Against Heaven's Will - Chapter 196

Chapter 196: Emergency (**)

"I see… I guess I need to work hard if I want to make it in time with everyone…" 

Xuefeng and the girl lost the momentum from before so he didn't continue the sexy time and hugged the two ladies instead. He began storytelling about everything that happened while they were gone as well as shedding some light on their future plans. 

The most shocking for Wu and Bella was the one-year deal he had with Sect Master Liu. 

"Don't worry, we will all cultivate hard and ascend together. I will not leave anyone behind," Xuefeng assured as he caressed Wu's back. "We already have plans to Dual Cultivate a lot to speed up the process. I will naturally help you all." 

"Mhmm, I know you will," Wu nodded as she cuddled into him. "But I still don't get it fully. Wasn't Sect Master Liu on our side?" 

"Yes, and he is still protecting us. It's just that without this deal, his Master will try to kill us before I'm strong enough to face him. If we can convince him to give me one year, I will have greater chances of defeating him," Xuefeng explained patiently. "I need to fight him at some point anyway since he has the Elemental Stones I need. We are only stalling for a time now." 

"But why would he agree to it? If I was trying to kill you, why would I give you time to get stronger?" Bella questioned, joining the discussion. 

"That's a fair point. I wouldn't either but we hope that Old Master won't have any other choice. We have Trade Union and House of Dragon supporting us. As long as we are careful, he won't be able to like do anything to us."

"I don't like this," Wu protested immediately, lifting herself up with an upset expression. "If that's the case, we shouldn't stay here. What if we were attacked right now? We are out in the open with limited protection." 

"That's what I'm worried about as well. I want to reunite with everyone as soon as possible and head straight towards the Spirit Land Capital. I'm not going to gamble your lives because of my enemies," Xuefeng decided, trying to calm her down by caressing her cheek. "They will be here in a few hours and we will depart right away." 

"Sect Master Liu will arrive even sooner so don't worry," Xuefeng added, managing to bring Wu back into his arms. 

"Can we cultivate till then?" Wu suggested. "Since I only have one year, I can't waste time or I'm going to fall behind everyone else. I only managed to refine my Elements to Qi Materialization Stage and I'm yet to cultivate. I need to start from zero basically." 

Wu didn't wait for his agreement as her hand traveled down onto his crotch, rubbing it suggestively. 

"Of course we can. I wanted to propose the same," Xuefeng approved, wanting the same. "Would you like to refine Upgrade Fragments or cultivate first?"

"Hmm? We can refine together?" Wu asked confused. "I thought you can only Dual Cultivate by absorbing Qi?" 

Xuefeng couldn't help but get dumbfounded at her question. He was about to say she misunderstood when it suddenly hit him. 

Can he actually do that?!

Can he actually refine Upgrade Fragments for his wives to speed up the process?

"We need to try this!" Xuefeng called out as he got up from beneath them. "I can actually use my Elemental Bracelet to refine the Fragments much faster for myself. I want to try transferring it all to you as we Dual Cultivate."

Wu's eyes brightened at this idea. She got up immediately and grasped Xuefeng's waist, sliding his underwear down. She grasped him firmly when Bella reacted as well, squeezing in her head next to Wu. Despite what happened before, she still eagerly involved herself in everything. 

"Mhmm, thank you," Xuefeng appreciated as two tongues forced another erection. They didn't have to do it yet they still focused on Xuefeng's pleasure.

He brushed his fingers through their hair before he pulled them away, knowing they could continue forever. Wu used the momentum of his push and fell on her back while Bella sat still, watching Xuefeng's crotch with desire. It was obvious Xuefeng's taste was still fresh in her mind. 

"I'm ready," Wu announced as she spread her legs, showing an inviting gesture. Her naked body with hair spilled all over was too alluring to not pounce right on. 

Xuefeng dropped right at her, squishing his erection between her inner thighs. Just as he needed arousal, Wu wasn't different. He only slid her undies to the side as he pushed forward, rubbing directly against her. He didn't stop till she opened her mouth and breathed out hot air. 

"Try to refine your Qi once I send everything your way," Xuefeng instructed as he suddenly spread her legs and slowly pierced inside.

"Ah! Yes!" Wu cried out in the agreement, tightening around him in pent-up yearning. He knew how much she missed this feeling so he let her accustom to his thrusts. 

Moans filled the room when Xuefeng finally pulled out two Fire Upgrade Fragments. He emptied them from Qi before sending everything inside her body through their connection. 

"I can! I got it!" Wu called out excitedly as she grasped his waist. "Keep them coming. I want more." 

He couldn't help but laugh at the discovery. He didn't wait and pulled out another two Fragments knowing she wanted more of him as well. Too bad, their happiness was short-lived. 

A loud knock on the door disturbed them. 

"Oh, come on!" Wu lamented displeased. They were supposed to have some time for themselves yet they were disturbed repeatedly. 

They didn't expect what they heard next. 

"Xuefeng! We have an emergency!" Katherine called out urgently from outside. If even she was panicking, it had to be serious. 

"What happened?" Xuefeng questioned, hoping for a false alarm but that day wasn't lucky for them. 

"Liu was attacked on the way and sent a call for help!"

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