Against Heaven's Will - Chapter 271

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"That's only natural," Xuefeng nodded. "But before I say anything, I have a small request. Would you mind freeing me from your Art? I can't stop myself from staring all over you as if something is attracting me."

He tried to turn his head repeatedly only to be sucked back in again.

"Oh, I don't mind. You can stare at me all you want. I am already used to it," the lady assured casually. "It's also not something I can just turn off. It's a passive ability of my Bloodline."

The lady took another sip of her wine and added, "Is my body not good enough for you?"

"Of course it is," Xuefeng denied immediately. "It's definitely up to my liking. It's just hard to focus with such a sexy body in front of me. I'm after all a healthy man that admires beautiful women."

"Oh, really?" the lady asked back with interest. "Wouldn't you want to see more then?"

She didn't give Xuefeng a chance to reply as she suddenly stood up and climbed on the bed right next to them.

"How about now?"

Xuefeng didn't know how to react, staring at her speechlessly. Wasn't she a Master that even the King of Heaven had to bow down to? How come she was presenting herself to him?

"I don't think that changes anything. If anything, it distracts me even more," Xuefeng pointed out, his eyes skimming through her smooth skin. Her translucent nightgown was almost nonexistent, exposing her sexy underwear for him to see.

"Aren't you used to beautiful women? I saw you have many hot wives," the lady muttered playfully as she lay on her side and observed his reactions. "Don't they satisfy you plenty?"

"They do but your Bloodline is quite potent. I'm feeling hotter the closer you are..." Xuefeng replied as he took deep breaths, trying to calm himself down.

He wasn't lying in order to gain her affection. It was really happening. His body was burning inside and it only got worse when she neared him. She didn't seem to mind that and instead enjoyed his suffering.

"Treat it as your punishment," the lady decided as she reached out and grazed her fingers on his arm. "So, what did you want to tell me?"

Xuefeng's whole body shivered with her single touch, showing how dangerous she was.

"What I said came from a quick observation…" Xuefeng began while gazing at her blurred face. "All your disciple does is fight some weak thieves who come to steal Fate Stones. You are limiting her potential by forcing her to stay here."


The Thunder Goddess reacted to his words sharply but she was unable to struggle free.

"She doesn't meet any enemy that would push her limits which will eventually lead her to stagnate," Xuefeng explained further. "If I was as powerful as you, I would take her on an adventure instead of staying in a single Realm."

"I see… If viewed from your point of view, that's indeed a logical explanation. The only problem is that you judge things based on what you know while ignoring everything else," the lady muttered calmly while gently scratching his back. "You didn't even reach the Ancient Stage and you have an opinion about how an expert like me teaches my disciple?"

Even though her words were sharp as a knife, her touch was soft and gentle, pleasuring him with each move.

"How can you call me a useless Master if you know nothing about the training and arts that we use. What if there is a purpose behind everything we do? Please enlighten me."

"You are right," Xuefeng agreed. "It is only natural to perceive the world with what you know. If I am proved wrong then I will of course change my opinion and apologize."

"Do you think I care about apologies?" the lady countered. "They are just empty words that don't matter. I only believe in actions."

"Sure then. If I am proved wrong then I can only make it up to you."

Xuefeng was forced to swallow a moan as she teased him further, scratching the back of his head as if petting a dog.

"And why would I go out of my way to prove it? I know you are wrong from the very beginning," the lady revealed while finally wrapping her fingers around his neck. "Wouldn't it be easier to just kill you for insulting me?"

Xuefeng paused, slowly running out of options. The lady was clearly toying with him as her mind seemed already decided. She just wanted to milk some fun from him while she was at it.

He could only give her the fun she wanted, hoping he could satisfy her.

"It would be easier but then you would lose your toy," Xuefeng pointed out shamelessly, intriguing here enough to buy some time. "Aren't you just keeping me alive because you are bored and wish someone could entertain you?"

Powerful experts have one thing in common and that was a very long life. Most of them have already been through it all, making it hard to find something that will excite them. There is a reason why a lot of powerhouses start to kill people for fun and play around.

"Haha!" His words caused the lady to giggle and release him as she lay down on her back. "Do you have any idea how many Cultivators that are more powerful than you have tried to become my toy? I can't even count them. They were willing to give up anything for me to step on them."

"Oh, well, I am not into stepping. Even if you offer, I will have to reject you," Xuefeng denied as he locked his gaze on her chest. "I would rather dominate you and make you beg for more."

The lady was taken aback and sat up. She gulped down her wine and threw the glass behind her as she crawled up to his face. Her two peaks bounced as she stopped inches before his eyes and the blur finally disappeared.

Xuefeng's mind blanked out as if he was in a trance, losing himself in her red eyes. Her gaze alone crippled his body and sucked his strength away.

"I have never met a man strong enough to reject me. You are not an exception," she whispered as she rubbed his chin, pulling his whole body up. "If I tell you to sit, you will sit. If I tell you to bark, you will bark."

Her actions caused Thunder Goddess to finally regain her freedom and she swiftly escaped, wiggling out of Xuefeng's weight. He couldn't stop her in any way as he was too busy with the Boss instead.

They continued to stare into each other's eyes when the lady asked, "Is there something you want to say?"

"I am not surprised by those Cultivators. You are indeed beautiful," Xuefeng replied honestly as he reached out to hold her face. "I can't help but want to hold you close."

She smirked only to frown when Xuefeng's palm drew dangerously close.

"You shouldn't touch me," the lady muttered, and his palm froze just as he was about to reach her. "So far anyone who tried to do so ended up dying right after. It's not a smart idea."

"You can't blame me. My body is moving on my own," Xuefeng explained with a shrug. "It knows what it wants and right now it's you."

He was trying to be smooth and seduce her back, being confident in his skills. If he could save his life by flirting, he would gladly take that chance.

"I am not worried. I know you won't kill me. You knew from the start that I was wrong yet you still kept me alive and entertained me. You clearly want something from me and I am here to satisfy you," Xuefeng assured when he noticed a pained expression in her eyes.

"There is little that can satisfy me. No matter what I do, I can never be fully satisfied," the lady said with a sigh and turned his back to him. "I lost my mood. This conversation is over."

Xuefeng's heart sank at her words. It was now or never!

He lunged forward and embraced her from behind, wrapping his arms around her. It was at that moment when his eyes suddenly darkened and his consciousness slipped out of his control.

Xuefeng was already out when the lady in his arms shivered, melting into his torso. She seemed to be enjoying his warm embrace for as long as it lasted, waiting for the unavoidable consequences of touching her.

She covered his hands with her palms and led them onto her chest, spoiling herself with the male touch she experienced so rarely. She could feel Xuefeng's life force was being sucked away by her, similar to any other male that ever touched her.

"Sigh, if only there was someone who could handle me… I would give anything for a single night of pleasure…" the lady muttered with sadness.

Her Bloodline, although powerful, didn't let her experience any type of physical love, sentencing her to eternal loneliness.


Just as she was about to throw Xuefeng off her back before he turned into a corpse, his heart started to beat faster. The man she thought would die any second, suddenly returned back to life and moved ever so slightly, showing signs of life.

Thunder Goddess Master's instantly panicked and threw him on the bed while staring at Xuefeng with her eyes wide open.

"He is still breathing!"

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