Chapter 723: I’m afraid time won’t make it fade away (Part Two)

Within a day, or rather after she woke up from her coma, Lin Chuxue felt that she had lost direction in this world, and she didn’t know where to go nor where to return.

She ran to the police station and told the police, “I want to file a report. My husband is missing, and his name is Xu Cheng; he is 190cm tall and built, with clear, nice looking facial features.”

The policeman laughed. “Just tell me his name, and do you know his ID?”

Lin Chuxue nodded and gave Xu Cheng’s name and ID number.

The policeman inputted the information and said to her, “Okay, we will immediately help you find your husband using our system, please leave your contact information.”

“Sir, can you find him right now?” Lin Chuxue said somewhat panickingly.

The police laughed bitterly. “Miss Lin, it’s almost 10 o’clock in the evening, and part of our police force are off duty. This is also not part of the procedure, so I suggest you go back for now. Maybe your husband just went to a bar and had a hangover. Maybe go ask his friends, or try to find him at his favorite place to go to?”

Favorite place to go to?

Lin Chuxue was stunned for a moment, and then came out of the police station hopelessly.

Everything was quiet at night, and she watched the crowded city and the night scene as she hugged her shoulders. It was as if all this had nothing to do with her; she only wanted to find Xu Cheng.

– Yanjing –

Ye Xiu, who had just hung up the phone in the courtyard, ran back to find his grandpa.

“Grandpa, something happened! Something has happened to my Big Brother Cheng,” he said nervously.

Old Master Ye was listening to the opera and ignored Ye Xiu’s chatter.

Ye Xiu angrily reached out his hand and turned off the radio.

“Grandpa, this is serious, are you listening to me?”

“He is dead,” Old Master Ye said straightforwardly.

That was Xu Cheng’s idea, so he could only say this to the others.

Not many people knew that Xu Cheng was alive, and those who knew the truth were even fewer. Old Master Ye had already met with Satan since Satan was responsible for handling everything. Satan’s plan was simple: he wanted to protect Xu Cheng. After the fight with Ge Lie, whether Xu Cheng was dead or alive was a mystery to the Capital Society. In order to go on with the show, it was necessary to keep this a secret from everyone who knew Xu Cheng. The fact that Xu Cheng was dead to them would help him hide safely and concentrate on his intelligence work.

When Ye Xiu heard this news, it was as if he got struck by lightning. He turned his head stiffly to look at the old man, and asked in disbelief, “Grandpa, what did you say?”

“What did that Lin girl say to you? Xu Cheng died in a heroic way when he was saving her life.” Old Master Ye could only tell him that. “Lin’s been in a coma, so let’s hide this from her as much as we can.”

Ye Xiu’s lips trembled as he shook his head. “Impossible… That’s impossible. How could Big Brother Cheng die?”

Lin Chuxue finally figured out where to find Xu Cheng; she ran to the apartment where he used to live.

When she arrived at the top floor, she rang Xu Cheng’s doorbell.

Someone opened the door for her, and Lin Chuxue shouted out with joy, “Xu Cheng…”

Yet it turned out that it was Shen Yao who opened the door for her!

The apartment was already registered under Shen Yao’s name, and she did not expect to see Lin Chuxue at her door.

“Chuxue? What’s wrong?” Shen Yao asked curiously when she saw Lin Chuxue wretched in sweat.

“Yaoyao, have you seen Xu Cheng?”

Have you seen Xu Cheng?

Lin Chuxue didn’t even know how many times she had repeated this question to the people she phoned tonight.

“No.” Shen Yao said honestly, “What’s happened with you guys?”

“It’s nothing,” Lin Chuxue said as she lowered her eyelids. She was still unable to conceal her loss and confusion as she turned around and walked back to the elevator.

Shen Yao looked on as Lin Chuxue walked away helplessly, and it was the first time she saw Lin Chuxue, who was always indifferent to everything, look so nervous and afraid.

Meanwhile, at the Dragon Division headquarters, Satan asked Bei Shan, “Where is he?”

“He followed Little Xue all the way to Shangcheng.” Bei Shan sighed.

“Give him some time.” Satan said, “Back then, your master was depressed for more than a year. He needs time for this to fade away.”

Bei Shan: “With my knowledge of Xu Cheng, I’m afraid time won’t make it fade away; you won’t understand. Back then, he trespassed into Great Britain’s royal family to save Little Xue, and that scene impressed me!”

– Shangcheng –

Lin Chuxue came out of Xu Cheng’s old apartment; the corners of her eyes were somewhat red as she looked around helplessly at everything around her. The night was quiet, and she lifted her head up to prevent tears from falling out.

Meanwhile, a man wearing a mask and a cape clenched his fists tightly as he looked at her from across the street.

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