Against Heaven's Will - Chapter 328

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Nuwa and Wuying exchanged glances, but their conflict didn't escalate further because Wuying conceded this round. It wasn't worth challenging Nuwa's leadership while she was already frustrated from the loss of a powerful Bloodline.

Xuefeng was the one who broke their tension as he stepped towards the newcomers and greeted them all with a welcoming kiss. "It's good to see you again. I missed everyone," he said affectionately. "Before we move to a new topic, I just want to say a few more words about my Bloodline."

Xuefeng eyed everyone in their group and explained, "As I said before, pure Bloodlines have special effects on others with similar Bloodlines, one effect being the increase in attraction for both sides. I understand why Bella wouldn't want to mix two pure Bloodlines together, but everyone else, I hope you can accept it, even if only a little. I won't force you to become pure Dragons like me, but just a few drops will let us all bond closer."

"I already told everyone, but I can't accept such a dominant Bloodline," Nuwa relayed the news. "Even those few drops will overshadow the rest of my Bloodline, and I might lose everything I worked on. I also don't have much use for it since it only improves your strength and defense. If my opponent can already break through my offensive capabilities, no amount of defense will help me anyway."

"That's understandable," Xuefeng nodded as he walked up to pull Nuwa into his arms. "Even without accepting my Dragon Bloodline, I will still treat you the same as always. This is also for anyone else who feels the same way. Your cultivation is still the most important, so don't ruin your progress just to become more attracted to me."

Just because he acquired a new Bloodline didn't mean he was no longer a man. It was merely his preference, but he still enjoyed caressing beautiful women, and Nuwa was a prime example. He initially thought he wouldn't react to her body, but the extended period of mutual pleasure developed habits that even his Bloodline couldn't break.

His arm wrapped around Nuwa's waist effortlessly, while his palm casually slid down her bottom to enjoy her perfect curves. She didn't reject his touch and even encouraged it with a smile as she kissed him deeply.

"I might only take a bit as you suggested," Wuying voiced out, pausing their public display of affection as she approached them from behind. "Although it could potentially disrupt the Soul Abilities of my Succubus Bloodline, they don't fit my fighting style anyway. I'm also curious about how it would feel to resonate with our Bloodlines. I was always jealous of Yiren and Nuwa, but now we can also experience the same."

"Don't worry, this issue won't significantly impact our love life. I have my ways of pleasuring my man without needing to use Bloodlines," Nuwa retorted, pressing Xuefeng's head into her chest.

"Is that why you are caressing Xuefeng's ears right now?" Wuying asked with a casual smile. "Perhaps you do need some Dragon Bloodline. We all know how you value physical connection with Xuefeng. Make sure you don't regret it later."

Nuwa pretended she was just rubbing Xuefeng's hair and released him, her gaze falling on Wuying. "As I said, there's nothing to worry about. Everyone should decide for themselves."

"No fighting, please," Xuefeng gently reminded as he flicked their foreheads and telepathically questioned Tianshi. 'Everything alright with them? I sense tension. Are they still competing over leadership?'

'A few of us aspire to become one, but Nuwa and Wuying are the most active. They should resolve their dispute soon, so just ignore them. This matter needs to be settled between us,' Tianshi replied without meeting his eyes.

Xuefeng could tell she was still mad at him, and didn't hesitate to approach to cheer her up with a gentle scratch on her back. Even though he felt he had no other choice, he blamed himself for the outcome.

'I might have accepted that this world is more open with relationships, but remember, I was born on Earth where that's not the norm. I will still be upset every time you find a new wife for yourself,' Tianshi said as she poked the scales on his side in response. 'Don't force yourself to appease us. Spend some time with Katherine and Xinyu. Can't you see they're eager to pounce on you?'

'I've noticed, but you're important to me. I wanted to make sure you're okay,' Xuefeng said softly before leaning over to plant a kiss on her cheek. 'Love you.'

'Love you too…' His affection weakened her resolve to ignore him, but she didn't forget the gut punch she felt when she discovered what had happened. 'Shoo, shoo. Your kisses won't work on me.'

Xuefeng simply smiled at her reaction and shifted his attention back to the others. The ladies had already guessed they were speaking in secret, but he didn't satisfy their curiosity. "Don't worry, it's nothing. Shall we continue, Yiren? What did you want to discuss?"

"Wait!" Drakos interjected, his expression still clouded from earlier. "Are we just going to ignore the fact that Xuefeng slept with my mother? Doesn't anyone care about how I feel?"

He hoped for some support, considering everyone was equally upset, but he was shut down immediately.

"We're just as unhappy as you, but we're not children. We recognize it was a necessary evil to bolster the strength of our group," Tianshi said, her gaze piercing. "Would you have preferred he slaughtered everyone in the Dragon Realm to secure the Earth Flame? If not, then mature and calm yourself."

"I'm sure you'll also crave the pure Bloodline eventually, so don't be hypocritical," Wuying chimed in, prompting a drastic shift in Drakos' demeanor.

"Actually, all this time, I've wanted to congratulate him. Reviving the pure Dragon Bloodline from the brink of extinction is a magnificent contribution to the Dragon Race. I can't express my gratitude enough."

Silence engulfed the space around them.

Finally, Yiren stepped forward, revisiting the information she had already shared. "I wanted to discuss the beings known as Constellations that we'll soon confront."


Once she finished explaining, Ming and Ling stepped outside to deliberate with the group, though they offered little assistance.

"I've never heard of these Constellations. That man probably kept it a secret from everyone," Ming mused, hugging Xuefeng from behind. "Now that I reflect on it, his sporadic disappearances make sense. He was likely concentrating on refining other Realms after fully controlling the Fate Kingdom."

"So the Fate Kingdom hasn't fully dominated all of their realms yet? How many are there?" Xuefeng inquired gravely. "Can he harness the power from each Realm like these Constellations?"

"There were five major Realms and ten minor ones linked to the Fate Kingdom before I left. There may be more now since he always sought new Realms to extend the Fate Kingdom's dominion," Ming answered. "To establish a connection, you don't need to refine a Realm; just imprint its Core. It merely needs to recognize you, which isn't challenging with unclaimed Realms."

"As for his power, I told you he's almost invincible within the Fate Kingdom. He can draw upon all its stored Fate Qi. I'm uncertain if he's refined other major Realms, but he can surely tap into their power if he has," Ming continued, moving to face Xuefeng. "What's your plan? Will you become a Constellation, or will you aim to open as many Gates as possible?"

"The apparent choice is to take over the Fate Kingdom, bestowing blessings upon all of you as we ascend together. Unfortunately, we have no idea how difficult that would be, so it's best we wait for Emi's return," Xuefeng proposed. "Though I discovered her weakness and became her Master, it's evident she could obliterate us all in a heartbeat. If she's not one of the Constellations, imagine how much stronger they are. It'd be foolish to provoke them unprepared."

Xuefeng had always risked everything to reach his current state, but he recognized his limits. Even with all Elemental Stones, he wasn't confident in confronting a being that dominated more than a hundred Realms.

"For now, our focus is the Earth Flame and my Dragon Bloodline until Emi returns with Wu. It'll be a while before I can generate enough Bloodline Essence, but we're not pressed for time," Xuefeng decided, turning to the eager duo. "Since Katherine and Xinyu already possess Dragon Bloodline, I'll start with them. It will be quickest to increase the quality of their bloodline."

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