Chapter 728: There is a big project (Part Two)

“Sure, that’d be great. I’m sincere about buying his house.” Lin Dong said, “Otherwise, I wouldn’t have asked you, President Wu, would I?”

President Wu slapped the table. “With that said President Lin, I will do this favor for you today, and I guarantee you that the house would be yours!” He tilted his head and drank the glass of wine before walking towards the restroom, where he phoned President Zheng.

“Hello, President Wu? This phone call caught me off guard.” President Zheng on the other end of the phone laughed a bit unexpectedly.

“Oh, President Zheng, don’t say I’m not giving you an opportunity. Let’s see if you can grasp it.” President Wu laughed.

“If that opportunity hasn’t been taken by you, President Wu? Just leave me with something to get a taste of.” President Zheng teased.

“Alright, down to business. Brother, I have something I want to discuss with you. Don’t you have a property in Jade Kylin Garden Villa?”

President Zheng. “That reminds me. I’ve been pretty pissed about that because recently there have been stupid agents who came to me, asking me to sell this house, and said that they were willing to pay double the price. You know that tone? Do I look like I’m short of money? So, after I refused them, I raised a Tibetan mastiff at home to keep them out.”

President Wu laughed. “We certainly don’t lack that little money, but we lack big money, President Zheng. How about this, sell me your house for my sake? I will definitely not treat you unfairly, I’ll pay twice the price!”

The other end of the phone went silent for a moment.

It felt like a trap.

Something was not right; why was his house under attention recently?

President Zheng felt he needed to organize his thoughts and after a few seconds, he laughed. “President Wu, you’re not calling me for no reason, right? What is the opportunity you were speaking about? We should make a fortune together.”

President Wu laughed and said, “There is really an opportunity. So how about this, us two partner-up and buy out the sales right for the Mandala Lab’s Revitalization Series in Shangcheng?”

President Zheng laughed bitterly on the other end of the phone. “Brother Wu, are you kidding me? Who doesn’t know that the Mandala Lab is a rich chicken that lays golden eggs? The point is that we can’t even get the sales right even if we have the money. Do you know how many of our peers personally went to their building to ask for sales rights? The key is not the money, it’s the connections! I heard that Dong Men once looked for this President Lin, and after he inquired about his background and found out that he had a master, he gave up! This means that it’s not easy at all.”

President Wu laughed. “That’s why I said you got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Your house may really be the key. Guess who was looking at your house? Guess who I’m drinking with now?”

President Zheng was a little anxious over the phone. “Cut to the chase, hurry up and say it.”

“I’m drinking with the president of the Mandala Lab, Mr. Lin Dong; just the two of us in a suite and he specifically asked for my help today. Tell me if this isn’t an opportunity; he asked me to find a way to sell your house to him, and he would pay double the price.”

President Zheng, who was eating at home, stood up directly from his chair when he heard what President Wu said, and he wasn’t in the mood to eat anymore. “Brother Wu, are you joking with me?”

“Emperor 888, don’t blame me if you don’t come.”

“I’m coming! I’ll f*cking come right now,” Mr. Zheng said as he shouted at the driver, “Prepare the car!”

He hung up the phone and said to his wife, “What are you eating for? Go to the safe and bring me the property ownership certificate of that villa in Jade Kylin Garden. Quickly, I have a client to meet tonight and I won’t be returning for dinner.”

“What kind of clients are you heading to meet? Isn’t it always other people coming to meet you?” His wife wondered.

“What do you know! This is a big project!” Mr. Zheng glared at her and hurried to change into his leather boots and put on an expensive shirt.

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