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But the World Still Needed the Hero

The freight ship known as the Brown Owl sailed along the southern coast of the continent of Avalon.

It was supposed to bring supplies to the allied army fighting the demon lord’s forces to the west. However, that delivery would never arrive.

The Brown Owl’s deck was covered in arrows and the bloody corpses of her crew. Below deck, men with cutlasses at their hips were fishing through the bodies and taking every bit of gold they could find.

A trio of galleys flying pirate flags had surrounded the Brown Owl—the freighter had been attacked.

The ship’s captain, Lord Horace, drew his sword and barred the thieves’ path to protect the precious cargo.

“Foul pirates! Have you no shame? Targeting resources the brave soldiers fighting back the demon lord’s army require is utter villainy!”

One of the men cackled. “Hah, that’s a right an’ proper Avalonia knight for ya. This is when yer supposed ta beg for yer life, ain’t it?”

“Have at you, curs!”

Lord Horace leaped forward furiously, but as he did, a volley of arrows sped from behind the pirate. The brave captain was struck multiple times, collapsing in a pool of crimson.

“Who’d be fool enough ta fight straight up in a situation like this?” The pirate stepped on Lord Horace’s body while walking past.

“A-ccursed Vero-nians…,” Lord Horace’s croaked. Hearing that, the pirate laughed again.

“Careful whatcha say there. Can’t afford to tick off Veronia while yer fighting the demon lord, can ya? Talk about easy money!”

He waited for Lord Horace’s reply, but…

“Oh, already dead, eh?”

After a disappointed shrug, he turned to his fellow raiders.

“You know what that means, ya sons of bitches! Hop to it and get that cargo out of the holds!”


The pirates working for the kingdom of Veronia stripped the Brown Owl of the supplies intended for the army guarding the continent against the demon lord’s army.

In response to recent Veronia’s piracy, the allied forces of Avalon had increased the number of military vessels protecting their shipping. However, their opponent was the greatest naval power on the continent.

The number of ships lost was terrible.

And as casualties piled up, the righteous fury of nobles and archbishops across the continent grew, leading them to despise Veronia.

It was only a matter of time before things had to be settled on the battlefield; by then, even the highest-ranking allied military members couldn’t stop it.

The only one who could resolve the problem was a person fighting solely for the sake of the world, an individual beholden to no nation—the Hero.

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