Against Heaven's Will - Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Katherine

"Will you tell me what is this all about?" Xuefeng questioned as he sat down next to Pearl on the bed. "Aren't you just reporting what we are doing?" 

Golden Queen requested it would be just him and Pearl in the room so he was a little bit suspicious. He didn't mind it at first, but something wasn't right. What was there to talk about that required everyone else to leave?

"It's not really about you. I just want you to be here for me just in case," Golden Queen replied as she pulled out a Communication Crystal. "Remember when I told you I will contact my husband about this sudden trip? Well, I didn't do that yet and my husband has been trying to contact me this whole time. I'm sure he will be pissed off a little." 

Xuefeng's eyes widened, not thinking she would be this irresponsible. He already expected Sect Master Liu to explode on the call. 

'Why do I have to suffer as well?!' Xuefeng called out in his mind but it was too late to run away. 

The call already connected. 

"Katherine! Do you realize how many times I have called you?!" Sect Master Liu cried out immediately, his tone showing how frustrated he was. "Where are you now? What are you doing? My brother mentioned you left to save Xuefeng's friend. Why didn't you call me earlier?" 

The number of questions Sect Master Liu asked her caused Golden Queen to rub her forehead as she took a deep breath. 

"Liu, calm down. I just didn't have time since the situation played out too quickly," Golden Queen replied patiently. "We had to decide on the spot and since you were not there, I came along with them."

Golden Queen glanced at Xuefeng and sat down right by his side, their arms touching closely. He didn't want to disturb the call so he sat still, not really minding this much physical contact from her. 

"That still doesn't explain why you didn't pick up my calls," Sect Master Liu muttered unhappily. "Anyway, I'm already on my way to the Dwarf Kingdom. I took a few Teleports and I'm currently flying there. We should arrive at the same time." 

Golden Queen didn't even look surprised at his reaction. 

"Well, you don't need to hurry. The situation is already under control," Golden Queen informed as she reached to Xuefeng's palm, forcefully seizing it. "We already saved Xuefeng's friend and killed the King of Dwarfs who tried to stop us." 

Xuefeng raised his eyebrows, questioning her with his gaze, but she ignored his silent protests. Sect Master Liu was already responding. 

"What…? You killed the King of Dwarfs? First off, how did you even get there so fast? You should still be in the flying ship, unless—" 

He paused as Golden Queen squeezed Xuefeng's hand and admitted, "Yes, I flew here. The rest should arrive by tomorrow morning." 

"Why would you risk your life and fight the King of Dwarfs alone?!" Sect Master Liu scolded instantly. "Katherine! What if something happened to you? You don't need to put your life on the line for Xuefeng's friend!" 

Xuefeng didn't like where this was going, but he didn't have much choice. 

"Alone? Don't worry, I wasn't alone. I took Xuefeng with me and we grouped up with—" 

"Wait, what?!" Sect Master Liu cut her off. "You flew there with Xuefeng?! You let him ride you?!" 

The anger in his voice was understandable. Even Xuefeng would be pissed off if any of his wives touched another man on purpose other than killing them. 

"Hey, we didn't have any other choice. Right when I wanted to contact you, I learn there was someone else locked up in Dwarf Kingdom's prison. I couldn't wait and had to come with the rescue," Golden Queen explained calmly before passing the Communication Crystal to Pearl who has been watching with a smile this whole time. 

"Who is it that would make you commit—" 

Sect Master Liu's voice got cut off this time as Pearl finally spoke up. 

"Hey Liu~" 

Xuefeng expected to be blamed for this one but Sect Master Liu suddenly turned quiet, surprising him. He glanced at Golden Queen but she was already leaning over to him, placing her finger on his lips. 

"Did I just hear Pearl? There is no way, right?" Sect Master Liu asked cautiously.

"Yes, it's me. I was the one who got imprisoned by the Dwarfs, please, don't be mad at Katherine," Pearl replied sweetly. "If not for her and Xuefeng, I would be dead. I cannot thank them enough for coming to save me right on time." 

"I see… I knew it had to be someone important," Sect Master Liu muttered, regaining his calmness. "Katherine, I'm sorry for raising my voice. I guess if it's Pearl then I can understand it." 

Xuefeng found his reaction weird and even Golden Queen rolled her eyes at him. 

"Next time think before you shout at me. Even if it wasn't her but Xuefeng's friend that I wanted to help, if I decide on something, you have no right to scold me. I'm free to do whatever I want," Golden Queen reacted sharply. 

"You are right, I'm sorry. I overreacted. Don't be mad at me," Sect Master Liu apologized again but Golden Queen ignored it. 

"We will be here till tomorrow. If you can't arrive till then, we will meet each other in the Spirit Land Capital." 

"Oh, don't worry, I will be there soon!" Sect Master Liu assured, ending the call on his own. "See you later! Love you!" 

The moment the call disconnected, Pearl quickly stood up and walked out, smiling at the two of them. 

"I will leave you two alone. Enjoy." 

Xuefeng didn't hesitate and pulled away, shrugging Golden Queen off. 

"Is there something you want to tell me?"

It was obvious those two were up to something and he didn't like it. 

"Mhmm, I have many things I want to tell you," Golden Queen replied gently as she got closer again. "Maybe I should start with my name. I will answer your question if you can call me Katherine from now on. Especially when we are all alone." 

Xuefeng didn't really mind it. 

"Alright, Katherine. I kind of want to know if something happened between you, your husband and Pearl?"

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