Chapter 726: I’ll surprise you because I am not who I was before (Part Two)

Only after Lin Dong left, Bei Shan appeared and said, “This time you can rest assured, I’ve arranged a female special forces who is also doing charity to accompany and protect her. Now I understand that anyone can be in danger, but she can’t.”

Xu Cheng smiled faintly.

Bei Shan looked at him and said, “Do you want to take off your mask and smile so I can see it?”

Xu Cheng took off the mask and revealed his painted white face and curled his lips into a fake smile.

Bei Shan said speechlessly, “Forget it, you better wear the mask, or I will really believe that there are ghosts in this world.”

Xu Cheng wanted to kick him away as this b—–d hadn’t changed at all and still liked to tease him.

The two of them sat down in the park where they met their master and Bei Shan said, “The information Little Joker got is quite useful, at least now we know that the beginning of the capital society was created by those eunuchs who escaped back then.”

“No.” Xu Cheng interrupted him and said, “I think it’s not that simple. I got some information when I talked to Ge Lie, that silver-haired old man. He said that the Knights are not considered part of the roots in the Capital Society. Perhaps, they are marginal members as well?”

Bei Shan frowned: “Why do you think so?”

“The bloodline!” Xu Cheng said word for word, “Sixteen years undercover means distrust and surveillance, that’s enough to show that the country praising freedom without racism is actually discriminating at heart! For all these years, those Inner Guards are probably just responsible for teaching those R masters like Little Joker, which is why there are foreigners who know internal Kung Fu. Strictly speaking, maybe they never even got inside the core of the Capital Society, and the biggest reason why I think it’s the bloodline is because: the founders of this Capital Society are mostly stand ins for capitalists, and we know that the richest people in the world are the Jews. They are a group of united and arrogant people, maybe they won’t allow any other race to really get into their core.”

“If that’s the case, then there’s no reason why a bunch of them with such strong power would listen and work for the capitalists, right?” Bei Shan asked curiously.

“Not surprising. If someone can give you freedom that overrides the law, then you will absolutely follow their orders. No matter how powerful they are, they’re still afraid of death; they might not be afraid of bullets but they’ll be afraid of missiles,” Xu Cheng said.

“Then, in order for Huaxia to not hinder their global unification, this organization will still try to infiltrate the country, right?” Bei Shan asked.

Xu Cheng nodded. “It will, and I feel that it’s coming soon. Once they confirm my death, they will try to enter the country, and the one in the most danger is our Dragon Division.”

Bei Shan: “Why?”

Xu Cheng: “The Dragon Division is a secret organization linking us to the world’s intelligence group, it’s the eyes of the country. If they get to us, then our country will be blinded. Therefore, the Dragon Division will be the first to face their attack by the R-level experts, which I’m afraid will be more violent than when Little Joker was testing the waters.”

“That’s nonsense, Little Joker’s plan last time was sending the seven demons here for death, or else he would have taken action. They won’t be stupid this time they come around,” Bei Shan said.

“Well, you don’t say. If that had not happened, Little Joker probably would not have been suspected at all,” Xu Cheng said.

“Should we have waited for him to show off with the foreigners? Or let him beat you to death that night?” Bei Shan rolled his eyes. “Be honest with me, have you gotten stronger since you left the Dragon Division? I’m telling you now that the Dragon Division as a whole, with everyone’s persistent efforts, have advanced and the current 48 cards all are in the S rank or above.”

Xu Cheng could not help but raise his eyebrows at Bei Shan teasing. “Why don’t you just say you’ve all improved significantly? Doesn’t it give you a headache to go around such a big curve to get to one point?”

Bei Shan grinned. “I can’t speak for myself if I improved significantly or not, I have to hear it from you. Come on, I’ll surprise you with how I am not who I was before.”

Xu Cheng glared at him. “We’re taking a walk, why fight? Let’s keep moving.”

Bei Shan stopped with his hands behind his back. “We’ve walked all the way here; shouldn’t we exercise a bit? Come on, it’s not like you’re going to give me the mask to wear after you lose, I’m not that stingy, okay?”

Xu Cheng laughed out loud, “Brother, I really don’t want to fight you. Let’s go back.”

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