Chapter 722: So close so far (Part Two)

He wanted to scream internally, and tears fell down his face as he tried to resist his urge to sob; he couldn’t do anything else.

The hand froze in mid-air, hesitating to touch her; and he finally withdrew his hand.

“Little Xue…” Xu Cheng said it in his heart, “If… If one day, I recover… I don’t know when, will you still be waiting for me?”

Lin Chuxue sat up straight in bed and looked around the room, she panicked as she got off the bed. She walked barefoot on the floor, trying to open the door as she knocked on it and shouted, “Is anyone there?”


Xu Cheng really wanted to answer her. “Yes!”

But he just looked at Lin Chuxue and didn’t dare to make any sound.

Soon after, the expert professor rushed over.

When Lin Chuxue saw that he was from Huaxia, she suddenly relaxed. “Doctor, where is this place? Why am I here? Who sent me here? Where is he?”

Before she died, she remembered that she was in a foreign country, and although she was in a coma not knowing whether it was all a dream or reality, she could always hear Xu Cheng’s voice even if she didn’t remember what exactly he said to her.

“We are in Huaxia.” The doctor came over and tried to open the door, but he couldn’t open it as he asked Lin Chuxue inside the door, “Why did you lock the door?”

Lin Chuxue was stunned. “I didn’t.”

The Doctor. “It’s locked, twist it open inside.”

Lin Chuxue nodded her head and twisted it open; the door was indeed locked from the inside.

“It’s good that you woke up. This is a hospital, what happened to you before that scared you enough to lock the door here?” The doctor thought that Lin Chuxue had locked the door herself.

Lin Chuxue was surprised and said, “I didn’t lock it. I just woke up, am I not dead? Is this a dream?”

“You’re not dead.” The doctor said, “You were saved.”

“Who saved me?” Lin Chuxue asked anxiously, “Doctor, who saved me? And also, do you know my husband? Have you seen him? Do you know where he is?”

Lin Chuxue was afraid that something else happened after her death, and she only knew that those people were going after Xu Cheng, so she was afraid that things didn’t end even after her death.

“I’m only responsible for examining and treating your wounds, I don’t know anything else.” The doctor wondered as he asked curiously, “I think you’d better check your brain, because you don’t seem to remember that you locked this door yourself.”

“I didn’t lock it!” Lin Chuxue said with certainty.

Having said that, she subconsciously looked around the hospital ward; and for a moment, her eyes met with Xu Cheng’s.

Xu Cheng was looking at her with deep affection and warmth.

But Lin Chuxue did not see him.

That was when Satan walked over pushing his wheelchair, trying to prevent Lin Chuxue from discovering something as he said, “I just came to lock the door, I’m afraid someone from outside might come in and affect this patient.”

This explanation was reasonable.

“Miss Lin, since you’re awake, you can go home now,” Satan said to Lin Chuxue.

Lin Chuxue also wanted to leave to look for Xu Cheng, so she directly ran out of the ward.

Xu Cheng looked at her departing figure as he squatted down in the corner, and his mask hid the tears that were rolling down his face.

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