Chapter 736: Fool (Part Two)

After Xu Cheng sat down, Shen Yao stared at him with a deadly stare.

“Why do you wear a mask?” Shen Yao asked.

“My face is disfigured, and it’s not convenient to show, so I can only wear a mask.” Xu Cheng answered. “The main worry is that I’ll scare the crowd.”

He said as he shook his horrifying pale hands in the air.

Shen Yao stopped teasing as her feelings turned into sympathy. “Sorry, so you and Jing Jing are…?”

“Colleagues.” Xu Cheng said, “I was transferred from Yanjing to assist her with the case. Today’s my first day of work and she invited me to dinner. Since I can’t go outside, I followed her here.”

Shen Yao nodded, and she suddenly realized as she muttered, “I thought you were her boyfriend, which would mean the sunrise must have come from the west side today.”

Ran Jing was afraid that her nosiness would scare Xu Cheng away, so she peeked out to stop her and said, “Come in and help me wash some veggies.”

Shen Yao nodded as she got up and went to the kitchen.

After Xu Cheng stood up, he looked around at the place that he hadn’t seen for a long time, and nothing seemed to have changed.

People, things, and the interior all seemed to be the same; the only thing that changed was his appearance, and no one could recognize him anymore.

Xu Cheng came to the balcony alone to feel the night breeze and look at the night scene.

That was when he heard the sound of the two ladies’ discussion from the kitchen.

Shen Yao: “Jing, who’s this guy? He even managed to get you to invite him to the house for dinner? Didn’t you always say women are not any less than men? And that a man who can make you cook for him has not been born yet? I think he appeared today, eh? But you’ve got a heavy taste.”

Ran Jing rolled her eyes. “He came from Yanjing, and he’s technically my boss. I owe it to him today, or the case would’ve been put on hold and I’d be on vacation. So, although I hate that he parachuted in and seized power, I still have to thank him, right? In addition to that, it’s also a little benefit fee for advice.”

“Rare.” Shen Yao snickered, “It’s rare that a man could impress you. Have you seen what he looks like?”

Shen Yao was silent for a moment, then abruptly continued. “Just now when you brought him in, I don’t know why but I subconsciously thought he was Xu Cheng. His figure looked like him.”

“Wow.” Ran Jing teased: “It seems that there’s also a man who Miss Shen could never forget, eh? But he is not Xu Cheng, he removed the mask before and I advise you not to ask him to remove his mask so that he feels respected. It is because I have seen his face that I brought him here for dinner. I can tell that he doesn’t seem to have friends and is very socially withdrawn. This meal has no other meaning in it.”

Shen Yao then remembered something, so she said quickly, “By the way, I saw Chuxue here a few days ago, and she asked me if I had seen Xu Cheng. She didn’t look so well, and I don’t know what happened.” Shen Yao said that with a frown while washing the vegetables.

Ran Jing’s knife stalled in the air for two seconds before she continued to cut vegetables, and she asked, “Then shouldn’t you look for her. “

“Her phone has been off, and I’m just worried if something happened. I’ve never seen that panicked look on her face. She always seemed quiet and didn’t seem to care even if it was the end of the world. But that day, she scared me. When I chased out after her, I didn’t see her anymore. Ran Jing, can you help me find her later?”

Xu Cheng’s pupils contracted for a moment as he looked at a distance in silence, feeling hurt on the inside.

Ran Jing nodded and started frying as she glared at Shen Yao, looked dissatisfied, “Then why did you tell me about this today?”

Shen Yao: “You’re working overtime every day on the case, how could I tell you? I should give her another call to see it goes through.”

Ran Jing asked abruptly behind her, “Are you concerned about Chuxue or Xu Cheng?”

Shen Yao’s body paused for a moment before she said, “They are both my friends, of course I care about both of them.”

Ran Jing looked at her back as she left and laughed lightly, “Only a fool would buy this building!”

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