Chapter 719: Bluffing like Chekhov (Part Two)

Chekhov crossed his legs and shrugged. “Do you know what it means to hit something through the air?”

“Have your ultrasonic waves evolved to psychic blows?” Mario said with an envious face.

Chekhov chuckled and continued to bluff. “Don’t look at me with such worshipping eyes, I’m not gay.”

That was when the pilot pulled out a gun and shot a bullet at Mario.

Mario could only use his arms to protect the most important parts of his head and chest, he planned to take on that bullet.

Who knew that the bullet didn’t hit him at all, instead just hovering in the air right before Mario’s eyes.

Mario was stunned. “Wow Chekhov, your power is finally not useless.”

Chekhov laughed bitterly as he felt with his ultrasonic waves that the boss was standing right in front of Mario and caught the bullet for him.

The shell suddenly rebounded towards the assassin, who reacted quickly and dodged it.

Meanwhile the other assassin, who had been blown away by Mario, knew that Chekhov was the trickiest one because he was able to use psychic power. So, the assassin aimed at him first as he grabbed his dagger and attacked.

Mario was ready to protect Chekhov, but the assassin with the pistol kept on interfering and shot at him, causing Mario to hide his head under the table to block the bullets. He looked over as he was worried about Chekhov because the assassin had already headed there.

Lin Dong yanked off his seatbelt and threw himself at the assassin to interfere with him, but the assassin cut his arm with the dagger.

Chekhov shouted, “Little Dong, get out of the way. Let me do it!”

Lin Dong and Mario were both expecting him to make a move, but Chekhov just sat there with his legs crossed and did nothing. The assassin was shocked and all tensed up, thinking that Chekhov was going to make a big move as he was afraid of a psychic attack. However, Chekhov didn’t do anything and just sat calmly, completely ignoring the assassin.

He felt humiliated.

The dagger flew out of his hand and spun toward Chekhov.

Wherever it spun in the air, the seat fabric beneath it was cut and torn, showing the sharpness of the dagger and the strength of the assassin.

Chekhov suddenly lifted one hand and moved it as if he was chasing away flies. Then the dagger suddenly dropped to the ground like it was knocked down by something in the air.

Lin Dong was stunned.

So was Mario.

So strong!

The assassin squinted his eyes as he felt like he had seen a ghost for the first time in his life.

Is there really such a thing as psychic attacks in this world?

What the actual f*ck?

“Sony!” The assassin shouted, and the other pilot took off his headset as he rushed over, ignoring the plane.

There were three assassins now, and they faced only Chekhov and Mario, who were able to fight.

Mario looked at Chekhov and asked, “Parachute?”

Chekhov stood up abruptly, with his figure straight and an indecipherable look on his face as he shoved his hands into his pockets.

“The really cool move will now begin.”

The two assassins who had seen his psychic attacks both turned slightly pale and took a somewhat wary step backward.

The assassin who had just come to the scene saw that his two teammates were cowardly, so he scolded, “Just go up together and take him out, what are you guys so afraid of?”

The other two assassins knew that there were no other solutions, and they could not run anywhere; they were on a plane at high altitude, and they would just die if they jumped. The three reached a tacit agreement and all rushed towards Chekhov.

Chekhov was afraid that Mario would come to his aid, and he still had to finish his bluff, so he shouted, “I don’t need anybody’s help!” The fact that he knew his Boss was standing right in front of him reassured him.

Suddenly, he took out one of his hands from his pocket and two assassins limped subconsciously out of fear.

Who knew that Chekhov would actually take out a cigar and hold it in his mouth as he sat down, crossed his legs, lit it up, and took a drag.

Meanwhile the three assassins who rushed at him all smashed into the floor. Every one of them was punched by Xu Cheng in the chest as they all vomited blood and died right away.

Chekhov squinted and exhaled a circle of smoke as he said, “I never thought I would be able to act like this in my lifetime.”

Xu Cheng scolded him right after he said that. “Your sister-in-law will get sick from the smoke.”

Chekhov choked on his cigar and coughed, apologizing, “Oh, I’m sorry Big Brother Cheng, I’ve overdone it.”

He then quickly stubbed out his cigar.

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