Against Heaven's Will - Chapter 262

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Chapter 262: The Lonely Queens


"I did enjoy it. You should ask your mommy about how she felt though. I can only speak for myself," Xuefeng replied casually as he placed Sena back on the floor.


"I don't need to ask," Sena shook her head as she stayed in his embrace. "If you look at mommy's face, you will see that she enjoyed it plenty." 


She gave Xuefeng a glance and added, "It seems like Daddy is quite skilled in his craft…" 


"Cough, one can get good after a lot of practice," Xuefeng muttered as he cleared his throat. "Anyway, I will need to leave for now but I will come soon. Ling is also my wife so she requires my attention as well."


"So Daddy won't come for me?" Sena asked while turning sad and looking up at him with puppy eyes. How could he reject her?


"Of course I will come for you too," Xuefeng assured as he rubbed her back. 


"Will I get attention too?" Sena asked again, followed by another nod from him. 


She finally brightened happily and tightened her hug, her chest rubbing against him as she bounced on her legs. He could tell that aside from her actions, she was nowhere close to being a kid. 


Her body was like that of an adult and she would soon become one as well. His group was bound to corrupt her innocent Soul as she broadens her horizons. 


"Daddy, before you leave, can I ask you a question?" Sena asked after a short pause. "I want you to be honest with me." 


"Of course. I'm always honest," Xuefeng replied with a head pat. "What is it?" 


Sena pursed her lips and asked sweetly, "Daddy, when you look at me, do you think of me as your daughter or as a woman?" 


As she spoke, her hands lit up and she placed them on his face. Xuefeng immediately felt the urge to tell her the truth. 


"I see you as a woman since you are not my real daughter," Xuefeng announced honestly, causing Sena to smile mysteriously.


"Are you attracted to me then?" she asked again and stepped back while putting her arms behind her back. She strengthened her shoulders and leaned slightly forward so he could get a better look at her body. 


Xuefeng got baited right in as he took a glimpse inside her loose dress that exposed her naked breasts. 


"I do find you attractive," Xuefeng confirmed only to get back to his senses and squint his eyes at her. "Sena… I told you not to use your power on me." 


"Hehe, I was just asking casually," Sena giggled as she returned back to her cute form, no longer trying to look sexy. "You are free to go now. I won't hold you back anymore since Daddy is busy." 


"She is totally outplaying him…" Ming commented speechlessly to which Ling only shook her head with a deep sigh. 


"Hey, I can hear you…" Xuefeng called out but he could only blame himself. He lowered his guard for her and now he was entering into her trap. 


What he said was still the truth so it didn't change anything. He wasn't someone who hid the truth anyway. Sena was testing him but he didn't want to imagine what she wanted to achieve. His mind was already distracted when he was supposed to focus on finding the next Elemental Stone. 


Xuefeng gave the three of them one last look before his full consciousness returned to Nuwa.


"Everything, okay?" Nuwa questioned, noticing his absence of mind and he nodded, not going into details. Nuwa was the last person to inform about the new woman in his life. 


"Congratulations," Anastasia praised the moment they left the bubble. "We were just talking about you two since I could already tell it was a success."


While they were locked, Anastasia was chatting with his wives, casually integrating herself deeper into his life. Xuefeng had to admit, when the Queens wanted something, they were the first to act. 


"That's indeed a feat worthy of celebration," Drakos commented, his gaze locked on the Fate Stone Palace. "How about we have a party in this beautiful Palace instead of staying out in the open? I would love to taste the local food."


There wasn't a single person in the group that didn't know his real intentions and Anastasia wasn't dumb either. 


"Actually, now that we know Nuwa is safe, I wouldn't mind if all of you continue your journey. My Kingdom is a mess right now and I would like to focus on the recovery," Anastasia proposed honestly. "You are naturally welcome to come back later once you are done with your matters." 


Anastasia wasn't lying when she said it. Many buildings were destroyed due to the young man's rampage and her people were still shaken. It wasn't the time to celebrate. 


"We will respect your wish," Xuefeng decided as he swam up to her to say his goodbyes. "Thank you for everything. We will of course stop by once we finish what we came for." 


Anastasia smiled as she gripped onto his hands and suddenly leaned over, kissing him deeply in front of everyone. 


"I can't wait for your return."




When she kissed him, the whole race gasped. The ladies were amazed while the guys looked like their hearts broke. The young man wasn't the only one who had a crush on their Queen but after what happened with him, no one was bold enough to do anything. 


Xuefeng glanced at his wives to see how they handled it but to his surprise, they didn't seem like they minded. Even Nuwa was calm aside from throwing Xuefeng a knowing glance. 


"Don't worry, I already talked to your wives and told them I will support you," Anastasia assured as she pulled away and waved at Momo. "I will send Momo with you all and she will lead you towards the Second Level of the Hellhole. The underground rivers connect to many places and it's much safer than the tunnels." 


"Alright," Xuefeng acknowledged with a nod as they were led by Momo towards one of the exits. The conversation quickly returned to Xuefeng's actions inside the Mermaid Kingdom and it was the first time his wives actually began to support him. 


"I don't think it would be a bad idea to look for connections with other Races. We are fighting against the King of Heaven after all. The more help we can get to secure our victory, the better for us," Wuying pondered out loud. "Now that Xuefeng is a target by many, we should secure the backing of all top races in the Cultivation World." 


"So you want Xuefeng to visit every lonely Queen out there and use his handsome face to gain allies?" Wu questioned just to make it clear and it was Momo who replied first. 


"I think that's a good idea. No woman would be able to resist Xuefeng when he uses his full charm," Momo agreed. "I am also sure there are many powerful races who would even side with you just because they don't like the King of Heaven." 


"If the news of the support is announced to the world, many will hesitate before they attack us as well," Wu pointed out.


"I can talk to my Queen and propose spreading rumors about the Mermaid Race supporting Xuefeng. I don't think my Queen would mind," Momo suggested. 


"That would be best. I can also use the Trade Union for that," Wu nodded eagerly, "but what if the King of Heaven starts going after those Races?"


"That won't happen. The Fate Kingdom has rules in places and Uncle won't let that happen," Ming replied as she appeared next to them to join the discussion. "Not to mention that he is lacking in power so he can't threaten anyone. The only thing he can do is to bribe with treasures but this shouldn't be a big issue." 


"So it seems like we are on the same page, right?" Tianshi questioned while glancing at Nuwa. It was clear she had a lot to say while being the most powerful. 


"Nothing changed on my side. I don't care what Xuefeng is doing as long as I receive enough love. If I don't, I will be the first to protest," Nuwa declared her stance. "I do agree though that we are in unusual times that require unusual measures." 


"I think you are forgetting something though," Xuefeng finally spoke, being the one the conversation revolved around. "I don't think many Races are ruled exclusively by their Queens. What if there are Kings by their side?" 


"You would be surprised," Katherine replied. "Races fight a lot and Kings are the first to die. Usually, the Queens stay alive and continue to rule afterward. Most of them don't marry again in respect to their husbands but I am sure they wouldn't mind tasting pleasure once again."


She glanced at Drakos and added, "Dragon Race is exactly like that. I am sure we can get their support this way." 


"Hell no!" Drakos called out angrily, making everyone look at him strangely. 


He took a deep breath and enlightened them. 


"The Queen of Dragon Race is my mother!" 


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