Chapter 13: Each Fiance

Ten days have passed since the heroine Akari awakened the powers of the Holy Prayer and nothing has happened since.

In the meantime, Tiararose hasn’t gone to the castle since then and spends her time in her mansion. Aquasteed contacts her every other day but nothing about the Holy Prayer was mentioned.

――Does Aqua-sama perhaps not know? Or does he know and is just hiding it from me?

She couldn’t just directly ask if he knew about information that the royal family was keeping silent about.

Tiararose’s father Marquis Clementide may perhaps be aware of it but she still couldn’t ask him about it as she wouldn’t be able to explain how she knew this information.


「Tiararose-sama, the preparations for bridal training has been completed」

「Thank you Philiane, with this we will be ready to head for the Marineforest at anytime」

Tiararose had spoken with her father and it was decided that Philiane would also be taken along to Marineforest. After the one year of bridal training is completed she would then return and continue the talks regarding her future.
According to Philiane, when the time comes she will be fine as she puffed out her chest in pride. She was still young. So even if anything happened she would still have time.

The preparations for bridal training have been completed but there are still no prospects of departing yet.
Tiararose believed that it will be difficult to depart until the case regarding Akari is resolved.
Aquasteed is from Marineforest which is a powerful country so having him leave might not be wise…..or at least she thought.
On the contrary, it was a smart move to report to Aquasteed after securing Akari.
That way Akari wouldn’t be stolen. Those who can use the Holy Prayer are given patronage as they possess a unique power.

「But I wonder when we will depart, isn’t it nearing the time His Highness Aquasteed will return to his country?」

「That’s right, originally Aqua-sama had only planned on staying a year to study here」

――Therefore, please resolve the various problems soon!

Tiararose had no choice but to pray that the problems would be solved as soon as possible. While she was uneasy it was also frustrating to be only able to wait for Aquasteed to contact her.


◇ ◇ ◇

A couple of days passed and a message then arrived from Aquasteed saying that he wanted to meet.
Tiararose wondered if the situation had finally been resolved as she gave a sigh of relief. Since her father didn’t mention any bad news she was looking forward to visiting Aquasteed.

「Philiane, has the cake finished baking?」

「Yes, it’s finished and looks delicious」

「Then would you prepare my room?」

Usually they would have tea on the terrace of the garden but unfortunately it was cloudy today. She had thought of using the reception room but since she was leaving soon she had decided to use her room.
Tiararose thought that it would be similar to inviting a friend and having a girls’ party in her room which would be a pleasant memory.

「……But happiness is indeed a blessing」

As she giggled gently a servant then came to inform her that a carriage had arrived.
Aquasteed exited from the carriage and smiled happily when he saw Tiararose peeking through the window. Aquasteed was then immediately guided by a servant and headed towards the room of Tiararose.

「I am sorry for not being able to visit recently, I have been busy with various preparations」

「No, please don’t mind it」

As soon as they became alone, Aquasteed then hugged Tiararose tightly.
Aquasteed had instantly apologized but Tiararose was aware that he had been busy. So she wouldn’t say anything selfish.

「But thanks to that all the preparations have been finished, I am sorry to keep you waiting」

「It’s alright, please……!」

Aquasteed murmured in a small voice “I wanted to meet you” and as expected it reached Tiararose. Then as if trying to swallow down those words he placed his lips against Tiararose’s lips.
But as soon as he released her lips, on the forehead, above the eyes, on the cheeks…….he touched one after another in a merciless sequence.


「You’re so cute today too, Tiara」


Tiararose’s cheeks redden as she watched Aquasteed smiled happily. “I wanted to see you” Tiararose also felt the same.
Tiararose also wanted to say her intentions but was a little embarrassed and instead――buried her face into the chest of Aquasteed.

「Ahhh, you’re truly incredibly cute, just one more time on the mouth okay……?」


Aquasteed pleaded one more time as he buried his face into the hair of Tiararose.
As expected, it was embarrassing for herself to reply back “yes”. However, Aquasteed’s hand gently patted Tiararose as he waited for a reply.

――What should I do? What should I do in such a situation!?

She had only kissed him several times.
Of course, she didn’t hate being kissed by Aquasteed. Just how should she answer? Tiararose lifted her face off the chest and looked up.
As she did that a kiss was planted on her cheek with a smile. Tiararose instinctively closed her eyes and Aquasteed took that as an approval and placed his lips against her’s once again.


While gently stroking the hair of Tiararose, Aquasteed went again for two more kisses, then again for three more kisses. Sweet sighs leaked out from Tiararose and he placed more power into his embrace.
In between between the kisses, a sweet voice called out “Tiara” and made her body tremble and her heart beat rapidly. A soft feeling assaulted Tiararose’s lips over and over from many different angles and began disrupting her breathing.

「Fu, mn……n, nn!?」


Tiararose’s lips slightly parted from her breathing and Aquasteed gently inserted his tongue. Her body shook as she widened her eyes in surprise and Aquasteed’s eyelashes came into sight.
She closed her eyes once again in embarrassment as the sound of her heart resonated within her body.
Their hot tongues became intertwined as she felt this sensation from Aquasteed for the first time. The sound of water reaches her ears and her body became hot with heat.
Embarrassed and ashamed, Tiararose felt as if she was no longer in control of her own body.
After a final kiss Aquasteed then parted from her.

「Ha, ha, ha……」

Tiararose came out of it with her body completely exhausted.
Aquasteed happily embraced Tiararose and sat down on the sofa while placing her onto his knees.


「Just let me stay closer a little while longer」

Tiararose became puzzled upon hearing this but Aquasteed caressed her hair without minding it.
The soft fluffy hair felt so good against his fingers and made him want to stroke it forever.

「…………The engagement has been decided」


「It’s with Miss Akari, I know it’s a topic Tiara doesn’t want to hear about」


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