Chapter 713: No one will hate you (Part One)

As Xu Cheng and Lin Dong left the funeral home, they didn’t notice the old man with silvery white hair watching them from the darkness.

– Midnight –

Inside the operating theatre of a public hospital.

Xu Cheng and Lin Dong got in through the window and placed Lin Chuxue’s body on the operating table.

Xu Cheng and Lin Dong looked around and saw that there was a complete set of surgical equipment.


Lin Dong looked at Xu Cheng and said, “Master, there is only equipment here but no drugs; how can we operate without anesthesia?”

“It’s fine,” Xu Cheng said.

Lin Dong got anxious. “But…”

“Without the anesthesia is fine. Come on, don’t drag it on, I’m afraid that Little Xue’s RBC genes will die, it can’t be delayed any longer.” Xu Cheng said affirmatively as he smoothed Lin Chuxue’s messy hair, revealing her beautiful and delicate face.

He smiled: “Little Xue, I will try to save you by any means, no matter how.”

Having said that, he performed the operation on Lin Chuxue by himself. He found multiple needles and implanted them into Lin Chuxue’s head and several blood vessels one by one, and then he connected the tubes into a single syringe placed on another bed.

After Xu Cheng laid down, he looked at the ceiling and sighed. “The blood vessels around my heart are where the Tardigrade genes are. Come over here and transfuse the blood here into Little Xue’s head to see if the necrotic cells can be repaired or not. Did you give her the gene strengthening drug yet?”

Lin Dong nodded. “Chekhov had done it at the beginning. Although her genes were enhanced, her brain was still necrotic, so he declared her dead.”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Let’s try it then.”

Lin Dong gulped. “Master, are you sure about this? Excessive blood loss from this area of the heart can be fatal!”

“That can’t be helped, the tardigrade genes are all densely packed in here, so come on! Take it!” Xu Cheng said.

Lin Dong went over to his side. First, he avoided where his heart was beneath his chest. Xu Cheng had X-ray vision so he had already drawn out the position of his heart on his chest. That way, Lin Dong could work better.

Lin Dong sat beside him and took out a large syringe similar to those used to give injections to livestock, he hesitated again and asked. “Master, you really want to insert this?”

Xu Cheng gritted his teeth. “It’s fine, come on! How many times in the past have I survived life-and-death situations, I can endure this.”

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