Against Heaven's Will - Chapter 193

Chapter 193: Consider me (*)

"I think all of this happened way too fast," Xuefeng muttered, his brain still lagging from the whole idea. "How about we step back and take our time? We are not in a hurry."

"You are right. I guess I was too sudden…" Bella replied as she put her hands in between her thighs and looked at him sweetly. "But I wanted to get to know you better and spend some time together. We have known each other for three years but we rarely talked privately. Maybe getting physical right away is not normal but I don't mind. I know you will take good care of me."

Saying that Bella crawled up to his other side that wasn't occupied by Wu and grabbed his wrist. She smiled and placed his hand on her left breast, letting him experience her softness directly.

"Can you feel it?" Bella asked quietly, letting go of his wrist so he can do as he wished. "My heart is beating really fast right now. You can tell I'm sincere. I'm not playing around."

She wasn't lying, her heart was indeed racing but that didn't change his feeling of doing something he shouldn't. He liked Bella and enjoyed her company, but they were too rushed, not even understanding the situation fully. 

As he didn't comment right away, Bella pressed forward boldly, making sure he touches her well. Xuefeng only squeezed her once out of instinct before pulling his arm away, wanting to finish their talk first. 

"Bella, let's—" Xuefeng began but he got cut off by her.

"You don't like it? You can feel me as much as you like," Bella suggested before tilting her head in deep thought. "Unless you prefer to touch directly? I don't mind." 

She didn't hesitate and grabbed the corners of her crimson summer dress and took it off through her head, displaying her bare chest for him. 

"Whoa, Bella!" Wu exclaimed amazed and grinned, taking her dress off as well. "I guess I can only join." 

In a blink, he had two beauties sitting on each of his thighs while looking at him happily. He didn't expect Wu to be so on board with Bella's idea, but he guessed the two were like sisters already. 

"You two…" Xuefeng muttered, holding them both by their waists. "Bella, do you realize what you are signing up for?" 

"Hmm? Am I supposed to worry about something? I don't mind no matter what naughty things you do to me. It's just a human body. Whatever pleasures you, I will do it," Bella replied as she pulled his hand up, letting him squeeze her bare chest. "Does it feel better now?" 

"Your body feels great but that's not what I meant," Xuefeng answered as he finally gave her a proper squeeze. He could reject once but if a woman as hot as Bella offered herself to him repeatedly, he couldn't say no anymore. 

"There is no such thing as just trying it out with me. Once you are mine, you will be mine forever. You can't just back off afterward. I want you to understand that," Xuefeng added as he held Wu's chin and leaned for a soft kiss. "Everything I have will belong to you, but also all of you will be mine. Your body, your soul, and your future. All of it." 

"I find that an attractive deal…" Wu commented as she pulled his head for another passionate kiss. "I would take it any day." 

Saying that Wu cuddled her naked back into his chest, letting him embrace her. He couldn't help but flip her hair to the one side and kiss her neck while grasping her freely with both hands. Xuefeng missed her after all. If not for Bella, he would already thrust inside her. 

"Mhmm, Bella, how about we enjoy for now? I don't think Xuefeng minds if you watch us," Wu proposed as she reached down to his crotch, rubbing him suggestively. "Maybe you can even join us." 

He could feel she wanted him badly. She was fanning the flames on purpose. 

"Tsk, you definitely need to be punished," Xuefeng snickered, pinching her nipples as he gazed back at Bella. She was still deep in thought as she watched them. 

"Bella, I know you don't mind testing our theory but just as I said, if we do this, you would be my woman forever. This is why I would prefer if we first got comfortable together just as you wanted," Xuefeng suggested and suddenly took off his shirt while laying down on the bed. "Come, you two hug me for a moment." 

Wu was first to react, cuddling into his chest and Bella followed after he gave her thigh a soft stroke. 

"Does it feel good?" Xuefeng asked giving Bella a casual back massage. 

"Mhmm, it does…" Bella finally muttered, resting her head on his shoulder while looking down at Wu's bottom being caressed by him. "Can you grab me like that too? I want to know how it feels like." 

"Hmm, sure," Xuefeng nodded as slid down her back, taking a big chunk of her butt into his palm. She didn't seem to mind that at all and actually got comfier, copying Wu as she cuddled into his neck. 

"You can continue… I like it," Bella whispered, kissing his neck as if to return the favor. 

'Congrats on a new wife,' Ming commented. 'I always thought Bella will become our sister. It was just a matter of time.'

'Bella is a good girl. She will definitely be a good member of your harem. I'm actually curious what happens if a Phoenix copulates with a human,' Ling added curiously. 

'You two…' Xuefeng replied speechlessly when Bella spoke up. 

"You probably wonder what happened between me and Drakos but you don't need to worry about him anymore. He and I will never be together. I realized we don't really match well. You, on the other hand, have all the values I actually like so I set my eyes on you instead."

Bella snuggled her nose into him while her hand caressed his chest and then skimmed down his belly, joining Wu in the assault. She shivered when she touched his hot erection directly before whispering again. 

"Xuefeng… Can you consider me?" 

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