Against Heaven's Will - Chapter 242

Chapter 242: Jiao's Reunion - Part 2


"Ah!" Jiao exclaimed as her body froze in mid-air. Nuwa was never a fan of Jiao so she unleashed her full force, almost causing Jiao's bones to break as cracking sounds filled the cavern. 


"Nuwa, calm down," Xuefeng ordered as he teleported back to Jiao's side. "This is not the real Jiao. She is possessed." 


The moment Nuwa lowered the restriction, Jiao stopped pretending entirely. 


"'Possessed' Is such a big overstatement. I would say we are simply sharing one body," Jiao explained with a shrug. "The Jiao you know fully consented for me to take over. If I didn't, she would be dead already so you should be thanking me instead."


"Who are you and what did you do to her?" Xuefeng questioned sternly, knowing Jiao could be in serious danger. 


"The past me is already dead and there is no point in revealing my name. As for Jiao, she is safe. I only took control over her body since that was our deal. Once I get my revenge, I will find myself a different body and release her so she can return back to you," Jiao explained honestly. "If you doubt my words, you can let that Fate Spirit of yours check it." 


"We will see about that."




Jiao moaned uncontrollably as Xuefeng grasped onto her neck. 


"My, my, you barely touched her neck and her whole body trembled," Jiao commented amusedly. "Her body desires for your touch so much I can't even stop it from reacting. What did you do to her to make her yearn for you so much?"


Xuefeng ignored her teasing as he waited for Ming's report, but the woman didn't let him off easily. 


"You know, she has been talking and thinking about you since the moment I met with her. Right before her incoming death, she created the figure of you to stare at her crush once again before she dies. This silly girl must really love you. I wonder what happened that made you two part ways," Jiao pondered out loud. "Let me guess, she felt that she is not worthy of you and decided to leave to train on her own. She wanted to become powerful enough to stand by your side." 


'Is Jiao okay?' Xuefeng questioned in his mind, focusing on what mattered. He already knew Jiao's feelings for him so whatever that person told him wasn't new. 


'I have good and bad news. I will start with the latter. This Female Expert is much stronger than I thought. She only lets me see what she wants me to see as the whole body is under her control. I can't break inside else I will injure them both,' Ming said grimly. 'She linked with Jiao's Soul so whatever happens to her, will also affect Jiao. Only she can cancel that link so we can't do anything to split them apart.' 


'What is the good news?'


'The good news is that Jiao is not in any danger right now. I can see her Soul is healthy so I am sure this possession wasn't forced on her. Jiao must have agreed to it and let that expert inside of her. If she didn't, there would be some obvious damage to her soul,' Ming explained. 'Now that I think about it, this can actually be a good thing for her.' 


'You think that Expert will help her grow stronger?' Xuefeng guessed. 


Their link seemed almost similar to what he had with Ming and Ling. The only difference was the longevity of the link. Xuefeng would be connected to his wives forever while Jiao can be free. 


'She will definitely rub off from that Expert. Remember that impulse of Qi? It is not an easy Spirit Art and it's actually one of the techniques practiced in the Ancient Race era. If that female Expert belongs to the Ancient Race, I'm pretty sure we can trust her despite the dangers,' Ming suggested, giving Xuefeng something to think about. 


"You are staying quiet so I will take it as a yes," Jiao continued as she gazed down at Xuefeng's wrist. "Too bad, it seems like she will never catch up to you. An Elemental Bracelet Holder with three Elemental Stones. Now I know why she said you are the most powerful Cultivator in the Realm." 


She then glanced at all the girls and smiled, "She might not reach your strength but overcoming your partners shouldn't be an issue."


"Are you done?" Xuefeng asked calmly. "I want to speak to her." 


Jiao swiftly shook her head. "That's not an option. I already showed your Fate Spirit what you want to see. Jiao is safe. Now let me go."


"That wasn't a question. That was an order," Xuefeng corrected. "I want to hear Jiao say that this is what she wants." 


"You do realize I could kill your lover and simply take over her body? Don't abuse my kindness. I will remain in control of her until I have my revenge. That was the deal between us. Only then will I release her so she can come back to you and live happily ever after," Jiao replied coldly but Xuefeng wasn't easy to give up. 


How could someone defeat him in the game of bluffing? 


"If you don't give me a minute to talk with her, I will take you with us and you can forget about your revenge," Xuefeng blackmailed casually. "Imagine waiting for such a long time to get your revenge and when you are so close, you are stopped once again. Instead of being free, you will waste time because you are too stubborn to give us one minute together. Do I ask for too much?" 


"You…" Jiao gritted her teeth. "It's not because I don't want to but because I'm currently too weak to give up the control. I can at most give you thirty seconds together and that's it. Also, I'm only giving in because she won't stop crying. Don't think your blackmail worked on me."


"Let me speak with her then." 


Jiao gave him one last glare and closed her eyes. Xuefeng waved at Nuwa to lift the restriction full and Jiao's body shivered. Her eyelids trembled as tears spilled the moment her eyes opened. 




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