Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Control

She really wanted to know how Xu Cheng knew there was a killer on the roof .

“How did you know his location?”

Xu Cheng pointed at his eyes and said, “Because I am Jesus and can see everything . ”

The two girls rolled their eyes at him . “For real . ”

Xu Cheng bitterly-smiled . “Half of it was the truth, I already told you yet you don’t believe me . How else do you want me to explain?”

“Just wait for the day you start calling me Captain Xu,” he smiled and said .

Ran Jing snorted . “We will bring him back and interrogate him first to see if he’s actually here for you or not . ”

Just when Xu Cheng wanted to talk again, his ultrasound waves covering the entire hospital caught something .

“Be quiet for a second . ” Xu Cheng immediately stopped the two girls and then closed his eyes . When he opened them again, his pair of eyes already entered penetrating-vision mode and scanned the entire hospital .

On a van outside of the hospital, a guy responsible for central communication said, “Brother Qiang failed, I can no longer reach him from my end . ”

From the sea of noises and voices, Xu Cheng immediately locked onto the speaker of that sentence . His eyes locked on and saw through the side of the van, spotting a guy with a beard and a hat .

“Do we cancel the operation?” Someone spoke, “I saw Brother Qiang getting carried away by undercover police . Was he exposed or were we all exposed?”

When that voice came out, Xu Cheng’s brain worked like an AI-system and again located the speaker among the sea of people . This guy was currently sitting on a chair in the 1st floor common area, he was probably responsible for keeping watch for police while his teammates carried out the operation . However, the hitmen didn’t know that undercover police would be all over the hospital today, mixed in on every floor .

Central communication answered the hitman keeping watch, “We weren’t exposed, or you would’ve been arrested as well . We can’t cancel the operation . The money on this bounty is enough for us to live the rest of our lives carefreely . We already alerted the target, and the chance of assassinating Xu Cheng will only get smaller and smaller . Ghost, what’s the status on your end? Did you cut off the hospital monitoring system yet?”

Picking up on this, Xu Cheng immediately said to Ran Jing, “Go to the hospital’s central-monitoring room, someone wants to cut off all surveillance . ”

Ran Jing immediately said to her earpiece, “Three of you that’s patrolling the second floor, hurry and go check on the monitoring room and see if there’s a situation . ”

Hearing the order, three undercover officers immediately grouped and ran to the central-monitoring room . When they arrived, they noticed that the door was locked .

“Captain Ran, the door’s locked from the inside . ”

“Break it, someone’s in there!” Xu Cheng heard the response and immediately said .

Ran Jing immediately ordered, “Break in . ”

The three officers nodded . Very professionally, they stepped back, took out their gun, and the three of them all kicked the door at the same time . Then, one guy pointed the gun towards the inside while the other two charged in .

Then, they just saw a guy in hospital uniform in the process of typing things on a keyboard, and he was now looking at them, completely dumbfounded . The three criminal police officers immediately had him under control . Then, one officer checked the screens and noticed that all the areas around Xu Cheng’s ward were blacked out . He immediately said in a deep voice, “Take him away!”

Then, he reported right away, “Captain Ran, someone already disabled the monitoring of the areas around Xu Cheng’s ward . It’s very likely that we are dealing with a professional team of hitmen . ”

Ran Jing already couldn’t hide the shock in her heart . She was way too curious as to how the Xu Cheng tonight knew all of this beforehand .

Xu Cheng immediately issued the next order to Ran Jing, “Search for a communication device on him, and then reply to the device and say ‘done’ . ”

Ran Jing nodded, and then she relayed the order .

Her men found a little communication device from the guy, and then one pressed the talk button and said one simple word, “Done . ”

After the central communication side got the news, he immediately started giving out further instructions . “Cyclops, you can move on, you are safe . ”

“Got it,” Cyclops responded, and Xu Cheng was able to locate him as well .

What a guy, he was actually getting IV drips upstairs . At this time, it was quite late and there weren’t many nurses around . He pretended to go and use the washroom with the stand that the IV fluid bag hung from, and he pulled the needle out inside a stall and came out . Then, he climbed out from the washroom window and walked along the ledge . Xu Cheng was on the fourth floor, and the guy that was caught on the roof had actually installed a rope system . Now, this guy could use this rope and slowly climb down to Xu Cheng’s window .

Since the air condition was on, Xu Cheng’s room’s window was closed, and there were a curtain and clothing rack blocking the view . The hitman nicknamed Cyclops installed a silencer onto his pistol first, holstered it, and then attached himself to the rope . Then, he spoke to his teammate that was looking his way with binoculars from afar and said, “Vision blocked, there are a curtain and a clothing rack . If you don’t charge in, you won’t be able to get a clear shot . ”

Cyclops fell silent for a bit . “Got it . How many people are in there?”

“Three . But the other two are females so you don’t have to worry . Just go in and quickly execute him . ”

Cyclops: “Okay . ”

Then, he climbed down from the fifth floor using the rope and began untying himself from it . Just at this moment, Xu Cheng said to Ran Jing, “Go open the window as hard as you can . ”

Ran Jing was confused as to what Xu Cheng was planning . But, she still got up from her chair, moved the clothing rack away, and pushed the window right out while being too lazy to pull the curtain to the side .

With his back against the window, Cyclops had just finished untying himself from the rope when he felt a huge force pushing him forward . Failing to keep his balance and already being untied from the rope, he directly  “Ah~” his way down from the fourth floor .

Hearing the ruckus, Ran Jing felt a chill down her back, and she instinctively looked towards Xu Cheng . “How did you know there was someone outside?”

Xu Cheng: “Didn’t I tell you before that I have good ears?”

Ran Jing immediately spoke into her earpiece, “Xu Cheng’s window area, send two people over, a killer fell down . He probably can’t run . ”

The accomplice watching with binoculars from the opposite building saw the scene of Cyclops falling from the fourth floor . He gritted his teeth . “[email protected]! Cyclops fell down!”

The guy on the central-communication side felt his eyelid jump, suddenly feeling that their plans weren’t going so well today . Why did it feel like none of his plans were under his control?

“Dolphin, up to you now . ”

“Got it, give me ten minutes . ” The voice actually belonged to a woman . When Xu Cheng locked onto her, he noticed that she was in the hall on the fourth floor, in the uniform of a food delivery person . At this time, she walked into the nurse station and said to the nurses, “A gentleman ordered takeout for you two . ”

The two nurses on today’s night shift was a bit confused .

“Who would order for us?”

“Who cares, maybe it’s a guy that secretly has a crush on one of us . I’m hungry, let’s just dig in . ” The other nurse happily took over the food .

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