Chapter 734: Do you have the guts to not wear a mask (Part Two)

Liu Wenbin’s expression sank and he stopped smiling as he stared at Xu Cheng and said, “You’re Ran Jing’s colleague? My name is Liu Wenbin.”

Since he was Ran Jing’s colleague at the police force, then he should know the name of the provincial bureau director: Liu Wenbin. Liu Wenbin felt that his name was enough and anybody would know who the top official in the police force was.

However, Xu Cheng sat unmoved in the passenger seat and he didn’t say anything as he rolled the window up, not even giving Liu Wenbin a glance.

Liu Wenbin’s eyes widened as he stared at Xu Cheng through the car window; he was furious.

He knocked on the car window and shouted, “Who do you think you are? You really f*cking think that I won’t recognize you if you’re wearing a mask? Don’t think about working in the police force anymore, I’m telling you!”

“Well Liu Wenbin, you shouldn’t be here. We are not on duty, so don’t use your title on us. I have to go to dinner with this Mr. Fang, and stop bothering me from now on,” Ran Jing shouted at Liu Wenbin.

Liu Wenbin was pissed by Xu Cheng’s attitude, and he wouldn’t let this go easily. If it was someone else then maybe he would’ve been fine, but it was the police force, where he was the boss, and he was not to be disrespected by his subordinates!

Not to mention this happened in front of the woman he liked!

That was simply intolerable for him.

“Get out of the car!” He pulled the car handle as he yelled, “Get out of the car! Do you hear me? Get out of the car!”

Ran Jing walked out of the car first, annoyed by Liu Wenbin as she yelled, “Are you crazy? I invited him for dinner! It’s so unfortunate that we saw you today!”

“Unfortunate?” Liu Wenbin was angry. “I think it’s unfortunate that I saw him here!”

Having said that, he wasn’t willing to let them go easily. He continued to slam on the car door shouting at Xu Cheng inside the car. “Hey, can you hide inside forever and not come out? No matter who comes today, it’ll be too late. I’m going to f*cking fire you! Alright, you’re not coming out, right? I’ll call to confirm your information right now, and you just wait to lose your job!”

“That’s enough, Liu Wenbin. Stop being a disgrace! Who do you think you’re firing?” Ran Jing was angry.

That was when Xu Cheng rolled down the car window and turned his head to Liu Wenbin. “Alright, I’ll give you my fingerprints.”

Liu Wenbin gritted his teeth. “Do it, if you dare to give it to me, I’ll dare to fire you.”

He then took out his phone and Xu Cheng left the fingerprints on his phone screen.

After Liu Wenbin got the fingerprints, he went back into his car, and before he drove away he said to Xu Cheng, “Let’s see how you f*cking look like inside your mask.”

Once he left, Ran Jing rubbed her hair speechlessly.


Xu Cheng: “It’s okay, is he bothering you a lot?”

“Yeah.” Ran Jing nodded. “But he’s my superior, what can I do?”

“Then he won’t come bother you for a while now,” Ran Jing didn’t quite understand what Xu Cheng had just said.

Liu Wenbin went to his office, extracted Xu Cheng’s fingerprints, and personally tried to pull out Xu Cheng’s information from the database with anger.

The fingerprint results showed: Does not exist.

He froze for a moment.

“Wow, his level is not low, eh?” Working in the police department, Liu Wenbin knew that if someone was at a certain level, he wouldn’t be able to pull up their data with an ordinary system account.

He curled his lips because with his position, he could access it at a higher authorization level.

He continued searching using his higher authorization, and the result was the same: Does not exist.

“Impossible.” Liu Wenbin wondered, and he entered the fingerprints again to repeat the search.

However, he did not expect that his fingerprint search had been pinged many times in the Yanjing intelligence system.

“Investigate this account and lock their IP, Then get the local intelligence officers to go over for questioning.” Bei Shan made the order after looking at the constantly incoming alerts on the computer.

The subordinate nodded and relayed the mission to the next level Shangcheng intelligence branch.

Soon after, when Liu Wenbin gave up searching, his office door was kicked open and a group of special forces heavily armed with guns aiming at him came in and said, “Don’t move!”

Liu Wenbin was dumbfounded.

An intelligence officer came over and looked at his computer which was still on the login screen and said in a deep voice, “Take him away!”

“I’m f*cking Liu Wenbin! This is my office, what are you doing?” Liu Wenbin yelled.

The intelligence officer said, “I know you are Liu Wenbin, and I also know your rank. It’s because I know, so you must come with us for investigation.”

The Dragon Division was very sensitive in regards to protecting Xu Cheng’s information.

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