Against Heaven's Will - Chapter 155

Chapter 155 - Real Pain 


The group wasn't in a hurry to reply, quickly tending to their wounds, causing Xuefeng to shrug.  




He swung his sword and sent a casual Air Qi Wave in their direction. They didn't seem that concerned about it, someone stepping forward to block it, but they seem to forget who they were facing against.  


'Multiply!' Xuefeng cried out and instead of one wave, they suddenly faced against a hundred.  




The waves smashed against the man repeatedly till he was forced to crush his token.  


"One down. Forty-nine left," Xuefeng called out as he played with the edge of his sword. "Sometimes I really wonder if I fight against top experts or a bunch of kids. Aren't you Immortals already? Where are your cores? Where are your Qi Materialization Beasts? Am I really supposed to teach you how to fight?"  


"Oof! The burn!" the Commentator exclaimed while sucking in a breath. "But I have to agree. If they want to defeat Xuefeng, they need to give it their all. Being fifty versus one is not really an advantage when it comes to Xuefeng."  


The group immediately darkened at that comment, especially Li Wei who had his own pride as the number one expert for such a long time.  


He didn't need to say anything before everyone began pulling their aces.  


Roar! Screee! 


Multiple Qi Manifestation Beasts appeared behind them, announcing their presence as they glared at Xuefeng. He couldn't help but grin at that.  


"Hahaha, that's what I'm talking about!" Xuefeng called out and kept his sword. "If I use my sword it will be unfair to you so let's make it a pure battle of skills! Let's see whose Qi Materialization is superior!"  


He extended his two arms and Water Qi covered them, creating two massive Dragon Claws. Besides its own strength, a thin layer of Elemental Bracelet's armor covered them, giving him additional protection against both Fate Qi and three other elements.  


Two Dragon Claws was the maximum he could create right now with his Qi but Ling didn't lazy around, constantly replenishing his Water Qi. It was finally time to unleash the full extent of his Qi Materialization. 


"It's Xuefeng's Dragon Claws! The ultimate battle is about to start!" the Commentator hyped the stands, but they were already excited enough, everyone standing to see more action.  


"Attack together! Don't spread out else he will finish us one by one!" Li Wei ordered as he stood at the front, holding his Sword firmly. Just because Xuefeng didn't have a sword didn't mean they had to do the same.  


Too bad, they were mistaken if they thought Xuefeng was alone. He was never alone! 


'That Li Wei will try to use his sword skill on you once you teleport inside. It's quick so you have to immediately block once you kill that gal in blue,' Tianshi suggested, predicting the nearby future for him. 'If you teleport from one place to another, you can kill multiple of them while they strike each other. Their group is too tight so friendly fire should be your weapon.'  


'Alright! Are you going to be alright?' Xuefeng wondered. 'They will definitely change targets to you once they figure out they can't fight me.'  


'I will be fine. I will know when they come for me,' Tianshi replied without worry. 'Go!'  


Xuefeng only smiled at her and his wings' ends sharpened, acting as an additional weapon. He launched forward while laughing maniacally.  


"Hahaha, I'm coming!!"  


Just his laugh alone made his opponents tense and their faces stressed. Same with anger, once the opponent feared you, they were bound to make mistakes.  


First, the weakest person in the group, having a butterfly as her Materialized Beast. She had the most space around her as she created a poisonous mist to protect herself but how could that work against him? 


"Ah!!" the woman screamed as he suddenly appeared behind her, his Dragon Claw swinging at her head but he stopped midway, teleporting away again to their backline.  




Almost everyone bombarded his spot with their skills, blasting the butterfly girl into oblivion. They didn't seem to care about her dying together with him. They just wanted to kill him.  


"Damn, you guys are cruel. That death was on you!" Xuefeng called out as he sliced his claws at someone else, cutting their head away. His Dragon Claws broke through his defenses with ease.  


Seeing how brutal they were, he only confirmed his resolve of killing them. If he didn't do it, how could he protect his wives in the future? It was either them or leaving his wives without a husband. The choice was obvious.  


"Forty-seven!" Xuefeng announced, running away from their arts once again.  


'I'm sorry. I told you the wrong future,' Tianshi apologized but Xuefeng quickly assured her. 'Don't worry, I saw them moving so I reacted. You can't predict everything.' 


Tianshi can sometimes see multiple possible futures, some happening in most scenarios but there can happen a case where the least possible future happens. If not for his Elemental Awareness using his Water Domain, he might actually fall into their trap.  


Thankfully, her second prediction recovered her reputation.  


"Arghh!! Stop shooting randomly!"  


"Why you hit me?!"  


The chaos happened even before Xuefeng's kill count crossed ten. He was simply everywhere, making it impossible to hit their skills without actually predicting his movements.  


"F.u.c.k you, Li Wei! Spread out! Spread out!" 


Before he knew, Li Wei lost his respect as everyone began running away, returning back to every man for himself rule.  


'Wait, one is missing,' Xuefeng hesitated in the middle of his killing spree, realizing he lost one of the Participants.  


Xuefeng remembered all top ten and naturally monitored them but it seemed someone tried to sneak up on him. His Ether Qi was slowly running out so he couldn't continue dodging with Teleports.  


'Watch out behind you!' Tianshi screamed in his mind and Xuefeng didn't hesitate, using his Dragon Claws as a block.  




Hundreds of swords exploded from the void, cutting and piercing into him. He could cover his face and torso but his legs suffered, blood slowly dripping down.  


"They wounded him!! Xuefeng got wound—" the Commentator cried out but the situation changed before he could even finish.  


Pa! Pa!  


He slapped the Swords away before grabbing behind him.  


"Bitch! You thought!"  


Li Wei was like a wind, suddenly appearing behind him but Xuefeng already saw him move and grabbed his sword before it pierced him.  


"F.u.c.k!" Li Wei cursed as he swiftly withdrew, taking the leadership role again. "You idiots! We need to attack together! He can't teleport endlessly! If we don't synchronize, we won't win! We have higher chances with fewer people!"  


The man from the void appeared next to Li Wei and confirmed with a nod.  


"I agree. This Xuefeng is nothing much. If we focus, we can still win. I already hurt him so it's not impossible." 


Xuefeng found it hilarious.  


"Hahahaha! You hurt me?!" 


His laugh caused the people to get alert. He kept chuckling as he began pulling out the swords from his legs. One by one the swords fell down from the sky, but his face didn't even twitch. After a second, all his wounds closed itself and the blood stopped dripping out.  


"You think this hurts?" Xuefeng commented as his legs began covering with Dragon Scales.  


"Let me show you real pain!"

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