Chapter 704: Meet Little Joker (Part Two)

“If you had learned to behave at first then there wouldn’t have been so much trouble,” the killer said calmly as he came over.

Lin Dong tried to look at Lin Chuxue as he shook his head and shouted in a hoarse and weak voice, “Madam… Go!”

He jumped on the back of the killer, who turned and kicked Lin Dong flying away, shattering the glass door.

“Stop it!” Lin Chuxue shouted hysterically and ran over trying to see Stenson and Lin Dong’s injuries, but she was knocked unconscious with a strike to the back of her neck by the killer, who then took her away on his shoulders.

In the Land of Mercenaries, Satan, who was not under surveillance anymore, used his satellite phone and made a phone call to Huaxia.


“It’s me, Code Name Little Joker.”


Satan: “My men are now in the Land of Mercenaries, try to inform the Dragon King that he is being watched! Tell him to contact me as soon as possible, because I have a file I need to give to him, ASAP.”

“Okay, I’ll call him on his satellite phone.”

After hanging up the phone, Bei Shan had another phone number in his hand, Xu Cheng had left it to the seniors back in the Capital City, and it was not surprising that he had a copy in his hands.

When he called, no one answered on the phone.

He called again.

Xu Cheng saw the number when it got connected and said with caution, “Hello?”.

“This is Bei Shan.”

The person on the other end of the phone had a moment of silence.

Bei Shan said, “Old Two, you are being watched.”

Xu Cheng sounded emotionless, “How do you know that I’m being watched? Or have you been watching me the whole time? I’m warning you, don’t try to test where my bottom line is, or I’ll destroy the Capital Society too!”

Bei Shan was surprised. “You know about the Capital Society?”

Xu Cheng: “Not only do I know about them, but I also know that there may be Huaxia forces in there! Let my woman go, she’s innocent. If you want to fight, I’ll fight you!”

Bei Shan: “What? Little Xue has been taken?”

Xu Cheng roared, “Don’t play with me, if anything happens to my woman, not just the Capital Society, I’ll f*cking let capitalism disappear in this world!”

Bei Shan: “Calm down, what’s going on?”

Xu Cheng: “How the f*ck am I supposed to calm down? If you didn’t know that Little Xue has been kidnapped, then why are you calling this number?”

Bei Shan: “Our informant wants to talk to you, and he knows that you are being targeted.”

Xu Cheng: “I don’t have time, I have to go to save Little Xue, those people were coming for me.”

Bei Shan: “You can’t go! It’s not like the Wei Nation this time, you won’t make it back!”

Xu Cheng said coldly, “You couldn’t even stop me before, do you think you can now?”

Bei Shan sighed after a moment of silence on the other end. “Then you should meet with our informant first, maybe he can give you a bit of information. After that, you might be much calmer and more sensible.”

Xu Cheng: “Who?”

Bei Shan: “Little Joker!”

Xu Cheng: “What did you say! That traitor, Little Joker? The one who was determined to kill my master?”

Xu Cheng laughed; it was a very sarcastic laugh. “How many other things are you hiding from me? You keep saying that we are brothers, but you have so many lies.”

“It’s true.” Bei Shan said, “It’s true that he had an argument with the headmaster, and it’s true that he left the Dragon Division, but it’s also true that he has been an undercover agent for the country for many years! If you want to know about this, go meet him. He has already arrived in the Land of Mercenaries. This time his mission is to investigate your Deviant Mercenary Corps, and the one who gave him this mission is that group of super players up there. And it’s because you hindered their crude oil plans.”

Xu Cheng said after trying to be calmer, “I am on my way to the borders of the Land of Mercenaries, tell him to go there around the black market.”

Bei Shan: “You’re still going?”

Xu Cheng: “Do you know what my master’s greatest regret is? He told me that he regretted he had chosen his country instead of betraying his woman! If a person wanted to have feelings for their country, then they must first understand what feelings are!”

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