Against Heaven's Will - Chapter 188

Chapter 188: Come Clean

"It took you a while to return." 

When Xuefeng came back to Katherine's bedroom, she was already waiting for him with a trap. Her shoes and dress were gone, replaced with his own white shirt she must have stolen from him. It was of course too big on her, but combined with her bare legs that rubbed together, she looked extremely sexy. 

"What stopped you for so long? Wu didn't want you to come?" Katherine questioned as she supported herself on her elbows. Her look reminded him of the sex-depraved Nuwa who couldn't wait for her sexy time anymore. 

"No, she was actually pretty chill," Xuefeng shook his head, walking up while slowly unbuttoning his shirt. Wu was busy chatting with Bella and they even asked him to give them some time to finish their gossiping. 

"It was Pearl that stopped me," he added with a smile, causing Katherine to lift herself abruptly. 

"Huh? What did you two talk about?" She asked suspiciously. 

"Why do you want to know? It was a private conversation," Xuefeng replied with a shrug, but Katherine was clearly not satisfied with that answer. 

She fired from the bed like a rock from a slingshot, reaching him in a split second. She stood on her toes and embraced his neck before he could even react, gripping on his hair in threatening manner. 

"Tell me. I want to know what did she tell you," Katherine demanded, squinting her eyes at him as if she discovered a scheme. "No excuses." 

"Whoa, you really are aggressive. I didn't even take off my shirt," Xuefeng commented amused and embraced her body. "What if I don't tell you? It's not like I have to."

Katherine immediately pulled on his hair, almost threatening to kiss him with how close she was. 

"This is not a negotiation. I need to make sure she didn't tell you any lies," Katherine informed sternly. "I'm waiting." 

Xuefeng wanted to laugh at her tough act. He wasn't a submissive man when it came to women, actually preferring to be in control. 

"I think you forgot who you are talking to. You know I can be rough too?" Xuefeng reminded her before suddenly lifting up her shirt. 


Her whole body shook as her butt took a direct hit, yet her expression remained firm, even curving the corners of her lips. 

"No matter how many times you spank me, it won't do much. I think you forgot that I like it," Katherine commented. "I won't let you go unless you tell me." 

"You know, if you were a good girl and just asked me nicely, I would already tell you," Xuefeng pointed out playfully. "Say please." 

"You are rubbing on my butt as you wish. That should be enough of a payment for you," Katherine argued but Xuefeng only added his second palm, gripping her bottom to his heart content. 

"You cling to me on your own accord. Any woman that does it automatically gives me permission to do anything I want with her body. Just cause I don't do it normally doesn't mean I don't have that right," Xuefeng explained as he scooped her panties to the middle and pulled on it as if to prove his point. "See?" 

She was being rough with him so he could only pay her back with the same. Too bad, he didn't think it through to a full extend. Katherine's eyes widened from the pull and she immediately retaliated. 


Katherine grasped onto his ears and rubbed it profusely, sending waves of pleasure throughout his body. His weak point reacted to her perfectly which reminded him why he has been cautious around her. No matter what he did, she would always win since he didn't want to cross the line with her. 

He wanted to stop her but his lips were locked by her own, punishing him for challenging her. This time she didn't hesitate and mashed their lips together as if she tried to flatten and destroy his mouth. She hungrily pushed past his teeth to the moist space within and tasted him fully. 

With no other choice left, Xuefeng lifted her up and slammed them against the bed, bouncing up and down till he created a small gap between their lips. 

"Stop! No more," Xuefeng called out, but Katherine didn't give in, wrapping her arms and legs around him like a monkey. 

"You can't win. I'm more stubborn than anyone," Katherine admitted as she breathed hurriedly. "Tell me now." 

She wasn't frowning anymore, looking like she was enjoying their small exchange. 

"Alright, alright, I will tell you," Xuefeng capitulated. "Just give me some space to breathe." 

She listened this time, but didn't fully release him, her legs still locking his thighs and waist. She bit on her lip as she stared at him and licked it as if she wasn't satisfied yet. 

'Damn, I'm stupid,' Xuefeng cursed, regretting playing with her. He already knew she was dangerous to deal with yet he still tried to tame her. 

"It wasn't much. She was waiting outside the room so we chatted a bit and I asked her some questions," Xuefeng explained. "I wanted to know—"

"Wait…" Katherine cut him off, licking her lips once again. "Why can I taste her on you?" 

Xuefeng's eyes widened but before he spoke, Katherine already leaned over, sniffing his body. 

"I can even smell her scent on you… What did she do? Did she kiss you?" Katherine interrogated, turning into full detective mode. 

"Bullshit. How can you know that?" Xuefeng questioned, not believing she could actually sense all of that. 

"You think I don't know how Dragons smells like? I knew it, she did kiss you," Katherine guessed, rolling together on the bed as she cursed under her breath. "Damn it, I am going to kill her." 

She pulled away, wanting to get off him but Xuefeng was faster, catching her arm in time. He jerked her back into his chest and squeezed tight, chaining her against her will. 

"Can you calm down? I kissed her on my own," Xuefeng confessed. "She wanted a kiss for the information I wanted so I agreed. She didn't force me to anything and I'm actually glad she did. It helped me understand something that was troubling me." 

He reached down towards her panties and fixed them for her before sliding his hand up onto her naked back. 

"How about we stop playing around and talk normally as we begin our session?" Xuefeng proposed. "Now, I will release you and you will be a good girl, okay?" 

"Okay…" Katherine nodded quietly, making him sigh in relief. 

He thought it was over but when Katherine sat up on his waist, she looked at him pitifully while pouting as if he just hurt her. 

"Hey, don't give me that look…" Xuefeng muttered, taking a deep breath, needing more fresh oxygen to deal with her. 

"What did you want to know so badly that you couldn't come directly to me?" Katherine asked upset. "Anything she knows, I know too." 

"She told me everything," Xuefeng replied casually, causing Katherine to freeze. 

"Everything…?" Katherine questioned suspiciously as she grabbed onto his shirt. "I don't believe you. Don't try to trick me." 

Xuefeng only shrugged, deciding to test her a little bit. 

"Why else I would agree to a kiss? She even told me about the Heat of a Dragon," Xuefeng revealed as he grabbed on her wrists. "Were you going to tell me about it? Why would you hide such an important secret from me?"

"I didn't hide anything!" Katherine exclaimed, freeing herself of his grasp. "If I told you about it right away, you would think that I'm using my bloodline to get you. I didn't want that."

"Maybe, or maybe not. We will never find out. I wish you told me earlier. It's actually an important information," Xuefeng expressed with disappointed look. 

"Of course I would eventually tell you, but I saved it for the time you can actually use it. I would not let you receive the Heat from any other Dragons, most especially not from Pearl," Katherine clarified before covering her face. "Ughh!!! I hate her!" 

Xuefeng could feel the frustration in her voice, but before he revealed the truth, he had to learn the whole truth. 

"Alright, don't curse her. I would learn sooner or later. Chop, chop. Come clean now," Xuefeng dictated as he patted her thighs. "I know everything already so I will know if you are lying. I want to hear what happened between you three and tell me about this plan of yours."

Katherine rubbed her eyes with an arm, hiding her expression from him. 

"If you know everything then why are you asking me…? This is not funny…" Katherine muttered quietly, sniffing to herself. 

'Is she going to cry…? What is she hiding…?' Xuefeng thought, confirming there was something she was hiding. Going this far, he couldn't go back anymore. 

"It's because I want to hear it from you," Xuefeng replied as he lifted himself, pulling on her arms to reveal her face. "Look at me." 

To his surprise, Katherine eyes were red and she avoided his gaze. 

"If you ask me to repeat it… Does it mean you don't hate me?" 

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