Chapter 711: Poor Clown (Part Two)

– Beneath the Swiss iceberg –

Three skinny frozen old men looked at the silver-haired old man and asked, “Why did you let that woman die?”

The silver-haired old man said, “If she doesn’t die, how could we prove that Xu Cheng can save us? If he can’t save her, then there is no hope for us.”

The three old men said, “Who can save a person who commits suicide by shooting a bullet through their head in this world? What you are doing is a bit extreme, we just want to use this woman to force Xu Cheng to compromise.”

The silver-haired old man: “He won’t. I’ve investigated him and he is a man who won’t even accept his fate, let alone compromise with anyone. He’s a man who is not afraid of death, and you want him to do what he doesn’t want to do, he won’t do it, there is no way at all. That woman was determined to die so we couldn’t use her to threaten her man, even if I could stop it this time, there was no way to stop her from having other ways to commit suicide in the future. Her desire to die was too strong, and this woman is not that important. For us, whether Xu Cheng can lengthen the longevity of our lives is the most important thing.”

The silver-haired old man paced for a while. “My students followed the two witnesses, and the first thing they did wasn’t burying her dead body. They transported her to a funeral home to be frozen. If I’m correct, Xu Cheng is unlikely to give up so soon, so we shouldn’t give up either. If he could save this woman, then we would have the hope to continue controlling the world for another few decades. “

One of the three old men sighed, “What’s the use of controlling the world for a few more decades? We are sterilized, we have all the great skills and wealth but there’s no one to inherit it from us. Isn’t this why we are so afraid of dying? We are still traditional in our bones, and having the next generation is the right thing to do.”

The silver-haired old man’s eyes looked like he was deeply touched.

They were eunuchs, so they couldn’t have children, and it was a huge regret that there was no one to inherit the wealth and skills that they had accumulated over the decades. That was the reason why they were afraid to die. Those consortium families could have four generations in the same household, yet they didn’t have a child, and that caused their psychological state to worsen.

Mario and Chekhov went to the funeral home to have Lin Chuxue’s body cleaned up. Lin Chuxue was lying on the bed with that beautiful face, and a woman in charge of the cleanup sighed, “What a beautiful girl, why would she suicide.”

Mario and Chekhov were squatting on the floor with their heads down when Mario heard footsteps. He lifted his eyes and saw Xu Cheng, who was casually dressed.

Xu Cheng’s face looked terrible and his lips were dry and pale.

He walked past by the two of them like he was a member of the living dead and headed inside the funeral home. Chekhov stood up trying to explain something, but Mario grabbed him by the wrist and slightly shook his head at him.

Chekhov then squatted down again and looked up at the sky, but his heart felt gloomy inside.

When Xu Cheng saw Lin Chuxue lying on the white bed with her eyes closed in a peaceful manner, his eyes instantly turned red and burst into tears.

Lin Chuxue’s face was pale, the blood in her head had dried up, and her whole face was as white as a sheet of paper.

Xu Cheng gently stroked her face, and said to the cleaners on the side, “Why don’t you put some make-up on her? Give her some makeup, she looks so pale.”

The staff member nodded and got makeup for Lin Chuxue, but Xu Cheng took the makeup in his hand and said, “I’ll do it.”

The staff looked at this guy strangely as if he had signs of madness, and she didn’t dare to provoke him as she nodded and quickly left the scene.

Xu Cheng placed his head softly on Lin Chuxue’s stomach, he still had tear marks on his face as he held Lin Chuxue’s hand tightly. After a short while, he took out a ring with a huge diamond and slid it into her ring finger.

Xu Cheng forced himself to not cry as he gently padded makeup on Lin Chuxue’s face.

“I still remember when we were kids and I told you that wearing heavy makeup makes you no different than those in the red-light district. I didn’t think you cared enough to never wear heavy makeup in your life, but you know what? Light make-up suits you the most. Your peaceful smile and your apathetic eyes, as if nothing in this world mattered, makes many people think that you don’t care about anything. But I knew that you were very sensitive inside; you knew I liked to fight so you always carried a lot of bandages in your bag. I used to always wonder how you had endless bandages in your bag as if it was a magic trick.”

Before he could finish his sentence, tears dripped down Xu Cheng’s face and was almost falling onto Lin Chuxue’s face when he reacted quickly and caught them with his palm, preventing them from ruining her makeup.

“Why…?” Xu Cheng questioned as he could no longer hold back his tears.

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