Chapter 13: Each Fiance (2)

After stroking Tiararose’s hair many times, a satisfied Aquasteed then said those words.
But his tone was heavy and a sense of fatigue flowed forth from Aquasteed.

Tiararose’s heart gave a loud beat.

――With who?

Instantly, an image of Akari and Aquasteed getting engaged came to mind.

Although Aquasteed is the capture target of the sequel, the scenario so far was different from it’s original. But the heroine had awoken the Holy Prayer so it wasn’t strange to choose her for engagement.
Rather, it wasn’t strange for one to desire the powers of the Holy Prayer. It’s a power every country wants after all.


「I will stop talking about this topic」


The topic of the heroine had abruptly ended. Why? As Tiararose wondered this she looked up anxiously at Aquasteed.
As she did so, Aquasteed kissed her on the forehead with a troubled looking smile.

「Tiara had such an uneasy expression so I will stop talking about it. Did Miss Akari hurt you that much?」


「That’s why, there is no need to force yourself」

As if he were talking to a child, Aquasteed spoke in a gentle soothing voice to the anxious Tiararose.
But she felt that his concerns were irritating at the moment.
Tiararose shook her head in dislike as she assumed the worst outcome. She grasped his hand tightly and looked straight into the eyes of Aquasteed.
Hoping her thoughts and feelings would reach Aquasteed.


「It’s fine. …… please tell me, Aqua」

「……All right, I will continue if Tiara says so. But do not tell this to others」


She quietly nodded in reply to his serious expression.
Aquasteed settled into the sofa and drew Tiararose close to his chest. He gently stroked her back and said「Just tell me if you don’t want me to continue」in a soothing tone.

「Miss Akari the one who said bad things to Tiara has been officially engaged to Hartnight」


The voice didn’t hold any emotion and just simply stated the truth.
Tiararose momentarily held her breath but then secretly let out a sigh of relief when she heard this. It turns out it wasn’t the worst outcome she had been expecting and she wanted nothing more than this.

――So she wasn’t engaged to Aqua-sama……? What a relief.

Aquasteed was confused when he saw the relieved looking Tiararose. For him it seemed like Tiararose was relieved that Hartnight and Akari hadn’t been punished even though they had hurt her.



「Ah, I’m sorry I was just relieved……」


「I thought……Akari-sama and Aqua-sama were getting engaged, so I was scared. That’s why I was relieved――……」

――My cute love, what a cute thing to say.

Aquasteed thought that, but at the same time he wondered what led her to think that way.
The possibility of Aquasteed the crowned prince of a great country getting engaged to Akari is equal to zero. Even if by some off-chance Aquasteed were to fall in love with Akari, her social status is not fitting of his status.
For marriages with royalty, the rank is usually Earl or above when within the country.  But for outside the country, it’s usually Marquis or above. Anything lower can become a mistress, but that’s it.

However, putting aside that thought for now.

「I will not choose anyone other than Tiara, I am sorry for making you feel uneasy ……here, don’t cry it’s alright」


Large tear drops had been spilling out from Tiararose’s widened eyes.
Tiararose was apparently unaware of it and became puzzled. To even shed tears of relief, Tiararose’s feelings had long since captured Aquasteed.
He pampered her kindly while saying「Don’t cry」as Tiararose tried to catch her breath.

「I will take Tiara with me back to Marineforest ――so will you stay by my side forever?」

「……Yes, of course, Aqua-sama」

Aquasteed received the shed tears with his lips as he smiled gently.
After Tiararose nodded greatly in reply, she then asked Aquasteed to continue where they had left off.
She had cried but she couldn’t help but worry about the rest.

「……That’s right, you heard from King Alexander that Prince Hartnight will not inherit the throne correct?」

「Yes, I have heard」

「Yes, therefore the next King of Lapis Lazuli is Prince Sirius the second prince. Yesterday, he was official engaged to Miss Charlotte」

Sirius Lapis Lazuli Lactomut, the second prince of the Lapis Lazuli Kingdom.
And Charlotte Lapis Artyak, the daughter of the Duke who was granted the title Lapis.
The two are still young, the prince is seven, Miss Charlotte is twelve. The girl is five years older but in order to make the second prince the king, the support of the Duke who was granted the title Lapis will be essential.

――So it has been cleanly finished?

Sirius as the king, and Akari who has the Holy Prayer will assist Hartnight. That way, the country will run smoothly.

Though Hartnight and Akari might think otherwise.

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