Chapter 735: The poor and pitiful Liu Wenbin (Part Two)

“Casually checking?” The interrogator sneered. “First of all, where did you get the fingerprints?”

“Don’t misunderstand, I checked this fingerprint without malicious intention. I’m serious. You have to believe me, and believe that I am aware of what I’m doing,” Liu Wenbin said.

“If you don’t have malicious intentions, then why are you suddenly checking in the police station office alone after duty?” The interrogator was slightly annoyed. “If you think we are joking with you, you better be serious. Don’t you want to know why we’re here to arrest you? Let me tell you, your status right now is a potential spy.”

“What kind of spy am I?” Liu Wenbin cursed out loud. He felt this hat that was put on him was too big since the death sentence was the consequence of a spy, and cold sweat started dripping down his forehead.

“I… I’ll confess.” Liu Wenbin compromised, “I’ll confess.”

The interrogator: “Speak.”

“Here’s the thing, I ran into this guy today and he was wearing a mask. He messed with me, and I was pissed off, but I couldn’t see him and there was no way to identify who he was. I provoked him and he gave me his fingerprints. I just wanted to check to see who he was, so I could find him and teach him a lesson.”

The interrogator’s eyes narrowed. “Bureau Director Liu, is this something you should say out loud? Do you think you’re doing the right thing with your power?”

“No, it’s not right.” Liu Wenbin shook his head like a rattle drum and confessed with honesty, “I will self-reflect on that. I was being a disgrace to the police force, but that was what happened. So you must have misunderstood something, it’s not as serious as you think.”

The interrogator discussed with another Dragon Division intelligence officer beside him.

“This man is very smart, and he basically realized that Mr. Fang’s identity is not that simple. He also seems to have some resentment towards Mr. Fang, so if we let him out, I am afraid it will be a problem for Mr. Fang. I think we should demote his position to discipline him so that he will shut his mouth and keep this matter a secret. If we just let him out, he won’t know the seriousness of the matter.”

The intelligence officer from the Dragon Division: “I agree with this option, this person needs to be under surveillance in case he is a potential spy.”

The interrogator raised his head after the decision was made, and looked at Liu Wenbin who looked somewhat nervous as he said, “Bureau Director Liu, then let’s talk about this act of you abusing your power to retaliate against others.”

Liu Wenbin: F*ck!

You’re just trying to get at me, right?

If I don’t speak up, then I’m a spy; if I do, then I’ve violated rules.

Liu Wenbin wanted to cry.

“Sir, I have not done it yet. And I also didn’t find out anything. Sometimes even good people have evil thoughts, but it’s not breaking the law if they don’t act on it, right?”

The Interrogator: “It’s against the law to cheat spiritually, so how isn’t your action against the law? Besides, are you sure you didn’t act on it? You used your own account to check his information, what right do you have to do so? No case was filed, so you do not have the right to casually check people’s information during off-duty hours. You’ve violated the right to privacy!”

Liu Wenbin: F*ck! They’re clearly playing with me.

He was about to cry.

“I’ll reflect, I’ll self-reflect, for real!”

The Interrogator: “Then tell me, what did you want to do after you find out who he was?”

Liu Wenbin let out a bitter smile. “I just said it, didn’t I? I just wanted to teach him a lesson, nothing else.”

“So you admit you were to act with malicious intent? That constitutes a disciplinary violation.”

Liu Wenbin: Fcking bullsht!

“Just tell me, who is that guy, huh? Why are you guys so nervous that I checked on him?” Liu Wenbin was also hardcore, and he asked with his neck straight.

The interrogator raised his head and looked at him with a dangerous glance.

Liu Wenbin’s heart skipped a beat.

“I’ve never seen what he looks like, it’s true.” Liu Wenbin tried to take back what he said, pretending to be crazy and foolish, “Is he black? I just couldn’t find out. There’s been more illegal immigrants in Shangcheng recently, what a headache.”

The interrogator glared at him with a deadly stare. “Liu Wenbin, who’s behind you instructing you to investigate the fingerprints of this person? Confess the truth!”

Liu Wenbin cried.

“Can you guys just pretend I didn’t say anything and didn’t ask anything, okay? I just wanted to see what he looks like to teach him a lesson and nothing else. Just let me go guys, I’m really not a spy, you’re welcome to check my ancestors three generations up. None of my relatives have ever left the country, and we’re absolutely pure Huaxia citizens. I’m afraid of you guys, the more I say the more wrong I am. So I’m not going to talk, and you guys make the decision, whatever it is.”

The Interrogator: “You abused your power to achieve your personal purposes, a serious violation of discipline, and we have decided to demote you and have you go back to the academy to re-educate yourself. Do you have any comments?”

Liu Wenbin cried and shook his head. “No, but can I make one request?”

The interrogator: “Speak.”

Liu Wenbin cried and choked, “Could you not write on my disciplinary note that I was removed from my position because I was checking someone’s information? I can’t afford to lose my face, and I’m afraid that people will ask me ‘Who did you check?’ or ‘What forbidden names did you enter?’ I’ll be embarrassed to say that I lost my job just because I searched up a fingerprint.”

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