Against Heaven's Will - Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Dragon Awakened (**)

Katherine didn't need to ask him twice. 

"How do you want me to eat you?" Xuefeng asked as he already slid his hand through the cuts of her dress. He grabbed her butt firmly and pulled her closer till their hips rubbed together. 

"Why do you ask questions?" Katherine scolded. "You lost your chance. Now it's my turn to eat you." 


His shirt lost all buttons as she split it apart, revealing his muscled chest. They were inside the Dragon Tower which still pressured their bodies this whole time. His muscles were all tensed and hard but Katherine didn't seem to mind. 

"You taste so good…" She muttered between kissing his neck and caressing his abs. "I was waiting to eat you for days…" 

"The pressure doesn't bother you?" Xuefeng wondered while exploring her body, moving his fingers onto her waist and then chest.

Katherine smiled in response and looked up, teasing his lips with her teeth. 

"It makes everything spicier," she replied before sliding her hands into his pants. "Imagine how tight I will be inside…" 

"You are about to awaken a Dragon," Xuefeng announced, feeling her hands wrap around him. She teased him with her gaze and licked his lips while constantly stroking and rubbing.

"You already awakened one," Katherine replied softly and suddenly slid down to his legs, leaving a trail of kisses behind. 


Katherine left a bite through his pants and licked his erection all around. Her eyes brightened when she pulled down his pants and saw him all hard and ready. She grasped onto his pants and licked him with no hands. 

"So hard just from my tongue… Truly worthy to call it a Dragon…" Katherine muttered, swallowing him with unusual eagerness and passion. Her tongue wiggled on his base as he poked the end of her throat, wanting to go deeper and deeper. 

There was no need for any commands or orders, Katherine knew what both of them wanted. He held her golden hair while she stripped him of his pants before getting rid of her dress. 

"I want it," Katherine expressed her desire, climbing onto him again. She didn't even wait for his reply as she locked his lips with hers and aimed him inside her. 

She momentarily trembled as he pierced all the way in, but she wasn't the only one affected. 

Katherine was burning hot!

He felt as if he just entered hell filled with flames instead of the lightning storm he already expected. It hurt him much more too, especially since it attacked his most sensitive organ. 

"Mhmm!" Xuefeng alarmed as he pulled her face away but then he realized something.

"Is this the Heat of the Dragon?"

"I'm sorry… I was supposed to control it at the start but you distracted me," Katherine apologized as she breathed hurriedly. "You are so big you actually stretched me to the limits…" 

As she spoke, the burning lowered substantially till it didn't hurt as much.

"So you can minimize it, I see," Xuefeng commented as he embraced her, letting her get used to his size. "How does it work?" 

"The burning you feel is basically the Heat of the Dragon doing its work. We have to stay connected till the burning fills your whole body," Katherine explained. "It will improve your constitution and let you endure more pressure. Even though my innate Element is Lightning, I'm still a Dragon. Flames run through my veins." 

"Does the strength of the burning matter?" Xuefeng wondered, causing Katherine to look at him worriedly. 

"It does, but the additional effects are minimal while it will hurt you a lot…" she replied while caressing his face. "I don't want you to feel any pain during our first time. I want us to enjoy and have a nice memory of this moment." 

Katherine kissed him strongly as if she wanted him to forget about this idea and started moving to please him. Too bad, Xuefeng already made up his mind.

"Katherine," Xuefeng mouthed her name as he pulled her lips away. "Don't worry about me and give me all you got. It doesn't hurt as much as you think. I have high pain tolerance already." 

"..." Katherine gazed at him upset but sighed right after, knowing he already decided. "I will slowly increase the heat then. Tell me if it hurts you and I will stop." 

She resumed her riding as she watched his face to keep an eye on him. The burning was getting stronger with each second, slowly spreading around his body till every muscle and every cell was on fire. He remained cool on the outside but inside he was screaming in pain. 

'Fuuuck!' Xuefeng cursed. 'This Artefact better be worth it!'

'Hold on! It's working!' Ming reassured to cheer him up. 'The more pain the better! Focus on Katherine and think about the pleasure!' 

He finally couldn't hold back and he grimaced in pain, alarming Katherine. 

"I knew it, you are only pretending to be fine…" Katherine complained as she checked his forehead with her palm. "You are too hot! I will lower—" 

"Don't!" Xuefeng cut her off. "I can handle it! Let's continue." 


He smacked her butt for his own pleasure and helped with his own thrusts. His mind cleared as Xuefeng filled it with desire. 


Katherine moaned from his rampage and grasped onto his ears to bring him even more pleasure. This was the first time Xuefeng was countering his pain using sex. 

"Damn it!" Xuefeng cursed again and suddenly rolled on the cloud to get on top of her. 

"Baby— ahh!!" 

Katherine didn't have the chance to react as he pounced on her like a tiger, pounding with all his strength while his teeth sank into her breast. Her nails grazed on his tensed back but the pain was nowhere close to the flames filling his body. 

'Just a bit more!' Ming announced but her voice passed through his mind unnoticed. He ignored everything besides his prey he was eating alive. 


Xuefeng sucked on her lips as he finally burst inside her yet he didn't stop not did he give Katherine a break. Her limbs were wrapped around him tightly as her body constantly trembled from his attacks, experiencing the longest orgasm of her life. 

Once. Twice. Thrice. 

He poured all he got uncontrollably as he turned into a beast. He didn't feel pain anymore, just hunger for more with Katherine as his food.

Her thighs, her breasts, her lips, and bottom were all his to taste and swallow. 

Her moans were his trophy while her tremors his win. 

"I love you!!" 

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