Against Heaven's Will - Chapter 174

Chapter 174: Tension

Wu expected the King of Dwarfs to get angry but instead, remained calm as he turned around, walking back into his Kingdom. 

"If you push the issue like this, I don't think we can talk anymore. If you want to talk business and the future involving Metal Land, we are free to discuss, but I'm not going to let you blackmail me any further," King of Dwarfs called out firmly as the doors began to close again. "I will send the bill for damages once we calculate the costs. Till then, farewell." 

The door closed with a bang, leaving them all to themselves. 

"I tried," Wu shrugged, helpless in this situation. "Let's go to Bella and figure out what to do next." 

She could already feel the pressure build-up and she didn't come here to start a war with another Race. She already did some research on the Dwarfs and understood why they were left alone this whole time. 

Despite being unable to fly, they were fast on land and their endurance was astonishing. Combined with the ability to attack from underground, they could create massive damages to Human Cities if they wanted to. Even storming the Safe Zones wouldn't be an issue with the numbers they had. If every Dwarf was as big as a building, it wouldn't be an issue to spread chaos everywhere. 

"Ugh! Fine! I will do it my own way," Drakos grunted, getting ready to transform back into his Dragon form when Wu warned, stopping him. 

"If you do anything stupid, I will not help you for the second time. You caused enough problems." 

She gave him a chill glare before flying back to Bella. It wasn't long before she heard from him again. 

"Wait for me!"


"Oh, so it was Drakos that caused so many problems? Why am I not surprised?"

Hearing the update from Wu, Xuefeng couldn't help but roll his eyes. It was always Drakos that pulled trouble out of his ass. 

"Apparently, they both decided on robbing the Dwarf Kingdom to get the Fate Stones for her transformation. They got caught and Drakos only managed to send Bella to safety while he got imprisoned," Wu explained further. "I managed to save him with a few threats and a lot of money we need to pay for damages Bella caused." 

"Tsk, at least he was manly enough to save Bella first. If he didn't, I would beat him up myself," Xuefeng snickered. "Also, don't worry about the money. We won a lot of Credits from the Tournament so we can either pay off the total or at least cover part of the debt."

"Don't worry, it will be Drakos who has to pay for everything. He caused the problem so he has to bleed," Wu assured. 

"Haha, okay," Xuefeng laughed and questioned casually, "Is Bella next to you? How is she? You said she tried to help Drakos and fought the whole day. Hope she is alright." 

"I'm here," Bella reported. "Thank you for asking. I knew you would. Thank you for proving my point."

"Oh, come one. I already apologized. What else can I do?" Drakos' voice joined the call. "Wasn't my act of saving you enough to show that I care?" 

Xuefeng and the girls blinked confused, not expecting an even bigger drama. 

"Sis Wu, did you hear anything? I think there is a fly somewhere in the room. I can hear some buzzing all the time," Bella said sarcastically. 

"Oof, can someone tell me what's going on?" Xuefeng questioned. 

"Well, let's say the two had a little fight, so there is a big tension between them. I tried to somehow salvage it but it's too much for me to handle," Wu explained helplessly. 

"Ah… Okay. I guess it's just the usual," Xuefeng sighed in relief, postponing the issue for later. "Anyway, Bella, make sure to rest properly. If you are still tired when we arrive, make sure to let me know, I will help release some burden of the back." 

"Okay, thank you Xuefeng. You are the best," Bella called out happily. She acted weird but he guessed she was just getting back at Drakos. 

"So the issue solved, right?" Xuefeng wondered, realizing there was no need to hurry anymore. "Since Drakos and Bella are alright, maybe we should meet in the Spirit Land instead?" 

"I think it's just the beginning. That's the main reason I called. We need to figure out what to do with the Female Dragon that Drakos wants to save," Wu informed. 

"Huh? Female Dragon?" Xuefeng questioned surprised. "Is she imprisoned by  the Dwarfs?" 

"Yeah and apparently, the King of Dwarfs is using Dragons to build an indestructible armor. Drakos says he plans to slay Dragons with it since he would be fire-proof," Wu described. "I tried to free her but the King of Dwarfs is hell-bent on keeping her."

"I see…" Xuefeng muttered, contemplating on the situation when Xinyu suggested. 

"How about we consult my mom? If that Female Dragon is inside Heaven Realm, she should know her. After all, she is quite high in the Dragon Race Hierarchy." 

"Wu, wait for a second, I will call you back in a bit. Will try to get some information about her," Xuefeng said before ending the call. He got up from the bed and put on his clothes. 

"I will ask her, you can wait here," Xuefeng informed before walking out, heading to the room across their own. They didn't see each other since yesterday as they spend all this time in their room, cultivating. 

After just one night, he managed to reach the Seventh Refining in all three Elements but the progress with the other six was as slow as before. Unless he got other Elemental Stones, he will need to struggle through that process. 

"Come in!" 

Xuefeng didn't even need to knock when the door opened on its own and Golden Queen called out from the inside.

"Hey, I need to ask—"

He came in with a question but stopped himself midway, realizing Golden Queen was only wearing a towel. Her hair was all wet as if she just came out of the shower.

"What? Why are you staring at me like that? It is not like you didn't see—" 


Xuefeng closed the door with a bang before she finished. 

"How about you wait for me to close the door first?" Xuefeng asked as he rolled his eyes. "I will wait outside till you are done changing." 

"No," Golden Queen denied immediately as she unwrapped her towel, making it fall to the ground. "Unless you want everyone to see me like this?"

She smirked when she caught him staring and walked up to him, gripping onto his shirt.

"Did you come for our session? I have been waiting." 

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