Chapter 740: Say Hello to Old Friends (Part Two)

The baldie said: “I’m afraid it’s not enough. Now that I think about it, I feel that we have always been wronged. We have no kids, and we can’t bring all of our wealth with us when we die. They knew that these commissions over the years would eventually belong to them again, right? Ever since the Knights have come in power, we have been hollowed out. No matter how strong we are, we cannot beat high-tech surveillance. Now that Ge Lie, the strongest of us all, have died, can we even live until next year?”

The old man with glasses said, “If Xu Cheng is still alive, I’m guessing that the group of capitalists won’t be able to sleep tight. I think they will agree if we use his life in exchange for a trip back to Huaxia, because the biggest threat to them in infiltrating Huaxia today is this Xu Cheng. After getting rid of him, even if Huaxia knows the details of the Capital Society, they still wouldn’t be able to do anything.”

The bald man nodded. “The key is, how do we find out where Xu Cheng is?”

The older man narrowed his eyes. “Threaten those five old men that should get Xu Cheng mad. For Huaxia, do you think the lives of those five old men are more important or Xu Cheng’s?”

The answer was obvious; the five old men were the great generals of the country, and there would be political chaos if all five of them died! The second generation would not be able to handle the situation, so threatening them would mean Xu Cheng’s life would be worth nothing.

– Switzerland, at the round table –

The five Lords sat together, and the old Rothschild said, “What do you think about those three’s request to return to their country to complete one last mission before they die?”

Morgan said, “Well, with the death of Ge Li, they have lost their value, but they know too much. My opinion is to reject their request. They must die here without leaving a foot away from that mountain.”

The Lord of Asia said, “I agree with Mr. Morgan. The three of them are not expected to live past this year, but it wouldn’t be good for them to go back and possibly reveal too much of our intelligence by mistake.”

Oldman Rothschild smiled faintly. “Don’t you want to know what conditions they have offered?”

He looked around at the other four Lords and said, “The three of them promised to solve that problem: Xu Cheng. That’s in addition to leaving us all their wealth, which is nearly one hundred billion dollars. Also, you will be surprised to hear their hit list. From my understanding, it was the H Family who expelled them from Huaxia, and now there are only five old men left in that family. These five people also happen to be important figures in the country, and if they go down, it would assist us in our plan. So I thought about it, the advantages of letting them go back outweigh the disadvantages. Besides, these three people can’t live past next winter, why not let them give it a try?”

Morgan: “Wouldn’t that be a bit risky?”

Oldman Rothschild: “How could there be no risk in Capitalism? Ge Lie died in the hands of Xu Cheng, and even if they want to return to their country to rest in peace, they won’t tolerate Xu Cheng. By then, the Huaxia government would not tolerate them, so I think it is difficult for them to get reinvolved and accepted by the country! Unless they don’t want to avenge their brother Ge Lie, but is that possible with all the feelings they have for each other? Just based on that, I think we can let them go over and try; as long as Xu Cheng dies, it’ll be an advantage for us.”

The other Lords were convinced and raised their hands one by one, “I agree.”

“I agree.”

They all agreed to let the three great Imperial guards accomplish what they had always wanted to before they die.

– The next day –

The three old men took off for Huaxia without delay.

Most of them were no longer recognizable compared to their appearance decades ago, and there weren’t any fingerprint records in the past; So nobody knew that they were the Imperial Guards who escaped during WWII, including the Dragon Division with the lack of intelligence from that era.

This time they flew to the capital of Huaxia as citizens of the M Nation and used the reason of ‘returning home with honor’ to pass their visas smoothly.

Up in the high altitude on the plane, they viewed the capital city from above.

The baldy said, “Seriously, if our empire hadn’t been destroyed back then, maybe Huaxia might not be where it is today. I’m glad that this country is strong today.”

The old man with glasses grunted, “In the past we were officials, and they were thieves, now we are back in our own homeland, but we have to be as careful as a thief. No matter how prosperous and strong this place is, what does it have to do with any of us? The dynasty we guarded were destroyed by them, and now we will destroy their dynasty, we will get even!”

The older man curled his lips and smiled faintly. “How about we say hello to our old friends first?”

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