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To everyone who has picked up this book, thank you very much! I’m Zappon, the author.

Thanks to all of your support, this series has reached its sixth volume!

I’m so excited to continue sharing this tale with everyone. Hopefully, it lives up to your expectations.

This book was a bit of a struggle. I fretted over the plot and the writing, and I rewrote parts of it multiple times.

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that a story will become better the harder you work on it, but there is a certain profoundly moving feeling that comes with completing something after a struggle, so I have a bit of an emotional attachment to this book. I hope it will be an enjoyable read for you.

The sixth volume is all about problems that, under normal circumstances, the Hero would’ve resolved.

With the Hero’s aid, the allied forces would gradually gain the upper hand. At which point, the next problem would be the Kingdom of Veronia, which had betrayed humanity and sided with the demon lord’s army. In order to stop a war between humans, the Hero would infiltrate Veronia to talk sense into the leadership there.

The old king would be on his sickbed, and an evil queen would be taking advantage to act as she pleased. The key to resolving the issue would lie with the previous queen, who disappeared fifty years ago.

That story would see the Hero flying on her airship and traveling around the continent in search of the lost queen. In that version of things, Zoltan would just be a town where a villager casually mentions, “An old woman lives out in the forest to the west of town.”

Obviously, Red and Ruti’s tale did not end up like that.

Should Ruti have continued the Hero’s journey? What are the costs of the Hero electing to live freely? How will people react to Red and Ruti’s decision? That’s what this story is about.

Tragedy doesn’t fit a slow life setting, so I hope you can relax and enjoy the tales of Red and his friends’ day-to-day life.

The most important highlight was when Rit used her transformation for something other than practical combat enhancements, and we got to see Wolf Rit and Red share a lovey-dovey scene!

By the way, the third volume of Ikeno Masahiro’s manga version of Banished from the Hero’s Party, serialized in Monthly Shonen Ace, is also on sale.

It’s releasing at almost the same time as this volume, and it covers the end of the first light novel. The scene from the climax, where Ruti snaps and punches Ares, was even more impressive than I had imagined! She really let him have it!

Please check out the manga as well!

We’ve got the seventh volume coming next.

After her minions and the assassins failed, the high elf pirate Lilinrala sets foot in Zoltan herself. From Prince Salius to Queen Leonor, little Zoltan has certainly gotten wrapped up in some high-profile political intrigue. Plus, there’s that connection between Red and Queen Leonor, too. Expect a story of Red and his friends’ slow life during the end of winter and the arrival of spring!

I hope you will continue to support this series when the next volume arrives.

This book could not have been completed without the help of many people.

One of the reasons I wanted to write about a wolf-eared version of Rit is that I wanted to see Yasumo’s illustrations. Thank you for such wonderful pictures!

To the designers, proofreaders, printers, and everyone involved in the actual production, this book exists thanks to all of you. Thank you very much.

To this series’ editor, Miyakawa, can you believe we’ve reached the sixth installment?

Seeing the number of light novels published every month, I’ve learned just how incredible it is to have readers pick up my works from among all the others. It’s our combined effort that has made that possible. I hope we can continue that as we push forward!

And finally, it’s the readers who give the most value to a book. If you got even a little bit of pleasure out of reading this light novel, then I am satisfied as an author.


Swooning from the hectic end of the year, 2019

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