Against Heaven's Will - Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Mother or not?


"Are you okay?" 


Xuefeng didn't know what he expected but it definitely wasn't this long. The moment the Cube covered their bodies and limited his vision, he felt his body drifting with rapid speed yet everything was dark. They seemed to be locked inside the Cube as it traveled back. 


"Mhmm… I'm fine," Sena replied in confusion. "Where are we…?" 


Sena was immediately knocked unconscious and it took her a minute to get back to him. 


"We are traveling back to Heaven Realm. It's actually my first time using it so I'm not sure how long it will take us," Xuefeng explained as he rubbed her back. "Just stay put and hug me tight." 


Xuefeng didn't want to disrupt the Cube by moving around. He didn't know how many people the Cube could carry so he didn't want to risk. 


Sena didn't seem to mind. 


"Your chest is hard but I like when you hug me…" Sena muttered softly as she rubbed her cheek against him. "It's the first time someone hugged me… Even the maids barely touched me…"


"Well, I'm glad you like it," Xuefeng replied with a pat, having no choice but to bear with her display of affection. He couldn't help but feel weird when he hugged women that weren't his wives. 


How often did this happen? Did he have some sort of magnet in his body?


"Are you really going to take me to my mother and sister?" Sena questioned with excitement in her voice. "I wonder if they look the same as on the paintings… Ah, I can't wait to see them." 


"Huh? What…? You have never seen them?" Xuefeng asked back confused. "Your mother isn't Ming…?" 


For a second Xuefeng thought he made a huge mistake but Sena denied, "No, she is my mother. At least that is what my father told me. He said she left to look for my sister but she never returned for so many years. I never believed my father who said she abandoned us and I'm glad I didn't. I could always tell whenever someone lied and my father was always lying." 


"I see, but the Ming I know wouldn't leave her real daughter behind. Something feels wrong here," Xuefeng muttered before trying to reach his two Fate Spirit wives. 'Hey, can you two hear me?' 


He once again received no answer so he separated his consciousness and sent it knocking to Ling's world inside the crystal on his neck. He squinted his eyes when he reached the crystal, realizing there was some type of Soul barrier covering it, preventing him from going inside. 




He broke it with a little bit of pressure and he immediately heard two lovely voices calling to him. 


'Xuefeng!!! You finally freed us!' Ming and Link cried out in relief. 'We were wondering how long will it take you to realize— huh? Who is this girl?' 


Just as she asked, the Cube started shaking and rapidly braked. He didn't have time to reply as the Cube's momentum pressed them against the walls before he was spat out. 




Sena cried out as they smashed against a stone floor and rolled a few times till they hit the wall. 


"Are you okay?!" Sena called out worriedly but Xuefeng only laughed, releasing her from his embrace. Such fall wasn't even enough to tickle him, not even mentioning inflicting any damage. 


"Yes, I'm fine. Don't worry," Xuefeng assured as he stood up, lifting her as well. To his surprise, they returned back to what looked like the top floor of the Dragon Tower. 


It was a round room completely made of white marble that had a black podium in the middle of it with a black box on top of it. Besides the displayed prize, there were also three chests opposite the same stairs he climbed earlier. 


That was exactly how he imagined it. What happened to the white light and the Heavenly clouds?


"It seems like the entry through the Heavenly Gate was a one-time thing," Xuefeng muttered to himself before looking at the floating Cube. It seemed like it still had some energy stored inside of it. 


He was about to check it when Ming reminded him of her presence. 


'Xuefeng? You got some explaining to do…' Ming called out. 'Where did you get another Fate Spirit?' 


"Right…" Xuefeng recalled the important matter at hand. "Ming, Ling, can you come out for a second? I think it would be best if you face her directly." 


His wives trusted him fully and came out of the crystal, not expecting what was about to happen. 


"Mother!" Sena cried out happily with tears in her eyes and rushed towards Ming with her arms wide open. She was looking for a hug but Ming only extending her hand to stop her. 


"I don't recall having two daughters..." Ming replied confused as she pressed two fingers on Sena's forehead. 


They lit up with golden light that sank into Sena's body. She didn't resist at all, holding still with a smile. 


After a second, Ming frowned, then raised her eyebrows in surprise before she looked at Sena in shock. 


"How…? You have my genes… but how? I didn't give birth to you," Ming questioned speechlessly, looking at Xuefeng for an answer. "Where did you find her?"


"We came from the Fate Kingdom. Xuefeng appeared from nowhere and brought me here," Sena informed happily as she grabbed Ming's hand and placed it on her chest. "My name is Sena. I have always wanted to meet you."


"Wait, what?!" Ming and Ling exclaimed. "Fate Kingdom?! Xuefeng! What happened while we were locked?" 


Xuefeng scratched his head, wondering how he should explain it when the girls recalled their ability. They were linked so they could enter Xuefeng's mind at any time to check his memories. 


He didn't expect Ming to instantly burst out laughing. "Hahaha! Good! You played this bastard so well!" 


"To think you would be sent to the Fate Kingdom…" Ling pointed out astonished but then her gaze fell on Sena. "But then what about her?"


"To be honest, she does look similar to you two," Xuefeng commented, compering the girls side by side. Her white hair was like Ling's but shorter while their face was just slightly more fluffy, making her look cute. 


"Damn! I think I know what happened," Ming suddenly cursed. "This bastard must have used my egg that I once saved." 


"Egg?" Xuefeng repeated confused. 


"I can only get pregnant once every few thousand years so I once saved my egg just in case I wanted to get pregnant when it wasn't the time yet," Ming explained. "I never got a chance to use it after I had Ling and I completely forgot about it. He must have used it to give birth to Sena." 


"Does that mean you are really my mother?" Sena asked excitedly and dove into Ming's arms. "I knew it the moment I saw you! I love you, mom!" 




This time Ming didn't stop her but Xuefeng could see a dilemma in her eyes. If one looked at their blood, she was definitely her mother but she didn't give birth to her, no even raise her. 


Xuefeng left it to Ming to solve as he approached the stand instead, too curious to see the rewards. He was glad to see that his trip to Heaven Realm and the Cube wasn't the only prize for his hard climb. 


Too bad, the small black box didn't contain any treasures aside from a communication crystal that played the recorded message as he opened the box. 


"Welcome back, young man."

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