Chapter 718: Monster (Part Two)

But ironically, it was no different from being a deadman, because who else could he see?

Right, I still have my brothers!

The group of brothers who were mutants like him.

He came to a phone booth, and waited for the guy inside to come out. When the guy came out, Xu Cheng pickpocketed his calling card and went straight into the phone booth.

He dialed Lin Dong’s number.

“Hello, it’s me. Have you boarded the plane with Chuxue yet?”

“Master? Are you okay?” Lin Dong was very excited that Xu Cheng was still alive.

“I’m…” Xu Cheng paused a bit before he said, “I’m fine, where are you guys now?”

“We’ve booked a charter flight to Huaxia, but the airport here has been delaying the flight for some reason.”

“They’ve been delaying it?” Xu Cheng was surprised as he furrowed his brows. “Which airport are you at?”

Xu Cheng hung up the phone after Lin Dong informed him it was the Swiss capital airport, and he quickly grabbed a cab to head there.

The cab driver looked at Xu Cheng from the rear mirror, who was sitting in the back seat, wrapped in a full-body trench coat.

Xu Cheng obviously knew that he was staring at him.

“It’s late at night, I’m scared by your appearance,” the driver couldn’t help but say something out loud in a humorous manner.

“I’m afraid that you’ll be even more afraid after I take my hat off, so it’s better not to look at it,” Xu Cheng said back to him.

When the car arrived at the airport, the cab driver looked over at the machine and said, “Please pay.”

“Why don’t I show you what I look like?” Xu Cheng suddenly took off his cape as he looked at the driver in the eye for a moment and hypnotized him.

Xu Cheng got out of the cab without needing to pay and went straight into the airport.

The driver was left looking confused as to why he drove to the airport.

The moment Xu Cheng stepped into the airport; he went invisible. He went to the boarding gate where Lin Dong and the others were waiting, and to avoid colliding with people at the narrow security checkpoint, he just jumped over the security fence.

Lin Dong was beside Lin Chuxue’s hospital bed at the boarding gate, with Mario and Chekhov standing next to him on guard.

Lin Dong’s face was bruised for some reason, and the corner of his mouth seemed to have been ripped.

Xu Cheng walked towards Lin Chuxue’s bed and saw that she looked a bit more lively than before, and as long as his wife was alive, he still felt it was worth it even if he had already turned into a monster.

Chekhov, who was scanning the surroundings with his ultrasonic senses, frowned as he looked at the area next to Lin Chuxue’s bed. He felt that something was nearby, but he couldn’t see it.

Xu Cheng found Chekhov staring at him, but he knew that Chekhov couldn’t see anything and that he had sensed him via the ultrasonic wave feedback, so Xu Cheng slowly walked to the chair next to Chekhov.

“It’s me.” He whispered in Chekhov’s ear. “Do not make it obvious. I feel there is a problem with the airport delay, don’t expose me.”

Chekhov nodded slightly with excitement in his heart.

He subconsciously wanted to feel the warmth of Boss’s body behind him. Lin Dong had told them about how Xu Cheng saved Lin Chuxue’s life, and he and Mario had beat and scolded at him for his actions as they worried about Xu Cheng. Now that he heard Xu Cheng’s voice, he wanted to ask about the situation, but he couldn’t speak up because maybe they were being watched already.

The silver-haired old man didn’t return to his home country, nor was there any movement, so the other side was probably alerted, and they definitely would not let Lin Chuxue return to Huaxia so easily.

The first concern was which one of them lived. When they went to the scene, they didn’t see the old man’s body, nor Xu Cheng’s body; they couldn’t find the old man and Xu Cheng was gone as well.

They were betting on whether Xu Cheng would come because of the delay. If he did, then it would mean that the old man was dead!

Then they must not let Xu Cheng return to Huaxia and he must die here today! A man who was able to survive from that silver-haired old man would be a terrifying opponent, and the Capital Society would never leave such a skilled one-man army out of their control.

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