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Episode 11. A moment to relax

It was a black longbow with a beautiful curve. But, compared with the appearance, I didn’t feel any weight at all.

Greed said it’s his Bow form.

[Hey, since I don’t have any arrows, should I buy them separately later?]

[It’s unnecessary. This is magical bow. The arrow will be formed and used by magic. You can shoot it as an experiment, there is one target by the tree on the left side, try to aim at it from here]

I wanted to say that earlier. When I turned to the left, there was an arrow that almost grazed my face. If I had moved my head too late, it might have stuck into my head.

There is only one fellow, that is able to launch an attack from such a distance. Hobgoblin Archer, the warriors in the Royal Capital also called this troublesome monster the Poop Archer.

Most likely when I was fighting against the Goblin king, this Hobgoblin Archer woke-up.

Because they’re able to keep a constant distance to attack, it’s bad matchup against a melee weapon. Furthermore it’s attacks have a weakening effect too.

Thus, it’s time to use Greed’s new power (Black Bow).

I evaded the incoming shot by making the Goblin King’s corpse into a shield and hid my body behind it.

[In the darkness, the Hobgoblin Archer’s position is hard to detect]

[No problem. As long as you know its general location, the magic arrow will pursue and hit the target. Even a beginner would be able to do it. When you release the shot properly, it will hit the target automatically] (TL Note: Homing arrow! Whoah!)

Then, even I who have not used bows should able to do it. Certainly… The poop arrow flew from between those trees. Then, the Hobgoblin Archer is surely lurking around that area.

Behind the Goblin King corpse, I pulled the black bow. Then, a black arrow formed from the pulled bowstring. Is this the magic arrow that Greed mentioned earlier?

After that, without targeting, I irresponsible shoot it.

The black arrow flew and moved on its own orbit before disappearing in the deep of trees where the Hobgoblin Archer was located.

(Glutton skill activated)

(Endurance +170, Physical Strength +230, Magic +110, Spirit +110, Agility +350 have been added to status)

(Night Vision has been added to skill)

I heard an inorganic voice in my head. It seems I was able to defeat the Hobgoblin Archer.

Nevertheless, I can use this Black Bow a lot. As long as I can shoot the arrow, it will never fail to reach the target.

It is said some monsters can use magic to launch long distance attacks. With Black Sword alone, I could die before being able to approach them, so by having a weapon capable of long range attacks like Black Bow, I’m grateful for it.

I hunted monsters solo too, so I wouldn’t be able to survive unless I did everything by myself. The more cards I had, the better I would be.

And I got the Night Vision skill from the Hobgoblin Archer, so I’m able to walk like it’s daytime even in the darkness. Well, since I have reached my goal, I wonder if I should go home now.

When I saw Goblin King corpse, I remembered something. I chopped off both of its ears.

The Goblin Kings are few in numbers in this forest. If I took it to the Exchange facility in the Royal Capital, I could get a considerable amount of money as the reward.

But, if I were to take this, there some problems might occur. But, if I concealed it and gave it to someone else… For example, if I donated it to the orphanage without leaving any trace.

In the slums where I lived before I moved in with Heart Family, there was a poor orphanage.

From the cracked window over there, I could put both ears of Goblin King into a bag written as donation and throw it in. It is a small gift from me who had suffered from hunger.

I want the children in the orphanage to eat their meal to full stomach with this.

Well, I have finished everything before the morning dawn rose.

I quietly moving away from the Hobgoblin forest to Goblin prairie, and then proceeded to the Royal Capital Seyfar.


Then morning came. I quietly snuck-in to Heart Family mansion, into the bed in my own room… I’m so sleepy.

After all, I had been staying-up all night because of my hunger.

When I tried to throw the Goblin King’s ears into the orphanage, they had been found by the sister over there. I managed to deceive her and ran away. After that, I went to see the state of the Exclusive Shop in the commercial district.

It seemed Rafal’s group had already left the store, but the curtains of the windows were opened. I was concerned about what a lot of Holy Knights were talking about.
So, I decided to stake it out later.

For that, it’s necessary for me to get a good amount of sleep. I got the day off from Roxy today, so I will sleep like a log.

I did goblin hunting because of my starvation state, in addition, I did various things, I’m exhausted.

When I shut my eyes, I was sucked away due to sleepiness.


Knock knock.

Someone… Knocked the door of my room.

I woke-up because the sound, I was surprised to see the person who entered my room. It was the first time that she came to my room.

[Excuse me, how are you feeling?]

It’s Roxy. When I checked the clock, it was noon. It seemed I had been sleeping for a long time.

Since she was still wearing her white light armor, it’s likely she came here in her free time from work in the castle. For an employee, purposely coming here… She is really a kind girl.

I have slept a lot, my tiredness had been completely removed.

[Yes, I’m alright now]

[I’m glad to hear that. But, don’t push yourself, okay? I brought you some fruit, how are they?]

From the basket that she had been holding down since a while ago, she took out the grapes and put them into the plate. The large fruit of purple is ripen.

[These grapes were taken from the Heart Family territory. It was delivered to the mansion this morning]

[The grapes taste delicious. From the territory of Roxy-sama, is grape growing popular?]

I heard that the grapes were popular with the fellow employees. But, since I want to spend more time watching Roxy’s face, I pretended to not know and asked her.

[Yes it is, it’s because the wine making is also prosperous. Wine that is served at the mansion is also made from the territory. It is a very beautiful place. Oh yes, I had planned to visit the territory soon, so let’s go together.]

[Can I!?]

The location where the delicious grapes grows up. It surely a wonderful territory.

By all means, I want to go. Moreover, it’s an invitation from Roxy, so I’ll surely go.

While we sat on the bed as two people and enjoyed the grapes, the door knocked again. But, the person didn’t enter inside, only the voice was heard through the door.

[Roxy-sama, it’s about time to return to duty soon]

This voice was from a fellow servant— my superior. She was also the secretary for Roxy. Usually she was a gentle person, but she was very strict in time management, I often got scolded.

Roxy who heard that panicked, and she hurriedly wiped her mouth with handkerchief.

[Ah, I have no time. For the remaining grapes, if you’d like, you can eat them. Then, I’ll going back to work!]

Roxy gave a small wave in front of her breast and left the room.

She must be busy to replace her father as the head of Family.

I have heard this story from the senior employees.

In the five high Nobles in the Royal Capital, it is said the youngest present Family Head is Roxy.

Therefore, as her skill level and the levels of Holy Knights— are lower than the surrounding areas, I heard she had endured various hardship.

I guess this is a hardship story in an upper class society… To me who had lived as a commoner without any power, it’s a different world to live in. What I can do for Roxy is talk and give her a little distraction, even if for a little while.

If, by any chance I could be a great person… No, that’s impossible.

I decided to go to the drinking bar after a long absence in order to vent these downhearted feelings.

Because I haven’t shown my face for a long time, the store’s master may have been thinking that I might have died because of my gatekeeper work (persistently bullied by Burix Family’s and harsh working hours).

I should report only about my survival.

And also today is my day off. I might get scolded by Roxy, but I will drink alcohol!


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