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To everyone who has picked up this book, thank you very much! I’m the author, Zappon.

It’s because of your support that this story reached its fourth volume!

When I first envisioned this series, this fourth book was the original conclusion.

Red had been pushed out of the party, Rit never joined the party despite her feelings for Red, and Ruti was forced to be the Hero. The tale of those three finding happiness, starting with Red being kicked out and ending with everyone living happily in the countryside, was the original complete outline. I’m thrilled that I was able to deliver all that to everyone.

The story will continue past that first planned ending, though. The theme of the narrative is a slow life, after all. The details of the actual happily ever after are also an integral part.

What form will Red and Rit’s happy days together take? Having finally taken her first steps as an individual, how will Ruti live her new life? I want to write some stories about Tisse and her friend Mister Crawly Wawly, too.

I’ll be doing my best to ensure you all enjoy what’s to come. Please continue to support Red, Rit, and all of their friends!

At present, I’m starting the draft for the fifth volume. The plan is for the character who showed up at the very end of this book to play an active role.

Speaking of the fifth volume, I have a fantastic announcement. It will come with a special audio-drama CD!

I’ll be writing the script for the drama, and the plan is to showcase an ordinary day for Red, Rit, and Ruti with just a bit of adventure dealing with Divine Blessings thrown in.

Since the voice actors will be going through all the effort of giving life to my words, I had to add a little bit of Red and Rit flirting into the script, too. I’m currently struggling with the pleasant problem of imagining what sort of situation would be the most exciting to hear.

That bit will be a special audio recording separate from the main drama. It’ll be a scene where Rit sneaks into bed after Red has gone to sleep for the night, and they share a joyous, playful evening. I’m doing my best to illustrate for everyone the sort of happy life Red lives.

The special edition of the fifth volume that contains the audio-drama CD will be a limited run, but if you preorder, you’ll be able to reserve a copy, so please do so if you are interested!

I hope you look forward to both the next book and the audio drama.

This fourth volume could not have reached the shelves without the help of many, many people. I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude to them.

To this series editor, Miyakawa, I’m delighted that the work we’ve created together has managed to continue for this many installments!

To Yasumo, who always provides such lovely illustrations, I feel like there were a few tough drawings this time around. Between the cover, the combat scenes, and the intimate moments, you must have had a rough time. Still, your illustrations are genuinely splendid! Thank you!

To the designer, I’m sorry for constantly asking you to neatly fit such a long series title onto the cover. I owe the cover’s appeal all to you!

To the proofreaders, who found so many typos and errors in my drafts, I pale at the thought of those mistakes being in the print book! Thank you for fixing them.

To the folk working to print and bind the actual books, to the people in sales, to those working at the bookstores, and everyone else involved with this book in some way or another, this series could never have reached this point without all your help. Thank you!

And finally, to the readers who picked up this work, whether you have followed this story from the first volume, found this thanks to the manga version, or supported the original online version, this book would not exist without all of you. Thank you so very much!

Next is the fifth volume! There’s still more story to tell, so let’s meet again!


A cloud-filled spring month in 2019

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