Chapter 706: Mentor, let’s send you on your way (Part Two)

Xu Cheng: “So all of them should be at least a hundred years old, right? If they are almost dead, then what’s there to be afraid of?”

Little Joker: “We’re afraid that they are not dead yet. You might not know science, but haven’t you read a report on life expectancy? It is said that testosterone is responsible for shortening life span, and that eunuchs are 130 times more likely to live to be 100 years old than normal men! And the younger generations that they mentored were not weak at all. You have met Kush, right? I found in a top-secret document belonging to the M Nation’s Fifth Division that he was a key to trigger war so that they can get rich from the chaos. To be frank, these people were willing to break out into war for the sake of wealth, and it is really doubtful whether they planned the same thing in the past or not.”

Xu Cheng: “Then what does this have to do with our Dragon Division? And why should I be the only one who can’t die?”

Little Joker: “Huaxia has grown exponentially over the years and became a developed country. The M Nation has a population of 300 million and Huaxia has 1.4 billion! The annual GDP in Huaxia is already trending to overtake the M Nation as the world’s number one country. Do you think the Capital Society, which concentrates at least half of the world’s wealth, will let this market be out of their hands? Not to mention that the Asian countries have some sort or agreement with Huaxia being the leader, and that is one of the biggest reasons why the Capital Society couldn’t get their hands deep in Asia. They would try again and once that happens, the only one who has a chance of fighting with them would be you. So, you cannot go now; you’re still young and you have to be the sharpest dagger for the country!”

Little Joker was feeling dried up from talking, and he took a sip of coffee as he said, “Now do you understand why Old Master Ye and the other four wanted to recognize you as their grand-nephew? Why your Aunt Lan was recognized as Old Master Ye’s goddaughter and married into the Zhou Family?”

Xu Cheng: “It was you?”

Little Joker: “I just wanted to tell you that the country can help you get your family settled.”

“Settled?” Xu Cheng laughed sarcastically. “Then how come my woman almost got killed last time? The Dragon Division couldn’t even keep her safe, I can’t believe in anyone anymore.”

Little Joker sighed. “Then go. I’ve finished what I had to say.”

Xu Cheng stood up and walked away.

As he walked out of the restaurant, he brushed past seven foreigners.

Little Joker drank the rest of his coffee and smiled when he saw these seven people enter.

The seven of them said, “Mentor, we really didn’t want to suspect you, and we thank you for training us seven demons. However, the interests of the country are above all else! What did you tell that man earlier?”

“Everything.” Little Joker grinned. “We’ve been talking for 10 minutes and I’ve said all I have to say.”

The seven men narrowed their eyes and bowed to Little Joker.

“If so, then let’s send you on your way.”

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