Against Heaven's Will - Chapter 287

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Xuefeng already expected Emi's Realm to be a blessed land with lots of resources but it definitely overshoot his expectations. Not only was there an abundance of Qi to absorb, accompanied by a near unlimited amount of Fate Stones and Beasts for training, one could even find wild Spirit Herbs that Lisa couldn't help but freak out about. 

The zone with quickened time was relatively small to the whole size of Emi's Realm but after a few days, Xuefeng finally took Lisa and her small gang for further exploring. It wasn't long before they found their first Spirit Herb and then even more afterwards. 

"This herb! Do you have any idea how rare it is?!" Lisa called out excitedly as she carefully extracted the flaming petals. "Combined with the others we got, I think I can make a powerful Healing Pill that will easily regenerate an injured Soul and even strengthen it!" 

"Whoa, that's great," Xuefeng nodded as he watched her work. "We can maybe make use of it to help Sena." 

He was still bothered by how Sena didn't wake up even after a few days and he slowly started to get worried. It was one of the main reasons why he wanted to find a method to help her recover. Ming said it was simply fatigue but he couldn't help but think about it. 

"Yeah, that's very possible. I will also make a batch of Body Strengthening pills from the Ice Flower from before," Lisa informed as she pulled out her cauldron. "Those should be much easier to make so I will start with them. Combined with the batch of Soul Strengthening Pills, it can potentially help all of us to break through into the Ancient Celestian Stage." 

Xuefeng had no idea what she was saying so he simply nodded as he gave her the scene to shine. "Alright then, do your work." 

Even with thirty days, it was extremely hard to advance as quickly as they wanted to. Normal Cultivators took years to reach that level and they wanted to finish within a month. Anyone would laugh as long as it wasn't Xuefeng stating those statements. 

"Yiren, would you mind?" Lisa questioned with a smile and Yiren nodded, suddenly touching the nearby tree. It began to twist and turn before expanding into a big, fancy wooden house.

"I made you a separate room," Yiren informed and Lisa immediately skipped towards the closed room. "Thanks! I will be back soon!"

It was obvious that any kind of distraction like wind or even them talking could disturb Lisa's Alchemy.

"How have you been the past few days?" Xuefeng wondered as he gathered the girls into his arms. He has been trying to give all his wives some time so after his throughout training with Nuwa and Wuying, he left them alone as he visited the other group. 

"It has been fun. This whole Realm is so beautiful," Yiren pointed out as they collapsed on a bed made out of clouds and cuddled into Xuefeng's chest. "Thanks for taking me out for adventures. I loved it so far." 

"Of course, how could I leave you behind?" Xuefeng replied while kissing them both.

Their atmosphere quickly heated up as girls' hands roamed on his body but when they tried to target his pants, they realized Mona was sitting right on top of his crotch. She was like a Guardian of the Galaxy with her eight tails wrapped around her feet which made it impossible to access what's beneath.

Instead of moving away, she just laid down and closed her eyes as if she found that place comfortable. Xuefeng could only smile wryly as he changed the subject. 

"How are your Fate Abilities? Did you awaken anything new?" 

Just like him, they had their own Fate Spirits who were helping them with their Cultivation. He was sure that they were on cloud nine after absorbing so much Fate Stones. Every Fate Spirit had two natural Abilities but some were still yet to awaken their second one. 

"Yes, I have a second one but it is nothing new," Yiren informed. "The first one improves my affinity to nature, allowing me to control beasts while the other allows me to strengthen and boost their strength. I have been thinking of making some new friends but I can't find any I like in here." 

"Does it work like a momentarily boost or is it permanent?" Xuefeng questioned curiously. 

"It actually works the same as Tianshi's boosts," Yiren replied. "It also doesn't only work on beasts. I can strengthen anyone but it only lasts for five minutes and then the person suffers from a minute of a weakened state."

"Depending on the strength given, it's not that bad," Xuefeng muttered. "We should test it after." 

"Sure," Yiren nodded excitedly. 

Xuefeng gazed at Mona, wanting to question her as well when they suddenly heard an explosion coming from Lisa's room. He was about to get up to check on her but she rushed out right after with a full vial of pills in her hand. "It was a success!" 

Mona got up and stretched out at Lisa's entry before pulling out her cute tongue. It felt like it wasn't the first time it happened since Lisa smiled and crouched near Mona while opening the vial. 

"What are you doing?" Xuefeng questioned as Lisa pulled out one of the pills. It definitely didn't look safe seeing random flames bursting out from the pill. 

"Oh, Mona is my Pill tester. She can handle all kinds of side effects so she is perfect," Lisa explained while feeding Mona carefully. "Don't worry, she can eat all kinds of Spirit Herbs, and it's actually beneficial to her. Maybe she will finally recover her ninth tail?"

Mona licked her lips as she crushed the pill in her mouth and swallowed it casually. She tilted her head as if checking if it's fine and then nodded in approval. 

"See, my pills are safe nine out of ten time—" 


Lisa cut off her words short when they heard an explosion coming from Mona's stomach. She seemed to be fine at first but then her eyes turned red and her tails burst with flames. 

"Aah…" Mona moaned while her fur began to burn and she slowly turned ash grey. Xuefeng was already readying himself to help when he noticed a ninth tail growing out of her rear. 

"She is transforming!" 

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