Against Heaven's Will - Chapter 197

Chapter 197: Old Master's Servant

Xuefeng exchanged glances with Wu. That day was truly unlucky for them. They were already disturbed twice as if the whole world was plotting against them. 

"Don't worry, we have all life to enjoy ourselves," Wu assured sweetly as she caressed his face and kissed him. "If there is something important, we can't help it."

"Mhmm, I know…" Xuefeng nodded, returning the kiss before getting up. He couldn't just continue selfishly when someone who defended him before was now in trouble. 

"What happened?"

"Liu said he is surrounded and struggles to fight back. He activated his defensive barrier but doesn't know how long he can hold on," Katherine explained while they dressed up. "He didn't give me much information before he ended the call." 

"Isn't he the strongest expert in the Heaven Realm? Can't he run away?" Xuefeng asked confused.

If Xuefeng was met with a situation he couldn't handle, it wasn't a shame to run away. He only had one life and many wives to take care of.

"He said they locked the space around him, so he can't escape," Katherine replied annoyed. "Anyway, I just came to inform you. I and Pearl will rush to help him. You don't need to come along with us since they are after you in the first place." 

"Who are they?" Xuefeng asked while opening the door. Wu and Bella were right by his side. 

Katherine only gave them a casual glance before she looked at him seriously. 

"From what I figured, they are the same people that Liu tried to lure away. When he left to join us, they followed him in an even bigger number. He is strong but the number of experts is too many for him to handle alone. I'm not asking you to come with us because they will simply shift their focus onto you and I don't want that." 

Katherine approached him and grabbed onto his shirt.

"Stay here and wait for my call, okay?" Katherine pleaded. "We will help him and come back. We should be fine with just us."

She didn't wait for his answer and leaned over to kiss his cheek before walking towards the exit of the flying ship. Xuefeng couldn't help but frown at that even before Ming spoke. 

'You should go along with them. Those people are greedy and will never stop chasing you. They are not scared of their life because they are using Avatars. It's better if you fight together and show them who they mess with so they at least hesitate next time. It's even better if you are not alone since you can use them as a distraction in case we need to run away.'

Xuefeng never had a habit of running away and having to always fear an ambush wasn't healthy. He could use Sect Master Liu and Katherine's help to finally solve the problem. 

"And what about you two?" Xuefeng called out after the girls. 

"Hmm?" Katherine stopped and turned around. "We will be fine. We are strong enough to take care of ourselves." 

"Are you sure? You have no information about who you are against. What if they shift their focus onto you instead and hurt you? Am I supposed to just let you die?" Xuefeng questioned.

"You don't understand. They want to kill you. They went after Liu to find you. Why would you go to them willingly?" Katherine argued. "I don't even plan to fight. I will just take him away and trust me, no one can catch me if I want to run." 

"I'm coming along," Xuefeng decided on the spot. "They are already playing on my nerves for a while. I can't leave such danger unattended or this will never end." 

He copied her method and didn't ask for her permission as he turned to the girls. 

"Bella, stay and protect Wu while I'm gone. This is too dangerous for you to follow me," Xuefeng ordered and gave them both a kiss. "I will be back with everyone."

Although Wu seemed worried, she didn't question his decision. 

"Come back safe."

Katherine, on the other hand, didn't seem happy about it but Xuefeng only passed by them, heading out first. 

"Why are you so stubborn?" Katherine asked upset but only shrugged as he pulled out a Communication Crystal. 

"Because I don't like the world where I endanger people I care about by breathing. Someone needs to clean up this mess and there is no one other than me who can do it," Xuefeng replied honestly. "Now, can you tell me where they are?"


"Disciple Liu, how long till he comes here?"

While Xuefeng and the girls were rushing to help, Sect Master Liu wasn't in such a desperate situation as he claimed. He was hovering in the sky surrounded by a barrier but it didn't seem like he controlled it. 

He was trapped!

Beside him stood no other than his master's servant with his palm on the barrier. 

"I have no idea. I sent them my location," Sect Master Liu replied with a shrug. "They were next to the Dwarf Kingdom so they should arrive soon since it's not far from here."

"I didn't hear Disciple Liu mention the target's name. Is Disciple Liu sure he will come?" The Servant questioned politely, still remaining respectful despite the current situation. 

"He will come. He is not someone who will use others to fight for him," Sect Master Liu replied as he threw the Servant a stinky eye. "But don't think I will help you fight against him. I am taking my wife and leaving you alone. Especially after you used your stupid barrier against me. If you are brave, how about you turn it off so we can talk." 

"I'm sorry, Disciple Liu, but I can't do that. I was ordered to bring Elemental Bracelet to Master and I will finish my task with or without Disciple's help," the Servant replied before gazing at the tens of experts surrounding them in the distance. "Everyone, prepare for an ambush and wait for my signal! He is going to arrive soon." 

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