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Episode 16 – The Mad Dog who bring Grievance

The next day, early in the morning, it is the grape harvest time for the people of the Heart territory.

Roxy quickly finished her breakfast and returned to her room. Since I don’t need to prepare again for clothes nor change clothes in particular, I waited for her at the front door.

After a while, Roxy, who had tied up her golden hair, came. Unlike her usual clothes in the mansion, she wore some clothes which focused on durableness. She is really looks like a very beautiful village girl.

[I’m sorry to keep you waiting. Saa, let’s go. Everyone is waiting]


I accompanied the high-spirited Roxy.

I left the black sword Greed sitting in the room. He is only used for monster hunting and would obstruct the grape harvesting. The public safety is very good in the Heart Family territory, so there is no way we’re gonna be attacked by thieves, etc.

It was a clear day today as well. When we walked in the vineyard, we saw the villagers had started harvesting together.

Roxy greeted the most elderly person among them.

[Everyone is working hard together as usual. It seems we will be able to have a good grape harvest this year]

[Ah, if it isn’t Roxy-sama…]

The elder bows down deeply. Then, the other people who were working in the surrounding, after noticing the Lord’s appearance, started to gather together.

They hold a large amount of big grapes, to the limit of what their hands can carry.

It seems they wanted to show with pride the grapes that everyone had made effort towards.

[Well, this year seems good too, as I have understood from the grapes that were sent to the residence in the Royal Capital]

[Thank you for your praise]

The Elder who became the representative, delightfully presented the harvested grapes to Roxy.

[This one… It’s very sweet and delicious]

The villagers who heard it were overjoyed. Some of them jumped up and down. From this, I well understand how much they cherish Roxy.

After Roxy’s greeting finished, the elder told the villagers who had gathered to return to their work.

When he saw me standing next to Roxy, he smiled.

[So you are Fate? I have heard the story. You worked hard to help the grape harvesting yesterday. As expected from Roxy-sama’s servant]

[It’s not… that much]

I wasn’t used to being overpraised like this, it made me embarrassed.

Suddenly, Roxy’s face changed into great delight.

[It’s because Fate is the servant that I chose.]

[As expected from Roxy-sama. Then, should we start now?]

[Yes. Fate, let’s work hard!]

[Yes, Roxy-sama]

I pushed myself to work hard. It’s not like I did it because there was Roxy around… Well, that might be the case.

Roxy, who is a Holy Knight, can carry big baskets containing grapes by herself because of her status. Everytime she does so, shouts of joy from the villagers cry out in the area.

In the heart-warming environment like this, I suddenly felt uneasy. Until when I can stay… I’m afraid to stay..

Because of the Glutton skill, I need to keep fighting for a long time hereafter.

Can I stay in a peaceful place like this? Is there any use for a man who wants to keep fighting?

When I thought of that, I had a feeling that there will be a time which I will have to travel away from Roxy’s side (asylum).


Tonight, I slipped out from the mansion in the dark. If I said I don’t have any guilt for it, it’s a lie. However, it’s important for me by all means.

If I neglect defeating monsters and consume their souls, I would fall into starvation state like before, which it need one week to end. In the worst case, I’ll randomly attacking someone.

So, to not become a monster, I have to monster hunting anytime.

The cloud hangs on the moon, the dim surrounding it become clear because Night-Vision skill.

When I was hurried, Greed talked to me.

[What is it Fate? Your mind seems fallen in disorder today]

[How do you know that? Is Greed have mind reading skill too?]

[I understand from the pulse of your hand that gripped me. Then, what is it?]

I don’t want to say it. If I said it, I’m afraid that it’ll become true.

[If you don’t want to say it, that’s fine. More importantly, it seems that the Holy Knight will start moving away from the Kobolds tomorrow. Then, you have to eat as much as you can today]

[I planned for that from beginning]

I only ate two last night. If I didn’t eat enough souls by tonight, there won’t be any souls left after Roxy drive away the Kobolds.
And, after she drives away the Kobolds, we will wait-and-see the situation here for two days, during that period, I’ll entering the starvation state.

Well, even if I manage to endure it, I need to satisfy my hunger with swift goblin hunting after we returning to the Royal Capital. It’ll surely be a tight situation.

[It’s hard for me to watch you starve, surely you will go mad on the way back to the Royal Capital]

[Don’t say ill-omened things!]

While the black sword Greed complained with its sharp tongue, we reached the same place as last night.

In this place, it’s possible to look around the valley on the north side, since it’s located downward, the Kobolds won’t notice it.

A long time had passed. I yawn.

[It came]

I look closely towards the valley after Greed notifies me. There were two blue-haired Kobolds descending while cautiously looking around.

Scouts, huh? After I killed them last night, the other Kobolds didn’t appear.

I hid and waited.

The Two Kobolds finish checking the surroundings and they climb up the valley.

[Will their main army come?]

[Yeah, there is no doubt]

As Greed predicted, the blue river that flows into the valley was shaken as the Kobolds descended.

It’s about 50 of them?

Although most of them are Kobold Juniors, there are five large figures among them.

Among those, there is one significantly larger than the rest. His hair is not blue, but silver.

Without delay, Greed told me about the incoming danger.

[It’s really dangerous, but it is coming. That’s a Crown]


[It’s a monster that has a unique name. For such thing to be born, there must have been a huge amount of Hate collected for years. It’s faster if you see it with your Appraisal skill]

After being urged by Greed, I used [Appraisal].

Eeeh!? This status has… 6 digits.

[Harbinger of Grief]

Assault Kobold – Lv 50

Endurance: 200000

Physical Strength: 200000

Magic: 125000

Spirit: 135000

Agility: 125000

Skill: Grappling

The high status of the Assault Kobold, and the unique name [Harbinger of Grief], it separated him with the other Kobolds. So that is the crown that Greed means.

[Fate, it’s bad to let this fellow enter the territory. Moreover, it was being accompanied by four Assault Kobolds. With this kind of formation, it’ll be too hard for the young Holy Knight]

[Then, in other words,]

[If you don’t stop them right now, the territory will be trampled down by them]

As I checked my current status, I hold my breath.

– Fate Graphite – Lv 1

Endurance: 50201

Physical Strength: 50051

Magic: 21501

Spirit: 21501

Agility: 30901

Skills: Gluttony, Appraisal, Mind-Reading, Concealment, Night Vision, One-handed Sword Mastery, Two-Handed Sword Mastery, Physical Strength Strengthening (Small), Physical Strength Strengthening (Medium), Endurance Strengthening (Small), Endurance Strengthening (Medium), Auto-Recovery.

I gripped the black sword Greed strongly… I prepared myself.

The people in Heart’s territory, I want to protect all of them.

I won’t leave anything behind, I’ll consume all of them.


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