Chapter 725: Suspicious (Part Two)

That was when Xu Cheng secretly stuffed a dagger in his pockets.

Lin Dong took it out and handed it to Lin Chuxue.

After Lin Chuxue took it, she started to engrave words on the tombstone with it.

“I am the daughter-in-law of the Xu Family, and my name is missing from these three tombstones. I will carve it on here tonight.”

Having said that, she gritted her teeth as she scraped the tombstone with effort, and Lin Dong hurriedly squatted down and said, “What do you want to carve, I’ll help you.”

“Go away!” Lin Chuxue scolded him with a cold voice.

Lin Dong smiled bitterly as he stood up and stepped aside.

Lin Chuxue engraved character by character. Her handwriting was very beautiful, and it took her twenty minutes to engrave a character. She engraved these words on Xu Cheng’s tombstone: Wife – Lin Chuxue; and then she engraved a few words on Xu Zhenxiong’s tombstone as well: Daughter-in-law – Lin Chuxue.

By the time she was halfway through, it was already midnight.

The cemetery manager told them to go back, but Lin Dong sent them away.

Lin Chuxue’s thin, bony hands were red, and blood was spilling from her fingernails. However, she still wanted to finish carving these words.

As she was carving, she said, “I know how painful it must’ve been for Xu Cheng when I killed myself earlier. Maybe he felt like I do now, that living is worse than being dead! He wanted to get back at me for killing myself without waiting for him to save me, and so he wanted me to experience how it felt.”

Xu Cheng didn’t leave either, he stood behind her and watched all of this.

Sometimes he felt like a dead man, he was looking at his own tombstone and no one could see him, as if he was not needed in this world at this moment.

Lin Dong couldn’t watch any longer and spoke up. “Madam, in fact, Master…”

Suddenly, his arm was tugged, and Lin Dong knew that it was his master warning him not to say anything.

Lin Chuxue raised her eyes to Lin Dong and asked, “In fact what?”

She then suddenly laughed, “Actually, you also think your master is not dead, right? I didn’t believe he would die, and I wish I was already dead, and this was all just a dream. But this dream is too real that my heart aches, and I am suffocating from it! When I was unconscious, I thought I heard Xu Cheng say something to me; he said he was leaving, and I didn’t know where to go. I was scared, and when I woke up, I felt like something had happened. This is the first time when I woke up after something dangerous and I didn’t see Xu Cheng beside me…”

The night was suddenly getting chillier, the cemetery was at the top of a mountain and the night wind howled.

Xu Cheng pulled open his cloak and blocked before Lin Chuxue to prevent her from being blown by the wind, which Lin Chuxue could not see. When she had finished carving on the tombstone, she slowly stood up and almost fell down because her legs were numbed. Xu Cheng reached out his hand but his movement suddenly halted in mid-air.

Lin Dong reacted quickly and helped his Madam as he said, “Let’s head back, Madam.”

“I’m not leaving yet.” Lin Chuxue was stubborn as she sat down on the steps and said, “Tell me the whole story: how he died, and who killed him.”

Lin Dong was most afraid of this, because his Master said to not tell Lin Chuxue how he died unless it was absolutely necessary, nor that he died to save her.

“Madam, when you chose to commit suicide to end this all, there actually wasn’t a way. With Master’s temperament, he would definitely not have accepted your death without settling with those people, and we were exposed when we tried to rescue you. To buy us more time, Master stayed behind and died.”

Lin Dong finished his story and noticed that Lin Chuxue was staring at him.

“Little Dong, I was an actress and I know when someone’s acting or if they’re speaking the truth. If you still think I am your Madam, then don’t hide and don’t lie. Tell me everything,” Lin Chuxue said.

Lin Dong was clueless of what to do.

He was only twenty years old, and his acting skills were indeed very bad; it was not natural enough, not to mention that Lin Chuxue could read people.

“Madam, is the process important? Even if you knew what happened, Master won’t be able to come back.” Lin Dong sighed. “I’m sure Master wouldn’t want to see you like this.”

Lin Chuxue said, “No one can be saved at that time. After the bullet went through my brain, I knew that I was dead. It’s impossible for me to be alive right now and Xu Cheng died instead.”

Lin Dong: “Didn’t I mention that the Mandala Lab’s medicine saved you?”

Lin Chuxue suddenly growled out in a hoarse voice, “Then why didn’t it save Xu Cheng? Is there any way to die that is harder to save than how I died?”

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