Chapter 713: No one will hate you (Part Two)

Lin Dong frowned.

“Come on!” Xu Cheng said in a deep voice, “Don’t be a p*ssy. You’re not a high school student anymore!”

Lin Dong gritted his teeth and inserted the syringe directly into the area next to Xu Cheng’s heart!


Xu Cheng’s body bounced up in shock from the heartbreaking pain, and veins popped out on his neck. His whole face was hideously red, and he let out a deep low roar, but Xu Cheng quickly used his extraordinary willpower to suppress this pain.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Release it!”

Lin Dong hurriedly twisted the syringe open, and Xu Cheng’s blood immediately flowed from the syringe towards Lin Chuxue’s head.

Lin Dong looked at Xu Cheng and asked with concern, “Master, if it doesn’t work, just stop.”

“It’s fine!” Xu Cheng said he was fine but Lin Dong could see his big drops of sweat on his forehead, and his lips were a little pale. After all, such an incision to withdraw blood next to the heart would cause an average person to die of shock by now.

Xu Cheng immediately looked at Lin Chuxue on the other bed, and all his pain vanished after he saw her beautiful profile.

He reached out to take Lin Chuxue’s hand in his and just held on, with his X-ray vision piercing through to see if there was any movement in her head.

Lin Dong looked at this scene, and did not know what to say or do. He wondered if there was really the so-called true love in this materialistic world.

In his eyes, he thought that love, even family love, would’ve been crushed before money and reality, so the so-called true love can also be bought out with money. But today, he saw a different kind of love, and if it was him in that bed today, he would actually not be so crazy and hysterical to save the other person. He didn’t know what this childhood sweetheart relationship between Xu Cheng and his wife was, but he felt that it must have been something beautiful.

The blood was still being delivered.

Xu Cheng’s lips began to pale as he said, “You got a cigarette?”

Lin Dong: “Master, the smoke will infect your wife’s wounds, it’s not good to smoke here.”

“Oh, right, I forgot. I won’t smoke it then,” Xu Cheng said.

Lin Dong: “Master, if you are really in pain, you can have one.”

He could tell that Xu Cheng was really in pain and wanted to distract himself.

Xu Cheng shook his head trying to divert his attention, and he looked at Lin Dong as he said, “Little Dong, Master feels sorry to you, and sorry to those brothers.”

“You don’t have to feel sorry for anyone.” Lin Dong massaged Xu Cheng’s hands and feet for fear that Xu Cheng would bleed too much and his whole body would become numb and cold as he said, “Our brothers all volunteered to become mutants, and everyone understood that there are thing we need to sacrifice in order to survive and to become stronger. You have not wronged us, but rather that the others are grateful for what you’ve offered them.”

“And you?” Xu Cheng looked at him and asked, “Do you hate me for not teaching you anything?”

Lin Dong shook his head. “No! You have taught me a lot. You have torn open the other side of this world for me, and helped me understand the dark side of this world. I always felt that you had become apathetic from all the killing, but today I know that you’re more real than the hypocrites filling this world. You’re alive with feelings. As your disciple, I have access to all your social connections and networks, which were not available to the young and rebellious Lin Dong in the past. Master, I don’t regret taking you as my master!”

Xu Cheng smiled bitterly and sighed. “You don’t have much talent. It’s not that I don’t want to teach you, but the Shadow Fist itself was very obscure and hard to understand, and I had no way of knowing where to begin teaching you. Sometimes, it takes that person themself to understand it over time.”

“I understand.” Lin Dong said, “Neither your brothers Luo Yi nor Li Wei learnt it from you so I knew that it must not be easy for someone to learn this martial art.”

At this point, Lin Dong smiled bitterly. “I’m worried that Luo Yi and Li Wei would pass out from anger if they knew you’re doing this, Master.”

“Then don’t tell them.” Xu Cheng chuckled. “If I survive, then I’ll go and apologize to the brothers.”

“I’ll take your words for it.” Lin Dong smiled. “I’ve already told my parents that I’d be busy for three years. Haven’t you accomplished your dream and goals? The Deviant Corp will definitely accomplish what you set out to accomplish!”

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