that Lin Dong had even bought her some traditional stuff from Huaxia, and when she was about to take it inside, Lin Dong said to her, “Let me carry it, just tell me where to put it.”

Lin Chuxue didn’t force it and said, “Feel free to put it anywhere. The school dormitory is quite big, your master found a good apartment for me.”

Lin Dong saw the economic magazine on her desk that he had been reading on the plane and smiled. “Madam, have you seen the news coverage on our company yet?”

“I saw.” Lin Chuxue asked Lin Dong curiously, “Is this profit as high as this magazine says it is?”

“Only more and not less.” Lin Dong knew the cost because he had researched the product with Xu Cheng, and there was no need to hide anything from Lin Chuxue.

Lin Chuxue was surprised. “Your master is not afraid of being investigated for anti-trust like this?”

“That’s why he won’t go public and will never make his finances transparent.” Lin Dong laughed. “Other companies go public just to raise money to make their shares more valuable, but the Mandala Lab doesn’t need to go public at all and the profit alone would be enough to make others envious. Moreover, we are selling new black technology, and like when the Apple iPhone 4 was released to the public, they took over the market that was once led by Nokia. Apple’s profits were there, so why didn’t anyone check them?”

Lin Chuxue raised her eyebrows. “Why isn’t Stenson reporting to me on the finances yet.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Stenson came over and knocked on the glass door grinning at Lin Chuxue.

Lin Dong went over, opened the door, and greeted him.

When Stenson took his briefcase and was about to report to Lin Chuxue, Lin Dong smiled and said, “I’ve already spoken to Madam.”

Stenson looked at him somewhat bitterly. “I’m going to tell Boss that you’re trying to steal my job.”

“Stenson, you’re becoming more and more unprofessional.” Lin Chuxue teased.

Stenson laughed bitterly. “Oh my lady boss, the main reason for this is because I’m being watched very tightly. The Mandala Lab became a hit all of a sudden and there are many people watching me, wanting to know the whereabouts of the owner behind it. I have to get help from others to get rid of those people before I can come to see you.”

With that, Stenson handed over the stack of financial info to Lin Chuxue.

“Madam, the casino’s weekly income and the profit from Mandala’s global sales have all been deposited into our own bank.”

Lin Chuxue went through it and nodded. “Stenson, can I transfer $100 million dollars to invest in the stock market? Lately I have nothing else to do but study.”

Stenson was surprised. “What do you mean ‘can you’? Lady boss, the boss has told me that you’re free to spend all the money in this card however you want to and you don’t need to ask. I am only responsible for actioning it.”.

The three did not notice that in a building a thousand meters away from their apartment, a professional agent put away the binoculars and turned on the Bluetooth earbud as he said, “Sir Knight, the target appeared. It’s Lin Chuxue!”

The Knight: “Then we’re right. Xu Cheng is behind this Stenson guy and the Mandala Lab! This woman’s relationship with Xu Cheng revealed everything, continue your surveillance.”

The agent: “Yes!”

Meanwhile on the other side, the senior who had arrived at the M Nation was fishing in Cloffi’s Manor, and a Knight came over and reported to him. “Teacher, the person Stenson got in contact with was Lin Chuxue.”

The senior chuckled. “That confirms that Xu Cheng is behind Stenson. Kidnap that woman and leave one person alive to pass on the message to catch the big fish with this bait. It’s better to lure someone out than going over to the Land of Mercenaries for the Deviant Corp.”

The Knight: “Teacher, are you sure that this Xu Cheng is related to the Deviant Corp?”

The elderly said affirmatively, “Quite sure. The Deviant Corp’s just started up less than half a year ago, and Xu Cheng left his country for a year. He spent half his time in the M Nation, and the other half out of borders. That was also when the Deviant Corp started, and it’s definitely not a coincidence. He must have something to do with the Deviant Mercenary Corp, or rather with his ability, he’s possibly the real mastermind behind it! Either way, let’s take this woman down first.”

The Knight: “Yes!”

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