Against Heaven's Will - Chapter 331

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The flames of passion ignited in Xuefeng's eyes. He gathered Xinyu's hair and led her movements with a soft thrust of his hips. With each motion, she took him deeper, her tongue swirling around his shaft and teasing the tip. The interplay of cool and warm sensations heightened his pleasure, bringing him close to the edge sooner than he anticipated.

Katherine moaned as he grasped her chest to make more space on the surface, but when tried to pull Xinyu's head back, she was having none of it and continued to suck him. Her arms wrapped around his thighs, and she demonstrated how much she missed him, her nose almost touching his abdomen.

"Damn, when did you learn that?" Xuefeng cursed, his voice husky with desire.

He tugged on Xinyu's hair as her last warning, but she didn't even flinch, her lips tightening around him and her tongue dancing faster. She was determined to swallow his essence and her eyes were shining with a mixture of lust and excitement.

'Don't worry, she won't die even if you do it with them.' Ming's voice resounded in his mind, calming his concerns just before he reached his limit. Both tensed as his seed spilled into her eager mouth, and she trembled after fully tasting it.

Xuefeng considered pulling out to save her, but she denied with crazed ambition. Her nails pressed against his scales, and she sucked until the last drop ended up in her mouth. She seemed to know he wouldn't be done with just this much as she stroked him while resurfacing with her mouth full. Only when their eyes met did she swallow provocatively, signaling her determination.

"I never thought you could taste even better, but I guess I was wrong," Xinyu admitted while licking her lips. "I might not have gone crazy yet, but I feel the signs of addiction. My body tingles everywhere, wanting more."

She leaned closer to let him hold her, and pleaded while grinding her body against his, "Please, can we do it? I will be able to endure anything if you are with me."

Xuefeng didn't need any more convincing and pulled her into a kiss, his tongue forcing its way into her mouth. She let out a muffled moan as she tasted him again, her body shivering in his arms.

"I'm still surprised you are holding on better than Katherine," Xuefeng muttered, his fingers sliding down her back to grant her wish. "I thought she would be the one claiming me for herself."

"Ahh, maybe full dragons react differently from mixed races..." Xinyu tried to speak amidst her leaking moans, her body growing weak as he continued to stir her insides. "Don't stop... I'm all yours..."

Xuefeng was happy to comply, his body moving in sync with hers. Just as she grasped his erection and aimed it forward, he pierced into her thighs with a single thrust. She momentarily tightened her legs together which pushed him against her most sensitive spot and sent her into a frenzy.


Xinyu's body shuddered and she cried out, her nails digging into his back as her whole body went limp. She was so confident just a moment ago, but as soon as he knocked at her gates, he broke all of her defenses. She expected him to pause to let her recover, yet he continued to move, his pace increasing with the melody of her moans.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't resist you," Xuefeng whispered into her ear, his tongue teasing her lobe. "I'm going to release inside you this time, so prepare yourself."

Xinyu didn't have the strength to answer, her body burning with pleasure. She could feel her juices spilling out alongside his shaft just before his whole length slid inside her. From that moment, everything she experienced was a blur, her world collapsing from a sea of pleasure. She felt as if she was drowning in the waves of ecstasy, her body being dragged down to the depths of her consciousness.

Xuefeng didn't think he could easily achieve the pleasure he found in the arms of Dragon Queen, yet the factor of love changed everything. His heart was filled with affection and it mixed with his lust, amplifying his desires. He couldn't help but feel a sense of fulfillment as he watched his beloved succumb to his touch, her body surrendering to the bliss of his touch.

Each thrust felt so good he didn't even realize that Katherine had woken up from his excessive grip. He switched from one breast to another while pinching on her nipples which unconsciously quickened her refining. What took her close to half an hour for the first time only took a few minutes with the help of his touch.

"Huh? How are you done already?" Xuefeng questioned in surprise as she turned around and embraced him.

Katherine didn't reply right away, distracted by the pure ecstasy coming from her daughter. She pouted, but she didn't spoil their moment. "If you have any Bloodline Essence left, give it to her now. It seems like your touch helps us refine your Bloodline Essence. I'm sure she will absorb it in no time with you inside her."

"I see," Xuefeng muttered, his free hand gripping her ass for goodbye. "I don't have any excess, but I can use my own instead. Don't go anywhere since you are next."

"I will be waiting for you," Katherine replied with a smile, her tongue teasing his lips as she moved to hug him from behind. "Just make sure you don't get lost in her."

Xuefeng chuckled and kissed her deeply before returning to Xinyu who barely held onto his neck. She was in her own world and only acted on instincts, so he pulled away for the first time since they connected and turned her around. Her eyes snapped open with a sharp gaze as if her favorite toy was stolen, but Xuefeng ignored her complaints and sent her to cloud nine with another thrust. The sudden pleasure took her breath away and she fell back into his arms, giving him full control over her body.

"Let's finish this together," Xuefeng whispered into her ear, his hand reaching between her legs to stroke her swollen clit. "I know you can hear my voice... Make sure to absorb everything."

Xinyu couldn't even reply, but her body reacted to his words. Each time he advanced, she pushed back with her hips to take him deeper, her moans and whimpers urging him to continue. Her body was so sensitive that even the gentlest touch caused her to shudder, her muscles tightening, and her climax approaching rapidly.

"You are going to be a beautiful beautiful dragon," Xuefeng praised, his both hands squeezing her breasts just before he exploded inside her.


Xinyu's whole body felt as if it shut down, violently convulsing as she moaned into the sky. Xuefeng held her firmly, but his body wasn't doing any better, his Bloodline Essence draining rapidly. His own legs soon went limp and they both fell under the water surface in each other's embrace.

'You gave her too much silly...' Ming scolded him just before his consciousness faded away.

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