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To everyone who has picked up this book, thank you very much! I’m the author, Zappon.

We’ve reached the fifth volume of the series. With five books lined up together on a shelf, it’s clear to see they occupy their own little spot.

In the fourth volume, the story reached a critical juncture. Ruti was freed from the Divine Blessing of the Hero. Book five begins with Yarandrala rejoining the cast. The story this time is entirely new, something that has never been published in the web version.

Red and friends have faced danger and adventure many times to save the world, but this is their first proper journey for themselves, and it was a more easygoing excursion. This story was about a quest where there was time to stop and enjoy the view.

Ruti fought together with her companions in the battles instead of employing her sacrificial, solo-play style from the fourth volume. That was a real joy for me to write.

Volume 5 also has a special edition that includes a drama CD. This afterword is the same for both versions, so there are probably people reading it who bought the special edition, too. I hope you enjoyed it!

Yuuichirou Umehara, Red’s voice actor, gives such a smooth and cool delivery. Ayana Taketatsu, who voices Ruti, has this great ability to re-create Ruti’s pacing and mood, and the way she idolizes Red is perfect. Saori Oonishi gives such a passionate performance as Chris, Red’s former subordinate, too; I could go on about that forever. Let’s not forget Yumiri Hanamori as Rit. She does a fantastic job throughout, but her words are especially priceless when Rit is slipping into bed while Red is sleeping!

Thank you to the voice actors who imbued the characters with such spirit and to all of the audio people who worked to assemble the drama CD. It is a wonderful production.

The manga version of this story by Ikeno Masahiro is being serialized in Monthly Shounen Ace. The second volume of the manga is currently on sale, and the way Rit’s expressions shift from scene to scene is adorable. The happiness Red feels living with her really comes through. It’s a wonderful manga that genuinely conveys how much they enjoy themselves in Zoltan.

Yarandrala made her reappearance in this volume of the light novel series, and she debuts in Volume 2 of the manga, as does her trump card.

If you enjoy these books, I highly recommend you give the manga a try!

Next is Volume 6.

With the festival done, Zoltan will begin moving toward spring. Red and company will enjoy taking it easy in the second half of winter. I also intend to write more about Yarandrala and Mistorm, as well as Zoltan itself!

I hope you enjoy this world I’ve created and the happy lives that exist within it!

Once more, I’d like to point out that I wouldn’t have gotten this far without the help of many people.

To Yasumo, your illustrations are always great. They were just as fantastic this time, too. Thank you for providing such lovely pictures for this book.

To the designers, proofreaders, printers, and everyone involved in the actual production, it is because of you that this work exists. Thank you very much.

To this series’s editor, Miyakawa, it feels like we only started the other day, but our story has reached its fifth volume. I remember us worrying about how we would get readers interested, and yet here we are.

And finally, to all of you, if you got even a little bit of pleasure out of this book, then I’ve done my job. I hope you will continue to support this series in the future.


Looking out on heavy spring rains, 2019

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