Chapter 745: I look like Bai Wuchang who’s here to take your lives (Part Two)

“Sorry to have disappointed you,” Azure Dragon said.

Vermillion Bird and Black Tortoise on the floor glanced at each other, and got up on their knees as they sat behind Azure Dragon. They covered Azure Dragon’s temple with their palms and transferred their internal energy into his body, merging it with his.

Xu Cheng saw what happened and frowned. However he didn’t stop them as he was stunned.

He didn’t expect to see such an event happen today, to transfer internal energy into someone else.

Nor did he expect it to not be a myth. Within less than three minutes, Vermillion Bird and Black Tortoise’s pale faces looked like wrinkled orange peels as their body turned into dried corpses and collapsed onto the ground.

White smoke came out from Azure Dragon’s white hair, and he felt an internal power surging to explode somehow.

“Back then, the only person who could manage to battle hundreds of rounds with me in the Forbidden City was Zhang Chenfeng. Now, to experience those days again, my two brothers have transferred all their energy to me. Come on, I hope this time, it’s you who won’t disappoint me instead.”

Having said that, Azure Dragon threw a punch towards Xu Cheng, and Xu Cheng was about to catch the fist to nullify the attack.

However, when he caught Azure Dragon’s fist, he didn’t feel any powerful external force that should have been present. Instead, he felt a strong inner force invading his body, and the veins on his hands twitched as this inner force was stronger than any external force.

The next moment, Xu Cheng felt as if a mountain was thrown at him as he got thrown out of the palace and collapsed into the walls.

Meanwhile, those Dragon Division members waiting outside saw another person fly out, and they were surprised to find that it was Xu Cheng who crashed onto the walls.

Azure Dragon did not stop as he was in the midst of excitement, and he did not want to stop at all; all he wanted to do was enjoy the fight.

He once again swept his leg towards Xu Cheng, who disappeared on the spot to avoid the attack.

However, it was a physical movement in space after all, and it was inevitable that it would cause air flow. As for Azure Dragon, any movement to the air flow was easy to catch with his nose and ears if he wanted to.

Therefore, Azure Dragon grabbed in mid-air and yanked Xu Cheng’s robe as he threw him to the other side.

Xu Cheng was sent rolling against the ground for a few dozen meters.

“So powerful!” Bei Shan narrowed his eyes. “I didn’t even notice where Xu Cheng disappeared to, and this old man caught him with his bare hands.”

Azure Dragon flew towards where Xu Cheng landed and wanted to attack further, but Xu Cheng suddenly ripped off his robe and threw it in the opposite direction.

The moment that robe left Xu Cheng’s body, it reappeared in the public’s eyes.

Azure Dragon subconsciously thought it was Xu Cheng and attacked, however, when he realized there was a breeze of wind coming from behind, it was already too late as Xu Cheng kneed him on his back, sending him flying and crashing onto the tall palace walls.


Azure Dragon created a huge pit in the palace wall, and the dust instantly filled the air.

“What’s going on, why can’t I see where the Ace is? And the opponent just flew away like that?” The other Dragon Division members were shocked.

This whole time, Xu Cheng had been invisible, and they couldn’t see him anywhere. They could only see the old man fighting air, and that everywhere he went, bricks and tiles would break and fly into the air. All of the sudden, a cape appeared, and they saw the old man slamming onto the palace wall, shattering it into pieces like tofu.

Not long after, they were all appalled to find Xu Cheng suddenly appeared in the middle of the field, his mask was gone and he was horrifyingly pale.

“Did he win?” the 3 of Diamonds asked curiously.

Satan said, “Not yet, that old man is not dead yet.”

Just when he finished commenting, the old man leaped out from the collapsed palace wall with a similar speed as he flew towards Xu Cheng and kneed him across the sky, smashing him into the opposing wall.

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