Against Heaven's Will - Chapter 330

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"Is this the place?" Xuefeng asked, the soothing symphony of the nearby waterfall reaching his ears.

"Mhmm, it's right in the forest below," Katherine replied softly, her heartbeat quickening with each second in his arms. She had thought they would be fine after absorbing the Bloodline Essence and had even accepted Xuefeng's proposal to fly together. However, the amount she had was merely a drop in a bucket.

"Don't worry, I will let go of you soon," Xuefeng assured with a smile and nose-dived through the opening in the forest, his golden wings smoothly maneuvering between millennial trees. The girls closed their eyes as they clung to his body and only opened them when their feet touched the familiar ground.

"Are you okay?" Xuefeng asked, his hands rubbing their waists affectionately before releasing them. "At least you are no longer oppressed by my presence anymore so that's progress. A few more drops and I will be able to touch you freely."

The mother and daughter blushed in a deep shade of red, their bodies trembling under his teasing gaze. They suggested this place for that exact reason, knowing they wouldn't be able to resist their urges once they fully refine their Bloodline.

"I feel at ease when I stand by your side, but whenever you touch me, your skin leaves burning marks that weaken my body," Xinyu explained as she tried to calm down. "It's hard to explain since that's the first time I ever experienced it. Maybe it will subside after we get used to it."

"Well, we might as well try since I still need some time to produce more Bloodline Essence," Xuefeng replied, suddenly pulling Xinyu into his arms again. "Tell me if you feel uncomfortable, okay?"

Xinyu didn't have time to respond as he brushed his hand through the back of her long dark-purple hair and pulled her in for a kiss. As soon as their lips touched together, her whole body went into shock, trembling and shivering. She was barely able to reach for his muscular shoulders before she felt limp, her full weight leaning against him.

Xuefeng deepened the kiss to test her further and soon felt her initial reaction slowly melt away. Not only did Xinyu start to reciprocate, but she also clung to him even more firmly, her nails digging into his back. He could sense an unfamiliar warmth emanating from the core of her bloodline, which seemed to resonate harmoniously with his own. It was as if the very essence of their being was merging, intertwining in a passionate dance.

Breaking the kiss to let her catch her breath, Xuefeng turned his gaze to Katherine, who was watching with wide eyes and flushed cheeks. He didn't even need to explain his desires; she leaned in of her own accord, their lips meeting in a gentle, lingering kiss. Unlike her daughter's fiery reaction, Katherine's was more of a soft ripple that gradually grew into an overwhelming wave of emotions. She too felt an exquisite sensation from the depths of her bloodline, a profound connection that made her heart race uncontrollably.

Although his lips felt as if they had just bitten into a spicy pepper, their Bloodlines seemed to crave more. The overpowering sensations during the first kiss were slowly replaced by a comforting warmth, a sign that their bodies were getting acclimated to the unique connection they shared.

"This is dangerous…" Katherine commented, her lips trembling for more as Xuefeng pulled away from their second kiss. "My body still burns from your touch but instead of feeling overwhelming, it's more addicting. It feels as if the king demands my body and I am being forced to accept his wishes."

She barely finished speaking before closing in to kiss his neck, his scent making her unable to control herself. Her tongue danced over his sensitive skin, her mouth exploring every ridge and curve, tracing the path of his throbbing pulse. A soft growl escaped Xuefeng's throat as her soft kisses transformed into gentle nips, heightening his senses.

Their actions seemed to awaken his Dragon Bloodline as his skin began covering with a set of black scales. Xuefeng immediately turned to the culprit and smacked her bottom, his palm sinking amongst her moans. His intense touch provoked her bloodline as well, her body wrapping with golden scales that shone like a rainbow in the sunlight.

"It's supposed to feel addicting," Xuefeng announced, casually burning Katherine's clothes to admire her voluptuous body. "Just wait until you become pure Dragons. All you feel right now will be multiplied and turned into pleasure instead."

He used to dislike scaled-covered bodies, but it all changed after acquiring Dragon Bloodline. He now couldn't imagine a sexier body than hers, his own desires pushing him to enjoy every bit of beauty before him.

Katherine felt another wave of tension as his gaze swept across her body and she stepped into his arms, claiming his whole attention for herself. Her arms wrapped around his head and dragged him into a passionate battle as their tongues mixed together. It was a completely intoxicating experience for the both of them, but for two different reasons.

Xuefeng simply enjoyed the softness of her tongue while Katherine entered into a crazed trance of seeking pleasure. She began to undress him while constantly biting his lips, sucking, and licking with alarming passion. Neither Xinyu nor Xuefeng realized something was wrong until they noticed the blank expression in her golden eyes, even though her body moved instinctively.

He didn't hesitate to pick them both up and step into the crystal clear pond. Katherine didn't even react to the coldness covering them until Xinyu splashed water on her face.

"Huh?" Katherine's eyes suddenly snapped back into focus and she looked at her surroundings. "Why are we in the water?"

"I think I know what happened," Xuefeng muttered as he released them both. "You got intoxicated after tasting my saliva and lost yourself in pleasure. How are you feeling?"

"A bit disoriented, but overall amazing. Actually, I've never felt better," Katherine said, swimming into his arms again. "Can we continue? If just your kiss can make me forget myself, your friend below will blow our minds."

Both her hands found their way onto his burning erection as she Xuefeng suggested as he withdrew three more drops from the Dragon Stone. "We can continue once you are done refining the looked at him excitedly. She seemed to be still influenced by the crazy amount of pleasure, so he grabbed hold of her arms and hugged her from behind to restrict her movements.

"Just relax for now. I don't think you can handle anything more," Xuefeng suggested as he withdrew three more drops from the Dragon Stone. "We can continue once you are done refining the next batch. Open your mouth."

Katherine licked his fingers when he tried to pry her lips apart, and he resisted his urge to play with her tongue as he shoved the drops into her mouth. Her crazed expression vanished in an instant and she stopped struggling, only holding onto his arm for support.

"I guess this is the reason why the rulers of races have the purest Bloodline. They can easily control others with just their Bloodline alone," Xinyu commented as she stored her wet clothes in her spatial ring. "Do you have some for me as well?"

"With my current regeneration speed, I can at most produce a single drop every few minutes, so you will have to wait for a moment," Xuefeng replied as he reached to caress her ample breasts. "Now that I think about it, didn't we also kiss with our tongues? How come you didn't react like Katherine?"

"I did feel a rush of pleasure, and I even reeled as you pulled from our kiss, but it wasn't enough to lose my mind. I had three drops of your Blood Essence which probably made me more immune," Xinyu replied softly, leaning against his touch by answering with her own. "Since we have some time, I guess we can only make good use of it."

She smiled playfully while stroking him and suddenly dove underwater before he could stop her. The very next second, the warmth of her hands was replaced with her mouth, and Xuefeng had to take a deep breath to stay composed under the constant barrage of pleasure.

"You asked for it…"

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