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Episode 15 – Eating Side Dishes

In the Heart Family’s mansion, once I and Roxy returned, dinner was busily being prepared. When I tried to offer my help to the housemaids, they politely declined [No, thank you].

And, since my clothes were muddy, I was told to take a bath.

Certainly, as I had been harvesting the grapes until evening, my clothes and I were awfully dirty. A young maid guided me to a bathroom dedicated for servants.

Hot water flowed into the small bath that one person could fit. There was a unique scent different from freshwater.

[This is, don’t tell me!]

[Fufu, this is an onsen. There are places where the source springs in some places within Heart family territory and then it has been set-up to flow into the mansion. This is one of enjoyments as Heart Family’s servant].

[It’s really wonderful. So this is the rumoured hot spring…]

It was my first time watching hot spring.

I scooped the hot water that will come out abundantly with my hand.

[Although it’s not transparent, but it’s clean somehow]

[Yes. this water is good for your skin. Even your mud-covered body will become almost radiant. Please put your clothes in this basket. I will put your change of clothes here.]

[Thank you]

After she finished explaining various things, she went out of the bathroom, and I took off my clothes.

Nn? I notice the door gap had opened a little. From there, it was the young maid who was supposed to have left there. While smiling, she quietly asked me.


[Shall I wash your back?]

[N-no thanks! I can do it by myself!]

As I replied to her with a stiff face, she closed the door as if disinterested. I was surprised … Did you go that far to take care of me?

Well, I think that it was a good thing for the employees to make jokes to brighten the mood. This place had the same gentle air as the Heart Family’s mansion in Royal Capital.

I washed off the mud that was attached to my body in the bathtub. Fuwaaa… I’m reborn.

The warmth wrapped around me and it was very comfortable. I began to think I wanted to be a child of this house. Well, it’s impossible though.

After I finished with the bath, I thought to help with the preparation for dinner, but everything had already ended.

As a servant of the Heart family, that was unpleasant. When I stopped one of the maids and asked them if there was anything that I could do, they said there was none in particular. I had been told that it seemed that I was to be treated as a guest by Roxy.

Finally, there was someone who called me.

[Roxy-sama called you. Please go the large room in the inner part from here]


I walked with my footsteps echoing, and opened a big door to the said room.

A lot of dishes were being queued up in a big table in the center of room.

And, there was only Roxy sitting at the table. The housemaids stood in the corner of the room, so they can serve at the table anytime.

I see… So that’s the reason.

Without any hesitation, I joined the housemaid rows. Even if I received the guest treatment, I was still an employee of Roxy.

In that case, serving the table for my Master was my duty.

Fufufu, let’s show off what we had learned in the mansion in the Royal Capital here. Wine? Soup?… Come!

When I thought the time to show my skill as servant had come at last, suddenly,

[Fate, you’re sitting here, you know? Not over there, here]

Roxy pointed at vacant seat next to her.

Eh, was it alright…? I saw the housemaids who stood in rows.

As I did that, they all simultaneously pointed at the vacant chair! Apparently they’re telling me to hurry up and sit down.

I gave-up and sat on the seat to the right of Roxy. Somehow, it didn’t feel right. In the Royal Capital, I ate meals together with the fellow servants.

It was my first time to eat while being stared at by the maids in this wide and luxurious place. Although I had learned basic manners, but that was from the serving side.

Surely… It became like this.

When I was thinking in circles inside my head, Roxy who was next to me spoke happily.

[You don’t need to worry about manners. You can eat as relaxed as you want]

[Is it alright!?]

[Yes, because Fate eats a lot, so if you kept worrying about manners, you will take a lot of time]

Actually I was considerably hungry. Then I’ll start, I carried the bread to my mouth.

The smell of butter melted in my mouth, it’s so good!

While I was eating the bread, at the same time, the maid poured wine into my glass.

Did I look like I stuffed enough down my throat to choke?

I drank the poured wine immediately.

[Fuu, it’s delicious]

[I’m glad you say so. However, Fate is only eating bread]

[Ah, that’s right]

As recommendation from Roxy, I ate the river fish’s sauté… Delicious!

It somehow felt like a dreamlike meal, I felt anxious.

[Roxy-sama, ano… Where is Aisha-sama?]

Then, she answered me while sighing.

[It’s always like this. Whenever I go home, she pushed herself to greet me… Mother is falls asleep on evening]

When I heard her answer, Roxy noticed I stopped eating.

[Fate should not worry about her. It’s alright, when tomorrow comes, I’m sure Mother will be energetic again. It’s just like usual]

Even though Roxy said it with a smile, I felt her real feeling was different.

If I touched her hand, I’ll surely understand what she was thinking on her mind with Mind Reading skill. I wanted to know. However, I thought what would I do if I knew it, so I withdrew my hand.

[Now, since Mother is not here, Fate needs to eat everything. Now, now!]

[As expected even for me…]

She made me eat, interesting dishes were being put one after another.

Even for me, my stomach had reached its limit and I gave-up.

It might have been the first time I ate so much.

The fun meal with Roxy was over and I was being guided to the room that I was assigned. On the way, the young maid said something to me.

[I’m happy you came here, Roxy-sama seems to be having fun after a long time]

Her father was suddenly killed in Gaul. Her mother also suffered a serious illness. And she was very busy with her duty in the Royal Capital.

The housemaids said that they were very concerned about Roxy on this homecoming.

When you looked at the current situation, it seemed that they were relieved when they saw the cheerful Roxy.

[Please have a wonderful rest]

[Yes, good night]

The housemaid bowed her head and quietly closed the door in the room.

The day as a servant of the Heart Family finished safely.

Well then, a different time will start here.

The maids had brought over the Black Sword Greed beforehand here.

[Hou, you seem to have a happy face. If you had shown a cowardly face, you would be killed by the kobolds, you know?]

[I heard about it, in the term of strength and rank, it’s above Goblin, although it’s not too strong. There should be no problem with my current status]

[Your pride will get to you. Then, I guess we need to head to the place where Kobolds appear]

[Yeah, I have examined it seriously]

In the daytime, when I was helping harvest the grapes, I casually asked about the kobolds.Aside from ruining the farmland, it was dangerous monster who attacked people.

Everyone knew well about it.

Every year, I heard they appeared in the place descended from the valley that exist further in the north side from here.

Yesterday, a man who went to see the situation said he saw several kobolds.

Even though it was dangerous thing to do, it needed to be done. Fortunately, the wind was blowing from the north to the south, so there was a leeward and the kobolds didn’t notice him.

For many years, there had been only damage from kobolds. Speaking of kobolds alone, perhaps it may have been more detailed from the warriors.

I held the Black Sword Greed in my hand, and waited until midnight.

[It’s time]

[Yeah, let’s go]

I quietly left the mansion of the Heart family who fell asleep. Tonight, the moon would show my face and it was a splendid night to hunt.

I went to the north and climbed a narrow mountain road.

[Hey, Greed. Today, I met a strange Gaulian girl. Her eyes were same as me during my starvation state]

[Fuun, Is that so…, Then, do you know her name?]

[I don’t know. Even Appraisal skill not working on her. What does it mean? Do you know why?]

[It’s probably because she has something special. I cannot answer if you don’t know her name. Did she tell you anything else?]

[Sooner or later, she said that]

[Fuu, then, it’s possibly to meet her again for sure. Until that time, you can ignore it]

[What’s with that?]

Greed stayed silent which was his speciality. Although I felt reluctant, I concentrated on advancing forward.

Sometimes I heard a *gashagasha* sound from the bushes. Perhaps it was a rabbit, fox or a wild beast. If it was a monster, it would have surely sprung out at me.

[This is the valley that Kobolds appear in]

[Finally, a different monster to defeat. When we only did goblins, it felt monotonous and boring]

[We will wait and see for now]

Even in the shades of thin, dark trees that the light of the moon couldn’t reach, the night vision skill was working fine and I could see without trouble.

No matter where they came from, I wouldn’t miss it.

After a while, there were two kobolds descending from the valley while I hid myself in the trees.

As they approached, I used [Appraisal] skill. The two of them were the same, huh?

– Kobold Junior – Lv 25

Endurance : 880

Physical Strength: 890

Magic: 350

Spirit: 400

Agility: 780

Skill: Physical Strengthening (Medium)

I changed Greed’s shape into a black bow, first of all, and I aimed at one of them.

There was a sound of wind being slightly cut, as it hit at the Kobold’s forehead. First down.

[Glutton Skill Activated]

[Endurance +880, Physical Strength +890, Magic +350, Spirit +400, Agility + 780 has been added to the status]

[Physical Strengthening (Medium) has been added to skill).

When its companion suddenly was killed, the remaining kobold looking restlessly on the surrounding area, and it tried to do something. Since I was not sure what it would do, I shot another arrow.

As it was being sucked in, I hit the forehead again. The kobold fell to the ground and stopped moving.

[Glutton Skill Activated]

[Endurance +880, Physical Strength +890, Magic +350, Spirit +400, Agility + 780 has been added to the status]

That was too quick. After that, I waited for a while, there were no other Kobolds showing up. Only two…? I was not satisfied.

[Usually during this period, they have entered Heart Family territory. But, these are too few]

[They are likely on guard. Every year, Heart Family’s Holy Knight drove them away. That way, they watching over the situation by using the underlings, and looking for the best timing before moving]

[Ah, is that so?]

Then, if their companion who had been sent as scout didn’t return, the Kobolts might not come any longer.

On the next hunt, I had to make sure the Kobolts came in mobs.

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