Against Heaven's Will - Chapter 170

Chapter 170 - The Secret Behind Mortal World

"Let's go back to the rest."

When Xuefeng heard Xiao Wen's suggestion, he couldn't really believe it at first, but her reasoning touched him. 

"We have been away from each other for so long that all we now want is to spend more time with you. Although we want to connect with you, chilling together and cuddling is just as enjoyable. We are not just after your body, you know. You don't need to force yourself to please us all. Just being around you brings us joy." 

"You are right…" Xuefeng muttered, hugging Xiao Wen tighter. "I guess It becomes less special if we overdo it like this, bringing the value of s.e.x to the minimum." 

"Mhmm, I am not saying no, but aren't we going to Dual Cultivate later anyway? Let's spend the time off together, enjoying our company," Xiao Wen explained, giving him a sweet kiss. "After all, looking at the nearby future, we will rarely get time to really chill and relax. Let's use it whenever we can."

"Does everyone think so as well?" Xuefeng wondered when Yiren joined their hug. 

"I was teased by you since we arrived in Heaven Realm. I really wanted it for a long time. Now, I would be happy with cuddles," Yiren replied as she took out a towel and began drying him. 

Wuying was similar, wanting to distract her mind but it seemed he went a little overboard thinking he could satisfy them the best with his body. 

"Let's go then," Xuefeng decided, accepting their suggestion. 

He put on a new pair of underwear to not tease anyone and walked out with the two. To his pleasant surprise, all his wives were listening well and absorbed Upgrade Fragments. They quickly noticed his entrance though and stopped at once. 

"I changed my mind. I want to spend more time with all of you together," Xuefeng announced as he pulled Yiren and Xiao Wen to the bed before laying in the middle. "Anyone wants to cuddle for a moment?" 

He was never attacked this brutally in his life as eight tigresses jumped on him, cuddling into his body as close as he could. He momentarily became a pillow for his wives but he didn't mind that at all. 

"I guess everyone wants cuddles…" Xuefeng commented as he rubbed Mona's belly who sat by his head. "We should have short cuddling sessions in between of our training." 

"Totally agreed," Lisa nodded, occupying half of his chest which was probably the best spot. "Xuefeng, I hope you don't mind whatever that crazy man said." 

"Huh? What was it?" Xuefeng asked confused, causing the girls to look up at him. 

"He said that it will be your wives that end your life and that you won't be able to trust us soon," Lisa reminded with a worried expression. 

"Haha, so that's what you were worried about," Xuefeng finally recalled, laughing wholeheartedly. "You see, I don't see that as a problem in the first place so I didn't even acknowledge that." 

He leaned over to kiss her and added, "I chose you all to be mine and if for some reason you ever decide to kill me, I will accept it, knowing I failed you as a husband. How can I live knowing I let my wives suffer?" 

All of his wives' expressions softened, cuddling with him even harder. 

"How can we think of killing you when you are so good to us?"

Lisa's question was clearly something all of them thought, nodding right away. 

"Do you want to hear about our Sect robbery?" Princess Shan questioned next, pushing the attention to the Four Devils. 

"Sure, just don't tell me that you barely escaped alive," Xuefeng mentioned casually only to roll his eyes when Princess Shan looked away while scratching her head. 

"Oof, you guys… What happened?" Xuefeng asked with interest. 

"It's not like we were dying or anything. We got away unhurt," Princess Shan defended. "But I would call it a close call at the very least." 

 "You four are really something. I want to know all details," Xuefeng demanded, causing the girls to giggle and narrate their whole story. When they reached the Sect Raid and their successful escape, Xuefeng paused them. 

"Did you just say you were protected by a mysterious old man?" 

He didn't mind the help they received but the fact they were observed by some old man was concerning to him. How many more experts were stalking them without their knowledge?

"Yeah, he blew up the barrier and let us escape," Yi confirmed, actively joining in the story as she was the main part of the infiltration. "He even effortlessly blocked the arrow sent by that Sect Master, telling him to piss off."

Yi gazed at Wuying and pointed out, "It was the first time I saw him but I think Wuying knows more about him, right? You thanked him for the Arts. I forgot to ask you what did you mean by that." 

Everyone glanced at Wuying who suddenly formed a ball of Blood Qi on top of her palm. 

"Do you remember how I visited the Blood Inheritance Trial with Xiao Wen to master the Blood Element? Normally, you weren't supposed to get so many high-value Blood Arts yet for some reason I got them. I found it suspicious and it bothered me," Wuying explained. "On top of that, I have always felt as if someone was watching us but I couldn't pinpoint anything. Only when we met this old man did I connect all the dots." 

"It must have been him," Wuying concluded. 

"Wait, so an old master has been following you this whole time and not only did he give you arts but even protected you? Why does it sound so sketchy?" Xuefeng wondered, not believing something like this could be possible. "Why didn't you tell us before?" 

"Because it was just a feeling. I wasn't really sure so I didn't raise the panic," Wuying replied calmly. "I also didn't feel any hostility from him, so I didn't investigate deeper."

'Wait, ask her how did he look like,' Ming suddenly called out in his mind. 'Did he look like a Fate Spirit?' 

Xuefeng passed on the question and the girls nodded. 

"He did have the golden hue around his body. Although faint, he did look like a Fate Spirit. Could it be that Ming or Ling knows them?" 

"I'm having the same question in my mind," Xuefeng said but before he got any answers, Ming left his body, hovering above the bed. 

"I think I know them. Don't worry, they are not our enemies. It's the opposite. They actually work for me," Ming explained as she fell down on Xuefeng. 

"Who are they and why do I know nothing?" Xuefeng questioned with his eyebrows raised. So many things just came out and he didn't even have an idea about them.

"You probably already met them when you reincarnated into this world. There are two of them and they used to work as Gate Keepers for the Souls in the Middle Heaven. I asked my uncle for help so he sent them to protect you guys. I actually forgot about this since it was Little Ming who did it," Ming informed, scratching her head embarrassedly. 

"So here I am worried about everyone once we separated, yet it turns out they were completely safe this whole time?" Xuefeng asked speechlessly. 

"Yeah… Sorta. Although they were protected, Fate Spirits that work on behalf of the Fate Kingdom are not allowed to interfere with the present and future. Just because they helped now, doesn't mean they could. As a matter of fact, I think those two are already gone, currently scolded by my uncle because they violated the rules," Ming commented. "Not sure what will happen with them but they are definitely not coming back. I can't even sense them in their surroundings so they are for sure not around." 

"Yeah, that old man told me we will never see again right before he disappeared," Wuying confirmed. 

"I almost forgot you were the Queen of the Fate Kingdom…" Xuefeng muttered in shock. He knew she was powerful but didn't realize how big that was. 

"Ming, does that mean that by being with Xuefeng and helping us, you are technically violating the rules?" Tianshi asked before he could gather his thoughts, bringing out a new point. 

"In theory, if I was still part of the Fate Kingdom, yes, but since it's closed and I cut ties with them, I can do whatever I desire. Unfortunately, it only applies to me since I never 'worked' for the Fate Kingdom. I was the Queen. I don't need to follow any rules," Ming explained proudly while hugging Xuefeng's neck who just sat up mid-conversation. 

"Then why would your uncle help you then?" Tianshi wondered. "Isn't it forbidden for him?" 

Ming smiled.

"Because I'm his cute niece. Of course, he will fulfill my favor even though it crosses the boundaries a little. Too bad, he only listens to me when I change back with Little Ming. Aren't I cute as a mature woman?" 

"Of course you are," Xuefeng agreed without hesitation and asked out of curiosity. "Who is he exactly?" 

"You know how it's the Fate Kingdom that regulates all the worlds, right? Even though it's currently closed, all the background work is still ongoing. My Uncle is basically controlling everything behind the Mortal World and all the processes supporting it. The Heavens that people often mention, vow and curse, are basically fully managed by my Uncle," Ming answered. "Now that I think about it, you actually cursed him and fought back his Heavenly Tribulation before." 

Xuefeng blinked in shock.

"That was your Uncle doing?!!!" 

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