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Thank you to everyone who picked up this book!

We’ve reached Volume 10! My big goal of double digits has finally been achieved!

The story that began with a character who was only strong at the start and was pushed out of the Hero’s party once his role was over has become one about seeing off the new Hero.

Red the Guide led a false hero to the path of a true one using what he learned from his slow life, which had nothing to do with his Divine Blessing. Sometimes, some happy endings can only be found on the less direct path.

Red’s proposal has been lingering since the fifth volume. With him finally giving Rit a ring, their relationship has passed a crucial juncture. How will things change now that they’re engaged? With Van the Hero gone, Ruti will likely play a more active role after lots of work behind the scenes. Even if she accepts the marriage, she still hasn’t given up on being her big brother’s lover. I hope you’ll look forward to the fun messes she might cause.

Now then, let’s talk about something that happened between Volumes 9 and 10… I experienced my first-ever traffic accident and had to be sent to the hospital for surgery…

I’ll never forget it. Exactly two weeks before the start of the anime, I was walking outside to go get some lunch, and I was hit by a car that ran up onto the sidewalk. I was in the hospital for two months.

Sadly, the anime’s first episode aired while I was in a hospital bed after lights out. I was unable to roll over because of my broken leg, so I had to watch it on a small phone screen with a blanket over my head so no one would see the light.

Life is full of surprises, and there’s no winning against a car.

Please be careful, everyone. Traffic accidents are no fun at all.

Anyway, while I was incapacitated, the anime adaptation for the series aired from October to December of 2021!

Seeing my story animated, with all the characters moving and talking, really gave me a special kind of joy. Did you all watch as well?

It should be available on streaming and DVD rental, so if you haven’t seen it, please check it out!

Ryouta Suzuki’s Red is cool, Kanon Takao’s Rit is adorable, and Naomi Oozora portrayed Ruti the Hero’s conflicted character wonderfully. Taku Yashiro’s Ares was perfectly awful, and the performance when he was cornered at the end was superb. Sora Amamiya’s Yarandrala gave a great older-sister sort of feeling. The content of the season didn’t provide Yarandrala many opportunities to shine, so I’d love for a second season that gives me more chances to see her!

I could go on like this for a while, but there’s a limit to how many pages you can put in an afterword, so I’ll end this topic here. As the author, I thought it was truly a lovely anime. And if the readers feel the same, then that is all the better.

Masahiro Ikeno’s manga adaptation is still ongoing. Tisse’s delightful internal reactions are now visible and an absolute must-see. Please check out the manga adaptation! I look forward to each new chapter every month.

And speaking of manga adaptations, the spin-off manga Banished from the Hero’s Party, A Princess Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside has started, too.

Mutsuki Higashiooji is drawing it, and it stars Rit as an adventurer in Zoltan after she and Red parted ways in Loggervia. The plan is to tell the story of how she came to be called Rit the hero. Higashiooji is incredibly skilled at drawing sexy, cute women, so I’m really looking forward to this second manga.

Also, a PC game has been released. It’s called Slow Living with Princess. It features a slightly different scenario from the books, and it involves Ruti suddenly coming to Zoltan alone and living with Red and Rit. There’s even a Ruti route for you to pursue.

When I was in middle school, I wrote that my dream was to be a game developer. I never would have guessed that it might come true in a way.

Life really is full of surprises, both good and bad.

Now then, as always, this book could not have been realized without the help of many different people.

My fingers were broken after the accident, a terrifying situation for an author, so I’m grateful to everyone who came to help when I was lying on the sidewalk and couldn’t move. I’m also glad for the doctors, nurses, and nurse assistants who worked so hard to help me recover. The physiotherapists and occupational therapists who aided me in regaining the use of my fingers and legs over so many rehab sessions were equally fantastic.

It’s because of you all that this book reached the readers. Thank you very much.

Let’s meet again in Volume 11!


From in front of a poster of Rit, 2022

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