Against Heaven's Will - Chapter 156

Chapter 156 - Elemental Core

Xuefeng was actually pissed at how they were. He was restraining his powers not to look too strong which made them think they can actually win against him. 

His Golden Wings swung as he shot forward at the man who injured him. Li Wei immediately teleported away but the man froze in place as if something blocked his movements. His face reddened and shivered, fighting against the restriction but it was too late. 

"You can't escape from me!" Xuefeng called out as his claws aimed at the man's stomach, but his chest suddenly shone, bursting out a colorful ball like a cannon. 


Xuefeng grabbed it but the impact pushed him back and disrupted his lockdown, letting the man recover his movements. 

'Oh! That's his Elemental Core!' Ming exclaimed at the sight. 'Let's steal it!' 

Only Ming would have thought of that but Xuefeng didn't object. He could feel Ming's Fate Qi travel through his body and attack the Core but it suddenly pulled back, almost escaping from his grasp. 

'Hold it still for a moment! I need to break his connection with it so we can rebrand it as ours,' Ming explained. 'I only need a minute.' 

'You know how much is a minute?!' Xuefeng cried out, knowing he could kill multiple people with that much time. 


The man puked blood a second later before calling for help, "Quick!! He is trying to steal my Core! Kill him now!" 

That information shocked the crowd as the excitement skyrocketed. 

"He is trying to steal the Elemental Core! What balls! Right in front of them!" the Commentator repeated what everyone already heard but there were still some who needed it. 

After all, the Elemental Core was special, storing all the Qi belonging to the person. If someone's Core was stolen, it meant they would lose all of their cultivation on top of being injured, forcing them to start from the very beginning. It pained everyone, knowing how many years it took people to Cultivate. 

"Stop him!!! Kill him now!" Li Wei quickly ordered as he launched forward and others followed suit. 

Xuefeng was either forced to give up on the Core and escape or face the whole barrage of attacks coming his way. The Core was constantly trying to escape from his grasp, forcing him to use his Elvish Bloodline on top of his strength. 

'Who knew the Elemental Core would be this strong. I need to quickly get one for myself,' Xuefeng commented as he glanced at Tianshi's location and teleported away for the last time. She was far away from them, forcing him to use every bit of Ether Qi he had left. 

He appeared behind her and pleaded, 'Honey, can you hold them back for a moment? I need less than a minute.' 

Tianshi seemed to be waiting for it as the Spirit Barrier already covered his body, providing him extra strength and protection. 

'On it!' 

The Golems who remained stationary this whole time finally moved, swinging their swords left and right. She sent multiple blasts of Qi in the group way but they were obviously too weak to do anything to them. 

Thankfully, that wasn't their goal. She only needed to slow them down. 

Cough, cough! 

The man with stolen core puked even more blood, his face all pale. 

"Q-quick! Cough! If he succeeds, he will recover his strength and kill you all!" he cried out in pain. 

This caused everyone to push harder, breaking through the Golem Qi waves one by one. 

'Thirty more seconds!' Xuefeng informed but the enemies were right in front of them. 'Are you sure you can handle it?' 

'Yes! I can!' Tianshi called out confidently but still sat down next to him. 'I got a plan but if I faint, please take care of me. I didn't test it yet.'

'Faint?!' Xuefeng questioned in panic but it was too late, Tianshi already acted. 

Four Golems moved closer to them, surrounding them in a defensive ring while one of them began running at the enemies. 

To Xuefeng's surprise, it jumped, then jumped again, and again, and again. 

It was walking on the clouds! Tianshi's signature move!

He understood it worked because Tianshi was slim and weighed almost nothing but how did she hold a Golem's weight on top of a cloud? Just based on Tianshi's sweating forehead and her body shaking he knew she was pushing herself to the limits. 

"Oh, my Heavens! The Golem can fly!" the Commentator called out excitedly but the crowd wasn't blind, nor was Li Wei. 

"Dodge it!" Li Wei ordered immediately. "Don't waste time fighting it!" 

The Golem was charging straight at them but they simply teleported behind him, letting it pass them with no contact what so ever. To everyone's shock, the Golem didn't stop but instead sped up. 

Li Wei was the first who saw it. 

"F.u.c.k, we were not its target from the very start!" 

The coughing man was only suspended in the air thanks to another Participant who wore the same robes as him, signaling they knew each other. Too bad, when the lady saw a charging Golem, with its sword piercing straight at them, she naturally chose to evacuate herself. 


The Man's scream was his last when the flaming sword pierced through his chest before brutally ripping his head away. 

"No one hurts my Xuefeng…" 

Xuefeng heard Tianshi mutter before her body collapsed, falling down to the ground. 

"Tianshi!" Xuefeng called out as he caught her but she didn't respond, completely passed out. 

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! 

The four Golems dropped down like her, sinking back to the ground they were made of. 

'Don't worry, she just exhausted her mind. Send her to me so I can heal her,' Ling assured and he didn't question her, placing the Golden Crystal up to her forehead.

She disappeared right before the Skills smashed against the ground blasting his body with the explosion. Thankfully, his whole torso already covered with Dragon Scales, protecting him from the impact. 

He stood up and displayed the Elemental Core in his palm. 

"Is this what you wanted?" Xuefeng asked with a smile and placed it against his chest, letting it sink into his body. 

"Time for round four! Surrender or die!" 

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